Gaiam tender-grip yoga mat – microfiber towel pinnacle with rubber backing dual-sided yoga & exercise mat for hot yoga, sunset

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  • through coming into your model wide variety.
  • tender grip yoga mat: provides 4mm of dense, cushioned aid for all varieties of yoga, pilates and ground physical activities – in particular amazing for grip extensive poses
  • best for decent yoga: enjoy advanced traction whilst moist, making this yoga mat ideal for decent yoga and heated classes, or just for a person who sweats lots and seeking out remedy from a slippery mat
  • dual-sided: features a unique micro-fiber pinnacle floor with a conventional the microfiber cushion affords a secure smooth grip that still works to dry the mat
  • dimensions: 68″l x 24″w x 4mm thick (weighs 5lbs.)
  • gaiam yoga app: download the gaiam yoga studio app now to begin your unfastened trial for over 25 hours of prepared-made hd video instructions and 280+ poses with clean-to-comply with trainer commentary that will help you achieve your yoga desires

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gaiam gentle grip yoga mat gives 4mm of dense, cushioned help for all styles of yoga, pilates and ground sporting activities – particularly excellent for grip in depth poses. Enjoy superior traction while moist, making this yoga mat ideal for decent yoga and heated training, or only for someone who sweats loads and seeking out remedy from a slippery mat. Functions a unique micro-fiber top surface with a traditional rubber backing offers a secure soft grip that also works to dry the mat. Dimensions: sixty eight”l x 24″w x 4mm thick (weighs 5lbs.).

7 reviews for Gaiam tender-grip yoga mat – microfiber towel pinnacle with rubber backing dual-sided yoga & exercise mat for hot yoga, sunset

  1. Courtland J. Carpenter

    I have problems walking with neuropathic nerve damage, and too much weight, if I slip getting out of bed, I have to crawl to the doorway, across the hall, open the basement door and then put my legs down the steps to sit then stand. I’ve fallen twice this year, and both times it was just getting out of bed. The hardwood floor is slippery, and my feet themselves have no traction. When I get up I usually put my feet in some lowcut athletic shoes for traction, but sometimes if I don’t get them in promptly I slide off the bed, and then can’t get up. I decided this looked like the perfect solution. The towel top gives me some traction, and the rubber backing bites the hardwood floor pretty good, it barely slips at all. It looks pretty cool too, I like the colorful design, the price is good as we. If I could do yoga, I’d love to use this for that too, it’s wide enough and long enough to lay down on. Maybe one day if I loose a hundred pounds or so, I might even try it. For now, minimizing falling getting up from bed is good enough. Recommended.Read more

  2. AnarchyJim

    Edit: Upgrading this to 4 stars. I’ve been using it a fair amount and it’s a good mat. Still thinner than I’d prefer but given it’s my go to mat for hot classes, it deserves 4 stars.Original review: 3.5 star review. This mat feels really thin. Granted, I usually use a 3/8″ mat, but do occasionally use a 1/4″. This mat felt thinner than most 1/4″ mats I’ve used. I’m also 6’0, 190lbs so a bit more sensitive to very thin mats. It’s an OK mat, but I probably need something thicker.The soft upper side does work well for warm/hot yoga… but you need to pre-wet the back where your feet are. The front of the mat gets a lot more sweat as your arms/torso are over it frequently. That gives the material more traction. The back doesn’t get as much sweat, so I found my feet slipping and sliding occasionally. Very distracting and a potential for injury. So if you throw a little water on the area before the class starts I think it’ll solve the problem. Just be careful until you get used to it.Overall a good mat for hot yoga, but not a great one.Read more

  3. CMC

    First off, this is one beautiful yoga mat. I love both the bright colors and the blended image – a great combination of both upward and soft, fluid energy, great for getting in a yoga frame of mind. Aesthetically, I’d give it 5 stars.Unfortunately, this mat is functionally lacking. I’d agree with other reviewers that it does seem quite thin – you’d want to use another mat underneath. The microfiber cloth is extremely soft but does nothing to provide actual padding. It’s also slippery, as others mentioned. The rubber on the bottom gives a good grip, but it smells terrible! I’ve left it on the back porch to air out for awhile before using it again. Because of the materials used, the mat is very heavy – can’t see myself lugging it along to class. Overall, just doesn’t feel like a yoga mat. Will stick to my original for everyday use.Read more

  4. sb-lynn

    This review is for the Gaiam Soft-Grip Yoga Mat – Microfiber Towel Top with Rubber Backing Dual-Sided Yoga & Exercise Mat for Hot Yoga.I have a few yoga mats but I wanted this one in particular to do hot yoga so I was eager to give this a try.I had been using a basic yoga mat and a towel for my hot yoga and the towel would always move around and I was always repositioning it during class. Now I don’t have to use a towel at all and I don’t have to worry about sliding around as I would on a regular mat without a towel.I feel like I’m able to focus more on my form and less on what my towel is doing under my feet.My yoga classes are so much more enjoyable with this mat! I would highly recommend this mat to anyone doing hot yoga or really any yoga at all. Also the width of it (4) is just the right size for me and the material is great.. Oh, and not to mention, the colors are so beautiful.Recommended.Read more

  5. Robert J. Newell

    Our daughter is using this yoga mat and contributed to this review. The mat is large and of high quality, definitely one of the better yoga mats she’s used so far. It seems to be very well made and should last a while. It’s definitely non-slip, too.The microfiber towel surface has some advantages. Certainly it absorbs sweat very well. It’s also quite stable (the non-slip factor again). And it’s very comfortable and has a nice amount of softness— not so much as to cause increased effort but enough to create some comfort.The downside of the towel surface is that cleaning is more difficult. You can’t just wipe it clean.The final disadvantage is that the mat is very heavy. Not surprising given the features and the sturdy quality— but still, probably a much heavier carry than you’re accustomed to.So overall 4 stars. A very good mat but with a couple of downsides.Read more

  6. Caliaha

    I have a home yoga practice and I was ready for a new yoga mat. I love this one! It is very unique in that it has a soft fabric top. I wouldn’t say that it’s very sticky, so if you’re into hard-core vinyasa yoga you might not like this. I do slow flow hatha yoga and yin yoga and it is perfect. The rubber yoga mats against my skin don’t always feel so good…so I like this fuzzy, soft top on this mat.I’m not sure how it would do for hot yoga. When I used to do hot yoga I would actually put a towel over my mat – I had a special towel that was Bikram brand. I would probably still use a towel with this mat – it’s not like the fabric top will absorb sweat.The colors are beautiful on this mat and very relaxing.Read more

  7. stuartm

    This mat has one side that is “corrugated” to hold to the floor a bit better (and provide a some extra cushion). The other side has a pretty sticky surface that is intended to work better for hot yoga (sweaty feet and palms should slide less).And this does work as intended, but you may still want a towel over the top if you really are sweating a lot. I found that this surface remains fairly sticky, but it isn’t really absorbent, so sweat can kind of pool on the surface, which I didn’t like. Your options are to still lay a towel on top or to have one close at hand for quick swipes at the accumulating perspiration.That said, I definitely prefer this to a standard yoga mat.Read more

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