Gaiam total body balance ball kit – consists of anti-burst balance exercise yoga ball, air pump, exercising program

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  • ensure this fits by means of coming into your model variety.
  • stability ball kit: overall body balance ball exercise package with huge (seventy five cm) exercise ball for an ideal low-effect core strengthening exercise
  • exercise guide covered: exercising abs, again, glutes, lower and top frame with the covered yoga ball and a one zero five-minute exercise designed by fitness expert tanja djelevic
  • 75cm balance ball: large length stability ball is recommended for customers among 6’zero” and 6’5″ tall. Use the steadiness ball as an exercising and health device or as an alternative office desk chair solution for energetic sitting.
  • kit includes: huge blue exercising ball for yoga and pilates, easy-inflate air pump, and workouts (packaging may additionally range to include dvd or digital download)
  • inflation observe: it may be necessary to re-inflate your new stability ball a few times after initial inflation to stretch the ball to its very last size. Inflate ball with air, permit stand for 24 hours, deflate 50% then fill once more to 75cm height.
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to be had in 3 sizes: (55, 65, 75cm).

the fitness revolution is right here. At gaiam we recognize fitness. We recognize a very good drift while we’re in one. For over 25 years we’ve been making health part of our lives. And that’s why each gaiam product is designed, sourced and produced along with your desires in mind. We were there in your first ‘rollup’, and we’ll be there for the whole thing that comes subsequent. So that you can say yes to a higher you.

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gaiam general body stability ball package

the entire body balance ball exercising was advanced to combine our stability ball with resistance schooling for optimum outcomes. Leading fitness trainer tanja djelevic takes you thru a sequence of pilates, yoga and strength actions using the balance ball to consciousness on foremost muscle agencies. Enhance your body’s middle power and natural balance whilst getting trim and toned.

package supplies dynamic entire-body workouts that range from beginner to superior presenting a one hundred and five-minute workout (overall body balance ball with 3 20-minute centered segments on higher frame, lower frame and abs and stability ball explicit with three 10-minute segments), an air pump and superb, anti-burst stability ball.

  • tone, sculpt and chisel your shoulders, arms, thighs and abs
  • improve core strength, agility and stability
  • totally effect-loose for joint safety
  • designed for all ability levels
  • weight ability: 300 lbs
  • available in three sizes: (55, 65, 75cm)
  • word: for top-quality overall performance, it may be necessary to re-inflate your new stability ball a few times after the initial inflation
  • advocated user heights

    55cm = 5 feet 0 inches – five ft five inches.

    65cm = five feet 6 inches – 5 ft 11 inches.

    75cm = 6 toes 0 inch – 6 ft five inch.


    tone, sculpt and chisel your shoulders, fingers, thighs and abs.

    improve center electricity, agility and balance with this totally impact-free workout tool for added joint safety.

    capabilities dynamic whole-frame exercises that range from amateur to advanced providing a a hundred and five-minute workout (total frame balance ball with three 20-minute targeted segments on higher body, decrease body and abs and balance ball express with three 10-minute segments), an air pump and terrific, anti-burst stability ball.

    notice: packaging can also vary to include dvd or digital download.

    – permit ball to reach room temperature earlier than inflating.

    – inflate ball and insert plug into hole.

    – ball won’t inflate to one hundred% of size on preliminary inflation.

    – wait 24 hours.

    – deflate 50% and inflate again.

    – due to the ball’s material, it’ll boom to proper length with 2d inflation.

    product description

    the total frame stability ball workout changed into developed to mix our stability ball with resistance schooling for optimum effects. Main fitness instructor tanja djelevic takes you through a chain of pilates, yoga and strength moves the usage of the workout ball to focus on primary muscle agencies. Use the yoga ball to improve your frame’s center electricity and herbal balance whilst getting trim and toned. This balance ball kit gives you dynamic entire-body exercises that variety from novice to advanced presenting a a hundred and five-minute exercising tailor-made to the whole body stability ball with three 20-minute targeted segments on abs, upper and lower frame and a stability ball explicit with three 10-minute segments.

    package includes: – air pump – super, anti-burst stability ball – one hundred and five-minute exercise (packaging can also vary to include dvd or digital down load)

    gaiam is a leading lifestyle emblem with a project to make yoga, health, and well-being accessible to all. Gaiam become created as a life-style enterprise with the imaginative and prescient that, given a preference, people would pick a lifestyle that is healthful and existence enhancing, for themselves, their households and the earth. The gaiam wellbeing, yoga, meditation, and recovery lifestyle is a vote for man or woman health in addition to the destiny sustainability of the earth’s sources. Gaiam strives to offer customers with options to standard products by using providing natural or healthy variations that examine with the fashion, satisfactory and charge of conventional merchandise.


    Without Stretch Strap


    Blue (75cm), Green (65cm), Purple (55cm)

    7 reviews for Gaiam total body balance ball kit – consists of anti-burst balance exercise yoga ball, air pump, exercising program

    1. Rick C.

      This is my third Gaiam balance ball, the other two having been purchased over the span of many years, and it’s clear that they are cutting corners now. When inflated to its proper circumference, it is still extremely spongy and soft. When you sit on it, you sink down a good foot into it, which makes it virtually useless for exercises. The wall of the ball also feels very thin, almost balloon like, and it seems that it might burst at any minute, making it dangerous to use. It’s a shame, since I have had such good exercise balls from Gaiam in the past, but I guess I’ll have to look to another brand to get a usable ball. Read more

    2. P. Germroth

      Years ago we had this Balance Ball and it served us very well a long time. We bought this replacement less than half a year ago and it just blew up one night, nobody sitting on it, no stress on the ball. This is an example in my view of manufacturing quality issues — something that others have also reported here. After I wrote to Gaiam they replied: “we only provide a 30 day warranty”. What kind of a warranty is that for an “anti burst stability yoga ball” as they advertise? NEVER again will I purchase from these folks and I recommend you to seek merchandise elsewhere. Read more

    3. Susie Skeens

      When I received product; DVD was not included. I reread the product description and clearly stated Yoga kit with workout video. I chatted with customer service (rep was great), and he refunded partial payment. There was an informational flyer inserted in the package that said, “free digital workouts” with the down arrow icon, download, right? Wrong! Online videos I could have accessed myself. I think this would have been a good deal, except for the part I didn’t get what I thought I had ordered. Please be sure to read EVERYTHING before you purchase this item. Item description stated…Kit Includes: large blue exercise ball for yoga and Pilates, easy-inflate air pump, and workouts (Packaging may vary to include DVD or Digital Download). Read more

    4. Candice Ullery

      I am a birth doula so I bought this to add to my doula business as a birth ball. Its wonderful!. As with every other yoga/ exercise/birth ball you need to read the instructions and you need to inflate it as far as it will easily go the first time and bounce around on it for a little bit (my kids love this part of getting a new birth ball) then deflate it fully and inflate it again…. this will allow the ball to inflate to the full size, the rubber has to stretch out a little bit first. Think blowing up a balloon, its easier if you stretch it first. This ball has exceeded my expectations. Since I bought it for birth I have not used the Cd included so I can not review that part of the kit. The included pump works well to air the ball up, I have used it as well as used bigger hand pumps I love that the pump included is small enough to carry in my doula bag! Thumbs up for this ball!! Read more

    5. Paige Miller

      This was a good purchase. I can’t do the traditional exercises like running, or walking or aerobics or bicycling, because of a foot injury. So this is the first exercise program that I have been able to stick with and it doesn’t bother my foot. The exercises are very low-impact (but technically not no-impact). The ball comes with the pump, and a DVD instructional set of exercises to do with the ball, covering 58 minutes of instruction in 4 different programs: 1) Total Body Tone, 2) Ab Blaster, 3) Lower Body Burn and 4) Head to Toe Stretch. You can start with the first program, it’s for beginners, and work your way up, and pick and choose which programs you want to do, or even alternate from day to day. So, if you stick with it, you will get the benefits. Like everything else, the benefit you get is proportional to your own effort. If I have one complaint, it’s that on the first ten minutes of the first program, the instructor totally forgets how to count. So, she helpfully tells you “one more time” and then does it two more times. Or she will tell you we are doing replications in groups of 4, and somehow you wind up doing things 5 times. Or she does 8 repetitions on one side and only 4 on the other side. Or she leaves out an entire exercise on one side, compared to the other side. The first ten minutes are a disaster in this way, and its frustrating. And then after the first ten minutes, it seems like she has remembered how to count! If you’re a beginner, you may think, “I’m never going to figure this out”. But I did, and you will too. And the important thing is you are getting the exercise work, and not that you are doing 4 each time the instructor says 4. Read more

    6. messygirl

      Pros: Very durable Large enough for ergomomic positioning of taller people (I am 5’11”) No lasting chemical smell Great for labor pain relief! Cons: Would take you an eternity to air up with the included pump… use an electric pump if you have one! Note you should inflate in advance of when you need it. To reach full inflation capacity you must inflate it, wait 24 hours, deflate it by half and re-inflate per the instructions. Additional context: Purchased this for use during labor. Worked great as a pain relief option for contractions–sitting on this ball was about the only thing that got me through contractions from 3cm dilation up to 7cm. I also plan to use it for exercise moving forward. Great size and feels very durable. No terrible chemical smell as with some others I’ve owned in the past. Read more

    7. TpC

      Gaiam claims 75cm ball is for 6’0”-6’5”. For a sox foot person it is way too big. It should be 6’2” and taller. Properly inflated, sitting on ball my thighs are not parallel – not even close. Also, the included exercise program is not a dvd but a link to online website. According to ACE: Select the size of an exercise ball based on your height. The American Council on Exercise, or ACE, a non-profit fitness organization, recommends choosing a 55 cm ball if you are between 5 feet, 1 inch and 5 feet, 7 inches tall. Use a 65 cm ball if you are between 5 feet, 8 inches and 6 feet, 2 inches tall. If you are over 6 feet, 2 inches, choose a 75 cm ball. However, not all ball manufacturers use these same sizing guidelines. If you are 5 feet, 6 inches tall, SPRI, like ACE, recommends a 55 cm ball, but Gaiam recommends a 65 cm ball. Read more

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