Gaiam yoga hand towel

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  • make certain this suits by means of getting into your version range.
  • microfiber hand towel – 20-inch x 30-inch
  • first-rate absorbent – dries in half of the time of a cotton towel
  • towel is hypo-allergenic and non-permeable
  • small enough to take to the health club or to a yoga class which includes bikram
  • machine turned into one by one in cold water and dry flat
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gaiam yoga hand towel

in case you enjoy warm yoga sessions or sweat for the duration of your exercise like the rest folks, then meet your new favourite yoga accent!

designed especially for ashtanga, vinyasa and hot yoga, this towel is ideal for any exercise and is small enough to take to the gym or to a yoga elegance together with bikram. This extremely good-absorbent microfiber towel wicks away moisture and dries in half the time of a general cotton towel.

to be had in more than one colorations.

small enough to take to the fitness center or to a yoga magnificence inclusive of bikram

dimensions: 30″w x 20″l x 2. 5mm thick

microfiber towel wicks away moisture and dries in half the time of a trendy cotton towel.

in case you experience warm yoga periods or sweat at some stage in your practice like the relaxation folks, then meet your new favored yoga accent.

towel is hypo-allergenic and non-permeable, and feels fine on the face, arms and body.

substances: 88% polyester, 12% nylon

gadget wash separately in bloodless water; dry flat.

product description

in case you revel in warm yoga periods or sweat for the duration of your practice like the relaxation people, then meet your new favourite yoga accent.


Granite Storm/Citron

8 reviews for Gaiam yoga hand towel

  1. kab

    EVERYTHING clings to it! Threads, dirt, dust – you name it! It even comes out of the dryer with stuff on it. Super annoying! Disappointed. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    I love this towel! I have not taken a bikram class with it as I prefer non-heated yoga, but it does a great job keeping my hands from slipping. Right at the beginning when my hands were still very dry it slipped just a little bit, but that could have also had to do with my pretty low-quality mat or the fact that I didn’t have the chance to wash it before using it. The purple is also a very pleasant, calming color and wonderfully absorbent. My arms and chest were sweating up a storm and all I had to do was pat them down and the towel took care of it. While I have not tried any other yoga-specific towels yet, this is definitely an upgrade from the bath towel I was using before and the price was right! Read more

  3. Christinatopia

    Microfiber is the best for sweat. I love Gaiam because it’s good quality without the ridiculous price. I got the hand towel for $7.50 and it was bigger than I expected. Love it. Will probably buy another. Read more

  4. FuzzySapiens

    This towel is exactly what I was looking for. I needed a small, absorbent towel that I could use while exercising, and I wanted something I could wash with my workout clothes- which are all dark colored. The white towels microfiber towels pick up color easily, and I knew that they would soon turn grey if I tried to wash them with dark clothing. The towel is a great size for hanging around my neck without being obtrusive, and it can more than handle my workout sweat. I bought one, then bought two more after I received it and tried it out, so I can always have a fresh one. Read more

  5. Bocephus P

    i use this towel at the top of my mat during hot yoga, i don’t love a full mat towel so this under just my hands is perfect. absorbent for sweat too i love to use over my eyes during savasana and then on my car seat so i don’t get cloth seats damp. will buy more! Read more

  6. jmartinvegas

    Great size towel for yoga classes. Works well and does the job. Pretty simple. Read more

  7. hysonmb

    First off, this towel works as advertised. It’s a quality product and feels good. If you don’t have an issue with the color it’s worth the money. The one issue I have is, it’s not gray as it appears in the product image. It’s more of a lavender / purple color. I’ve added a customer image which hopefully captures the color a little better. Had I seen a better quality shot before ordering, I wouldn’t have picked this up just based on the color. It’s not bad, just not my thing. Read more

  8. AC

    I do not get this towel at all! It is very scratchy. My target cotton bathroom towels are MUCH softer. I have washed this three times with fabric softener and a dryer sheet and it is exactly the same. I don’t think this absorbs sweat any better than any other towel. It is a good size but I do not recommend this towel, there have to be better options out there. Read more

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