Gaiam yoga mat bag – complete zip cargo yoga mat provider bag – adjustable strap, the front & again pockets (25”l x 6” diameter)

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  • ensure this fits by entering your model range.
  • fashionable and functional, a hundred% cotton yoga mat bag
  • adjustable shoulder strap for customized bag duration
  • expandable, roomy the front pocket secures necessities
  • includes phone pocket on lower back with ear buds slit
  • 30″ l x 6″ diameter (20% longer)
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the yoga revolution is right here. At gaiam we recognize yoga. We understand a terrific go with the flow whilst we’re in a single. For over 25 years we’ve been on the mat, making yoga part of our lives. And that’s why each gaiam product is designed, sourced and produced along with your yoga needs in mind. We were there on your first downward going through dog, and we’ll be there for the whole lot that comes subsequent. So you can say yes to yoga, and yes to a higher you.

gaiam yoga.

say yes to a better you.

gaiam full-zip cargo pocket yoga mat luggage

hold your mat clean, dry and portable with gaiam’s full-zip shipment pocket yoga mat luggage. Functions an adjustable shoulder strap, back and front wallet and a complete zipper closure.

a chic, purposeful spin on a conventional vital, our cotton mat luggage are roomy sufficient in your yoga, pilates or health mat. The adjustable shoulder strap is exceptional for wearing your mat with no trouble and the cargo pocket holds your keys, wallet and other exercising necessities.

  • additionally capabilities a back pocket to keep your phone/mp3 player.
  • tender but long lasting production
  • adjustable shoulder strap for customised bag length
  • full zip closure for easy in and out
  • front cargo pocket to carry equipment and workout essentials
  • again pocket to hold your telephone/mp3 player
  • 25″ l x 6″ diameter
  • carry your mat, yoga accessories and extra in fashion and comfort – additionally functions a the front cargo pocket to hold even greater gear!

    smooth in-and-out complete-zipper get entry to for speedy packing away your yoga mat.

    positioned on the back of the bag is a pocket to hold your tunes and features an earphone slit to keep twine tangle-free.

    alter the strap to suit your height and favored carry role for customised bag lengths.



    6 reviews for Gaiam yoga mat bag – complete zip cargo yoga mat provider bag – adjustable strap, the front & again pockets (25”l x 6” diameter)

    1. Katie1776

      I just purchased this a few weeks ago and have my brand new mat now stored in it. I can’t understand some of these complaints saying that the bag is small-ish and that regular mats are too difficult to get in the bag (too snug). This is NOT the case. I don’t know what kind of mats those folks are using, but I will say this without hesitation: Anyone claiming their mat doesn’t fit in this bg must be using a larger-than-usual mat. I have a nice, thick, standard size “HARMONY MAT” from Jade Yoga and it is a wonderful fit with plenty of extra room. In no way would I call it a “snug fit”. The bag is very pretty and vibrant, and the side pocket is spacious. It remains to be seen as to how the bag will hold up over time, but for now I’m very pleased. EDIT: My mat is 68″x74″ and leaves plenty of room when loaded into the bag. Read more

    2. Melanie Gilbert

      Cultivating mindfulness is an essential part of a yoga practice. Focused breathing and poses can help build that awareness. Having the right gear can be helpful, too. Mats, blocks and straps are the obvious, asana-based props, but getting that equipment safely to and from the studio is important, too. Yoga mat slings don’t provide protection against the elements, so I bought this Gaiam bag to hold my 5mm Aurorae Synergy mat. I love it. After a year of 5-day a week use, it’s still like new. The 2”-wide and 36”-long adjustable strap means I can sling this bag over either my shoulder or torso even when wearing a thick winter coat. The bottom end is fully enclosed meaning you can tuck the mat onto that end, zip up along the side and over the top for a snug fit. There’s an 8”-deep Velcro-close cargo pocket on the bottom half, below the word “Breathe,” and a smaller 5”-deep pocket on the opposite top side. These are handy compartments for headbands , scrunchies, ponytail holders, and other little items. Cramming anything else in – like wallets, cellphones – while my extra thick mat is packed, would be a tight fit. I pack those items in the sackpack that also holds my cork bricks , towel , water bottle and strap . This bag is another outstanding product from a leader in yoga gear. Read more

    3. H.A.

      Mine is starting to rip along the top of the cylinder which I did not expect for something I paid this much for. The outside appearance is very aesthetically pleasing, but the workmanship could use some serious work. Also, the pockets are supposed to store stuff like the descriptions advertised, but in reality they’re too small/flat to fit anything of worth once you stuff your mat inside. Forget about carrying along any small towels or notebooks, you can’t even fit in your keys or phone, which I now have to carry in a separate bag. Just hate having to carry two separate bags to my yoga class, one for my mat and a whole different one just for the small daily essentials. Read more

    4. POUUER

      The bag works, but it’s almost too small for even my standard sized mat. If the bag were about an inch longer I think that would be better. Also the pocket on the side is almost unusable when a mat is in the bag because that makes it such a tight fit. It’s difficult to put something in the pouch when the mat is in the bag, and if you put something in the pouch first then you have to fight to get the mat in. The pocket itself definitely needs to be looser, maybe having twice the depth so that things can actually be stored in it. Also, the bag has a phone pocket on it, which I didn’t know about when I ordered, and I thought that was cool. The max width of a phone that will fit in it while the mat is in the bag is about 3 inches though, so that’s something to be aware of. Read more

    5. Kass

      I usually get a yoga mat sling or yoga mat strap to hold my rolled up mats together for storage, but I’m very glad I got this as a replacement! Because it’s a bag format, the mat isn’t as exposed to the elements as it would with a mat strap, and I was able to put a “stretch-out strap” in the bigger pocket of the two pockets on the bag. I love being able to store both the yoga mat and the strap together, because I use both during barre. I read some comments about how this bag felt very roomy, which I didn’t personally agree with. It fit my standard yoga mat perfectly and I tried rolling it quite tightly and rolling it sort of regularly as I normally would, and it fills up the whole bag. (I believe my Gaiam yoga mat is 6mm standard thickness.) The pockets also are quite tight to the bag and I wouldn’t count on fitting much outside of your smartphone, keys and/or a stretch-out strap. Overall, for my storage solution this was perfect and I’d recommend this product. Read more

    6. Deanna

      This is a sturdy yoga bag with a deceptive description. I bought the bag because it has an “expandable cargo pocket” and a pocket for keys/ID. However, the pocket is NOT expandable at all, making it practically useless. The bag is basically a cylinder with a rectangle sewn flush against it with no room for expansion. It makes the large pocket impractical for most things that I would want to fit it. For size comparison, you would be hard pressed to fit a small paperback into the pocket when you have a yoga mat in the bag. Unfortunately, the small pocket is also flush to the bag, making it difficult to fit keys and ID in it. . .so I just put those suckers in the big pocket. The bag itself is well made from a sturdy fabric with consistent stitching, and an adjustable strap. The full zip is nice, but the zipper is plastic if you put a larger mat in there, the zipper strains (clearly a weak point). Overall, it’s useful, but not what it’s described to be, and I’m disappointed that I have to keep looking to find a bag that will fit a small hand towel, my keys/ID and mat. Read more

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