Gaiam yoga mat band (offered individually with diverse colors)

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  • ensure this suits through entering your model range.
  • 1-inch wooden bead with elastic and toggle closure
  • practical and financial opportunity to a mat bag
  • allows mat to breath and air out after practice whilst retaining it securely rolled
  • makes carrying your mat clean and elegant
  • specific, upscale look for transporting mats

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en direction or after class, use gaiam’s yoga mat band to “keep it collectively”. The minimal design is easy to use and guarantees your mat stays rolled between makes use of. Designed to match any mat. Sold as diverse so colorings may additionally range.

gaiam yoga mat bands offer a lightweight opportunity to a yoga mat bag or sling. Bored with wearing across the cumbersome mat bag or getting snarled inside the sling? Strive a gaiam yoga mat band these days!

gaiam turned into created as a lifestyle organisation with the vision that, given a desire, human beings might choose a lifestyle this is wholesome and lifestyles enhancing, for themselves, their families and the earth. The gaiam lifestyle is a vote for individual fitness in addition to the destiny sustainability of the earth’s resources. Gaiam strives to offer customers with alternatives to traditional merchandise by using imparting natural, or wholesome versions that compare with the fashion, great and price of conventional merchandise. Gaiam’s aim is to end up the trusted supply and unifying emblem for way of life of fitness and sustainability (lohas) participants. They understand that the opportunity to have an effect on humans’s lives with statistics and products is both a privilege and a duty. Gaiam believes within the idea of aware trade, the exercise of creating shopping choices primarily based on personal values and beliefs. It takes into consideration all of the elements of our lives and the impact we’ve upon the planet. Studies suggests this concept appeals to approximately 50 million people within the u. S. On my own. Gaiam’s method in turning in the exceptional exceptional for which they’re acknowledged is to companion with specialists in health/well-being, eco-living and private development to increase proprietary merchandise that meet our customers’ needs with significant answers. The name gaiam is a fusion of the phrases gaia (the name of mom earth from the minoan civilization in historical crete), and i’m reminds us that we’re all interconnected with the earth, the air and water, and very a lot part of this living gadget that sustains us all.

  • 1-inch wooden bead with elastic and toggle closure
  • functional and financial opportunity to a mat bag
  • permits mat to breath and air out after practice whilst preserving it securely rolled
  • makes carrying your mat clean and elegant
  • particular, upscale look for transporting mats
  • 8 reviews for Gaiam yoga mat band (offered individually with diverse colors)

    1. Amanda

      I needed one of these bands because I was tired of my yoga mat unraveling. It was a bit difficult for me to find something as simple as this. I did not want a bag, or a carrier, or anything like that. I just wanted a simple band to hold it closed at home. I received the purple one. I do wish you were able to pick what color you received. (I would have loved the green one to match my mat.) The band fits okay. It is a bit tight on my mat, and leaves a bit of an indent on it. It was easy enough to get on. Easier than other ones I’ve has previously. The band felt strong, so I am hoping that is holds up with regular use of me taking it on and off. Read more

    2. Aleksandra Perisic

      I like this mat band, but hate the fact that you cannot choose your color. Most likely people who are stylish will order this. Those people like to choose their colors. Just sayin’… Read more

    3. neogeek

      Too small for a Gaiam yoga mat rolled normally which is really weird as they make both products. If I use it as is, it will dent the mat if left on for any length of time. I like the look and the idea so I’ll add on something that’s an extra ~2″ so it can fasten without being a deathgrip on the mat. Even rolled that tight, the mat will have curls – slightly looser than how it was rolled when originally purchased. Any tighter to help it fit in this and the mat would be curled for hours. Read more

    4. Yvonne Silao

      It’s ok. My mat is on the thinner side so the band is loose. The elasticity of the band is poor and is loose even when put on correctly (through the loop and sliding up the small bead to tighten). I also tried looping the elastic band around the big bead and it’s way too tight. I can tell it won’t hold up for long as there is not enough elasticity in the band to last for many uses. Read more

    5. Victoria

      I am new to yoga and was considering buying a strap or even a bag for my yoga mat but was looking for something low maintenance on a budget. This yoga mat band fits my needs perfectly! There are two different ways you can wrap this band around your mat and either option does a great job of keeping your mat securely rolled. The band I received matches the color of my mat perfectly even though I was unable to choose the color. I am very happy with this product so far and the price range is great. Just beware that if you have a thicker mat, it may leave indentations wherever you tie it on your mat. Other than that I like it and I will probably be buying another down the road! Read more

    6. A.

      The band needs to be longer. It is so short that is it difficult to get it around your mat and if you do, it will leave indentations in our mat from the band. Cute, but not worth it. I will find a different use for it. Even though it states in the description that you are not able to choose the color of the bead, that would be a nice option for the consumer. Read more

    7. Valley Viewer

      I like the simplicity of the band and how it fastens, but this band does not fit around a 4mm thick mat. The elastic band is too short and does not have enough stretch and becomes dangerous to fasten and unfasten as it snaps really hard. I bought it for my daughter for her dance class, but it’s too dangerous for a 10 year old. Read more

    8. Skeeter McGee

      Gaiam makes quality product and this is no exception. My wife an I have been using ours for over 3 years and they work so well that I bought one for my daughter to use. Easy to use and works if I roll my mat tight or loose and does not stretch out. I have never had it snap back on me when taking it off or putting it on. I had a velcro strap that I used for a while before purchasing these but I would never go back now. Great colors also. Quit being so cheap and click the purchase button and you will have one less thing to worry about in your life. Read more

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