Gaiam yoga mat – classic 4mm print thick non slip exercising & fitness mat for all sorts of yoga, pilates & ground workouts (sixty eight” x 24″ x 4mm)

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  • make certain this fits through getting into your version quantity.
  • light-weight yoga mat: these durable, but extraordinarily light-weight workout yoga mats give you simply the proper amount of cushioning your joints want at some point of any yoga or health routine
  • sticky non-slip texture: yoga mat capabilities a textured sticky non-slip floor for remarkable traction and advanced grip and a stylish design to maintain you encouraged and targeted
  • non-toxic & 6p free – % yoga mat is a healthier choice for you and the planet and free of dehp, dbp, bbp, dinp, didp and dnop (be aware: for great outcomes unroll and air out your mat for two-3 days before use – a harmless scent may be present whilst unwrapped)
  • loose yoga magnificence: yoga mat buy consists of a unfastened bonus downloadable yoga workout to help get you began
  • dimensions: sixty eight-inch x 24-inch x 4mm thick
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to be had in an expansion of design prints to suit your temper

the yoga revolution is here. At gaiam we recognise yoga. We know an awesome float whilst we’re in one. For over 25 years we’ve been on the mat, making yoga a part of our lives. And that’s why every gaiam product is designed, sourced and produced with your yoga needs in mind. We have been there in your first downward dealing with canine, and we’ll be there for the whole thing that comes subsequent. So that you can say sure to yoga, and yes to a better you.

gaiam yoga.

say yes to a higher you.

gaiam traditional print yoga mats

best for home or studio use, those light-weight mats will offer the cushioning your body desires to decorate right alignment and preserve poses. Your palms and ft will love the steadiness that the light-tack non-slip texture brings on your exercise.

printed yoga mats may also launch a harmless odor whilst first unwrapped, for exceptional results unroll and air-out your mat for 2-3 days before use

  • lightweight yoga mats: these durable, but extraordinarily lightweight exercise yoga mats provide you with just the right quantity of cushioning your joints need for the duration of any yoga or fitness recurring
  • sticky non slip texture: yoga mat capabilities a textured sticky non-slip floor for first rate traction and advanced grip and a elegant design to hold you influenced and focused
  • bonus yoga magnificence: yoga mat buy functions a downloadable yoga exercise to assist get you started (see packaging for details)
  • note: published yoga mats might also release a harmless scent while first unwrapped, for best results unroll and air-out your mat for two-3 days earlier than use
  • dimensions: sixty eight”l x 24″w x 4mm thick
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    down load the gaiam yoga studio app now to start your unfastened trial for over 25 hours of equipped-made hd video instructions and 280+ poses with smooth-to-follow teacher remark that will help you reap your yoga dreams.

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  • ideal for beginners, notable for experts
  • create unlimited personal instructions through stitching together poses for custom practices
  • stay on target with magnificence scheduling – app links with iphone and ipad calendar
  • evolved and completed by way of a certified yoga instructor
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  • get right of entry to to one of a kind training taught by using world renowned yoga trainer rodney yee
  • product description

    perfect for home or studio use, these light-weight mats provide the cushioning your frame desires to beautify proper alignment and maintain poses. Your arms and feet will love the stableness that the mild-tack non-slip texture brings in your practice. Manufactured free of the pinnacle six maximum harmful phthalates, this mat is a more fit choice for each you and the planet! Please note a packaging exchange from 3mm or 4mm, however relaxation confident it’s miles the equal size and style mat, simply in new and improved packaging. Additionally, revealed yoga mats may additionally launch a harmless smell while first unwrapped. For satisfactory results unroll and air out your mat for 2-3 days before use. Manufactured freed from the top six most harmful phthalates, this mat is a more healthy choice for each you and the planet! Please note that revealed yoga mats may additionally launch a harmless scent when first unwrapped.


    Amethyst Melody, Bohemian Rose, Hamsa, Moroccan Garden, Mulberry Cluster, Pink Cherry Blossom, Pink Marrakesh, Purple Medallion, Sage Vibe, Sundial Tapestry, Tree of Wisdom, Tye Dye, Vivid Zest, Whirling Whisper

    6 reviews for Gaiam yoga mat – classic 4mm print thick non slip exercising & fitness mat for all sorts of yoga, pilates & ground workouts (sixty eight” x 24″ x 4mm)

    1. OVR Guy

      Summary: This is a basic PVC yoga mat that is suitable for home or studio use. It is available in various colors, lovely design, lightweight, average grip, isn’t sweat proof, signs of wear are inevitable and will appear quickly. Along with the mat you receive a bonus free yoga workout (that you need to download). I’ve been using this mat for several months before writing this review. I’m practicing yoga 3-5 times a week (Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Power Yoga) and already tried several mats. The pros: Relatively affordable – This was the first yoga mat that I purchased for myself. When I began practicing yoga, I didn’t know if I’m going to be consistent. That’s why I preferred to start with something simple and upgrade over time. And among the possible yoga mats that were available (on Amazon in my case), this model of GAIAM yoga mat was one of the least expensive. Nice colors & prints – There are various combinations of vivid colors & paintings for this mat. I believe most of you will find at least one design that would earn your attention. Non-toxic & 6P free – According to the Amazon product page, this latex-free mat is free of six of the most harmful phthalates (“…PVC yoga mat is a healthier choice for you and the planet and free of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP”). I’m not a certified authority to confirm those terms, thus I will have to trust the GAIAM’s promises that this is an environment-friendly mat. Lightweight – The mat doesn’t weight much and is easy to carry, which makes it suitable for travel. Doesn’t stink – So far, the mat didn’t catch any sweat odor, which is a good sign. You get free yoga class – purchasing the GAIAM yoga mat grants you a free bonus downloadable yoga workout to help get you started. The cons: Basic mat – eventually, this is a basic yoga and exercise mat. You probably will be able to find similar mats in many stores (on-line & off-line). In my opinion, what differentiates this mat from others, is the GAIAM brand that is considered a familiar brand, and the lovely designs. Durability – Most yoga mats eventually show signs of wear and tear. This specific mat lasted quite well in the several months I’ve been using it, but it showed signs of wear after several practices (scratches, the print goes off a slowly). I believe extensive use will cause the print to disappear fast. Curves on the edges – Even after several months of use, the edges of the mat are still rounded because I roll the mat before/after the practice. Maybe there’s a solution to that, but I’m the kind of user that wants to open-practice-roll back till next practice kind of person. Thus, I prefer a mat with minimum maintenance requirements. Overall, I think this is an OK mat for beginners. And yet, I believe there are better alternatives though, especially if you’re into Yoga. Please note I attached to this review photos of my GAIAM yoga mat. Read more

    2. dreamlandia

      ugh. I had written a long wonderful review and then Amazon deleted it when I added a picture…. anyways. gaiam yoga mats are awesome! I bought my first one in 2011 and I’ve been using it regularly since with no issues. the only reason I bought this one was because I liked the design! don’t listen to that review where her yoga mat fell apart, she probably just got a bad mat. these are some of the best yoga mats you can buy. also if the waxy/sticky coating bothers you just take a wash cloth and wipe it down with vinegar or water. I wipe my mats down with natural cleaning spray about once a week and it’s great. I’ve been using gaiam mats for 6 years with no issues, gaiam has good products. Read more

    3. Caedus

      I’m currently training as an RYT200 and this mat, while beautiful, just isn’t cutting it for that kind of use. It’s HORRIBLE with sweat so if you are practicing seriously or doing a really strenuous or hot sequence you will slip and slide to the point that it could be dangerous. Several of my classmates have similar styles and we’ve all noted the same issue. Finally decided to give this up and am purchasing a higher quality mat. It’s a shame because looks-wise it’s very pretty, I have the Tree of Life design and get compliments every time I bust it out. Unfortunately for my level of usage this just isn’t a good enough product. Read more

    4. Lulu

      This is such a lovely mat to look at until you zoom in on the details. The right edge seems to have been cut by hand and is completely rough and askew. No matter how I try to align my mat it is not straight and it is ruing my practice because I have to keep stopping and checking whether it is parallel to the floor. This is so very disappointing because it is the perfect light weight mat for Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga. My other Gaiim mat which I bought a few years ago is 5-6mm and absolutely perfect. I am left wondering whether this is a knockoff or whether this is just a one off manufacturing error and the result of poor quality control. Unfortunately I live overseas so sending this back would cost more than the mat itself. I am so upset that this faulty merchandise is being sold by a brand I used to trust. Read more

    5. RockabillyKim

      I’m new to the yoga stuff, so I don’t really know what a quality mat feels like. This mat looks great, no defects that I could see. It provides just enough non-slip power, but it is a bit thinner than I think I’d like. I’m using it on carpet right now, which makes it slide a little bit. But I’ll soon be redoing my floors and removing the carpet, so I’m hoping that will solve the slipping problem. I think, for a beginner mat, this one isn’t half bad. Read more

    6. It’sNadia

      Purchased this for my 5 year old niece! She loves doing morning yoga with me and wanted her own mat. She picked this design herself and loves it so much. It’s always wonderful to see children be excited to make good choices. Yoga on this mat helps start her days on a positive serene note. This mat is great! Pros: -comfortable -vibrant colors -easy to clean – sturdy – thick -rolls up easy for storage -plenty of cushion to knees -plenty of traction with no slipping -serene print very calming Cons: – slight odor when received. (Left it open for 24hrs and it went away) Overall: I personally have used a Gaim yoga mat for 3 years with no issues. This will be the second one for the house. I highly recommend it! Great price point, high quality. Read more

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