Gaiam yoga mat cleanser spray (4oz)

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  • make certain this suits
  • by using coming into your version quantity.
  • usda-certified made within the america natural yoga mat cleaner
  • manufactured from tea-tree extract and critical oils
  • a hundred-percent all herbal and riskless
  • without problems eliminates sweat, dirt, and more
  • works on any yoga mat material

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8 reviews for Gaiam yoga mat cleanser spray (4oz)

  1. DogMomTo2

    While I think it’s a good idea to clean my yoga mat after I use it, I’m not sure this product is really necessary Or effective. I get better results with a little Dawn mixed up in waterRead more

  2. Linda Saliba

    I use this on my mat and it works well. if you spray it on a damp rag and wipe the mat it does not make it slipperyRead more

  3. Walleye Dave

    Overall I like but don’t love this mat wash…it smells great and if you assume that it works as far being antimicrobial, then you’re good to go. My only complaint/would be nice to have with this, is that it absorbs/dries very quickly, and you have to spray a lot on to do a whole mat. There is a part of me that wishes it was a little more liquid/foamy, so that you could actually scrub the mat to some degree..I hate to be negative but I will probably try something else next time.Read more

  4. Brendan C.

    Cleaned my yoga mat and did not discolor it. Scent was not an issue, it works well. It did not make the mat slippery.Read more

  5. English Teacher

    Be warned – description says “Made of tea-tree extract and natural essential oil blends,” but it stinks of ginger, not the lovely tea tree oil LOL. Now, if you like the smell of ginger then you will be happy, but I was looking forward to the tea tree oil smell. The size is just perfect to throw in your yoga bag to take with you.Read more

  6. Natalia Whitacre

    decent scent but makes mat kind of oily.Read more

  7. Thatsafrenchassname

    I have been practicing bikram yoga for a while and needed a good cleaner for my mat. I usually just air dry my mat and have it sit out in the sun for a few hours, but after a few practices I realized my two mats were starting to smell! I purchased this mat wash a couple of months back, and I clean my mat at least once a week (I practice bikram twice a week) using a terry cloth and this mat wash. I spray this wash over the towel and wipe down my mats and you can see the dirt on the towel just after a few wipes down the mat! I have not had issues with this making my mat too slippery on contact, nor does my towel slip, like some of the reviewers have claimed, but then again I’m practicing in a hot room so maybe that helps. Overall I’m pleased with the purchase, and will buy again!Read more

  8. Laura Prescott

    I like this mat wash. It’s no better or worse than other mat washes out there, but definitely better than the old methods. I would never put my mat into the washing machine so this is better than letting the mat get dirty. I didn’t find the smell overpowering as some do, I have a feeling that’s an individual thing. Overall a good product.Read more

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