Gaiam yoga mat – folding travel fitness & exercise mat – foldable yoga mat for all varieties of yoga, pilates & ground workouts (68″l x 24″w x 2mm thick)

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  • make sure this suits with the aid of coming into your model quantity.
  • yoga mat for journey: this 2mm thick non poisonous p. C yoga mat without difficulty folds into a 10 inches x 12 inches rectangular making it the proper travel yoga mat
  • fits in carry on bag: this foldable yoga mat without difficulty suits to your carry on or in a single day bag additionally a super alternative to a conventional rolled mat to store space
  • folding yoga mat: mat folds up properly, making it perfect for weekend getaways, extended retreats or journeys throughout town, within the park or at the seaside
  • sticky texture: capabilities a sticky texture that provide solid footing on the go
  • dimensions: sixty eight”l x 24″w x 2mm thick / weight = 1lb
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folds into a ten” x 12″ square

the yoga revolution is right here. At gaiam we recognize yoga. We know a great waft when we’re in one. For over 25 years we’ve been at the mat, making yoga a part of our lives. And that’s why each gaiam product is designed, sourced and produced along with your yoga wishes in mind. We have been there in your first downward facing canine, and we’ll be there for everything that comes next. So that you can say sure to yoga, and sure to a better you.

gaiam yoga.

say sure to a higher you.

gaiam foldable yoga mat

gaiam’s foldable yoga mat is a 2mm thick, scored yoga mat that folds to a 10 inch x 12 inch compact square and without problems suits into your carry-on or tote bag.

its precise, sticky texture gives strong footing for last overall performance and is ideal for weekend getaways, prolonged retreats or trips throughout city.

  • lightweight yoga mat: 2mm thick light-weight, scored yoga mat features perforated traces for without difficulty folding in addition to allows with frame alignment and positioning during exercise
  • compact rectangular: yoga mat folds to a 10″ x 12″ compact rectangular and easily fits on your keep on or overnight bag
  • travel yoga mat: fits without difficulty on your bring-on or tote bag for weekend getaways, extended retreats or trips throughout town
  • non slip texture: unique, sticky texture presents strong footing for ultimate overall performance
  • dimensions: 68″l x 24″w x 2mm thick
  • tour mat for on-the-move yogis

    gives strong footing for remaining performance.

    perfect for weekend getaways, prolonged retreats or trips across city.

    folds to a ten inch x 12 inch compact rectangular and without problems suits into your convey-on or tote bag.

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    6 reviews for Gaiam yoga mat – folding travel fitness & exercise mat – foldable yoga mat for all varieties of yoga, pilates & ground workouts (68″l x 24″w x 2mm thick)

    1. JimBob

      I bought this mat esp. for travel. This travel mat is 2mm thick, while some “travel” mats are thicker (I’ve seen up to 4mm thick) I think that kinda defeats the purpose. Even it it folds down fairly small in length and width the thicker mats are still going to take a LOT of room in your suitcase. Yes of course the thicker cushion would be nice, but for me makes it too large. I’ll make due with using it over carpet, an area rug, or with a towel in order to conserve space, while still providing a nice clean exercise surface (yes the “dirty” side folds against its self). So … just something to think about there. When I first received this mat it was coated some kind of oily film that made it impossible to use for yoga. I contacted Gaiam and asked about using something like dawn dishwash soap to clean. Here is their reply: “thanks for reaching out! Yes, sometimes residues can be left behind from the manufacturing process. Dish detergent is ok, but easy to over-do. If you use too much the mat can become an unpleasant sticky. Please use a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar or water and witch-hazel. Both vinegar and witch-hazel are natural disinfectants so they’ll clean the mat and kill any bacteria on it 🙂 ” I’ve scrubbed it once with 50/50 white vinegar and water, and it’s now working OK. I think after it breaks in it will be fine, if not … perhaps one more scrubbing. Read more

    2. AJ

      Overall, this mat is exactly what I was looking for with a few exceptions. PROS: *It’s thin, making it perfect traveling. It’s also nice for balance poses and for use on carpet. *It has some grip, but I still slip some. After I wiped it down, it had more grip. I think with use, it will continue to get better. *You can fold it in such a way that the bottom and top never touch. CONS: *The reason I gave it 4 and not 5 stars is mainly because the paint is easily rubbing off. I’ve used it for my daily 20 min practice for about 2 weeks, and you can easily see the wear in the picture. When I gently wiped down the mat, this got worse. I considered sending it back (who wants paint on their feet?), but I like everything else about it. And when searching, I didn’t find many with all the qualities I wanted. *I thought, based on the description and the reviews, it would have some sort of built in carry strap, but mind didn’t have anything. So I’ve been brainstorming what to put it in when I travel. *This isn’t a mat for those sensitive to chemical smells. The smell gets better with time, but after several weeks, I can still smell it. Read more

    3. Opeola

      Get you one of these. I haven’t travelled a single time without this mat since I bought it. It is so convenient to be able to pull out my own mat to studios when I’m on the road, and to be able to practice in hotel rooms, or at friends’ homes on overnight stays. The mat isn’t sticky to the level of some of the specialty mats you’ll see out there (like the GAIAM roll-up models), but is definitely a good grip. I’ve used it on hardwood floor, carpet, and on the deck of a ship – it’s great. The only trouble I’ve ever had is that the mat is quite light (one of the things that makes it GREAT for travel), so wind will lift it up pretty easily. The Folds: The lines on which this folds are deeply imprinted. It’s not just a mat that’s easy to crease, the creases are pressed in, so it sits flat and can’t “pop up” out of its fold. Overall, amazing buy. My sister saw mine and got one. Read more

    4. Bill S.

      I really like how compact this mat is when folded. It should be great for traveling! Of course, thickness is sacrificed for compactness, which is to be expected. If you need padding, this is not the mat for you! It definitely reeks of chemicals, but that was true of another Gaiam mat I once bought and the smell eventually disappeared. Most troubling is the slick surface—per the instructions, though, I washed it, and it does seem better. I didn’t have the Gaiam mat cleaner they recommend so I just washed it in the bathtub with warm water and vinegar, like I do for all of my mats. It’s defintely better than it was and not so smelly. I’m going to keep it. Read more

    5. D. Bonness

      I normally use a high quality manduka mat but my studio was hosting a retreat that requires a plane flight and I didn’t want to risk losing my main so I bought this. Dimensionally it’s about the same but in terms of everything else, utter crap. 1. Super slick: yeah I know this is a problem with cheaper mats but my god, five minutes in and this mat was as slick as a slip and slide from the slightest sweat! My hand when flying in downward dog and I nearly face planted! 2: sticky: the mat paradoxically also can be absurdly sticky, stepping my foot forward pulled the mat along with it, I think this is due more to its super thin nature than anything. 3. Retains its creases: yes its a foldable mat but good luck getting them even slightly straightened out. Ultimately I opted to practice without a mat for the retreat. Yes I know it’s only $20 but if I knew I’d have these issues I’d just buy a foam mat and donate it after. Another example of Gaiam putting money before its customers. Read more

    6. Geek Girl Atl

      I bought this so I could keep up my workouts while on vacation. Unfortunately, it’s too slippery for me. My hands and feet (when bare), slide away from one another in down dog. I have to put a hand towel down on the mat to keep my hands from slipping and have to wear gym shoes for all my workouts to keep my feet from slipping. At 2mm in offers minimal padding. It is quite portable and light, but I can’t wait to get home to my real yoga mat. Read more

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