Gaiam yoga mat – huge 7mm thick yoga mat for men & women more wide & lengthy workout mat for yoga, pilates, stretching & ground workouts (72″ l x 48″ w x 7mm) – black

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  • thick yoga mat: this extra thick exercising mat provides the ultimate in cushioning, guide and sturdiness in addition to multiplied floor place so you can simply unfold out and experience supported
  • more extensive & lengthy: oversized yoga mat is greater long (seventy two”l) and extra wide at forty eight” (double the width of conventional yoga mats), growing an appropriate area for yoga, pilates, stretching and ground sporting events at domestic or in the studio
  • textured non slip grip: similar to conventional gaiam yoga mats, it features a textured non slip grip for added traction all through all kinds of yoga, together with hot yoga – the special weave pattern texture permits for extended grip, even if damp or moist
  • lightweight: despite the fact that this massive yoga mat is extra wide and long, it nevertheless stays light enough to roll up and shipping to magnificence – also tucks away effortlessly and might shop under the mattress or within the closet
  • multi-motive: big yoga mat is high-quality for use pretty much anywhere – may be used for classic yoga classes, however also around the house where extra cushioning is needed (workplace, toilet, kitchen, basement, etc. …)

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gaiam extra massive yoga mat (seventy two”l x forty eight”w x 7mm thick)

mat is each extra extensive (48″w) and extra lengthy (seventy two”l) and additional thick (7mm) to provide the closing in cushioning, support and durability in addition to increased surface region so that you can definitely spread out and experience supported and down to earth. Outsized yoga mat is double the width of conventional yoga mats, growing the ideal space for yoga, pilates, stretching and floor physical games at domestic or within the studio for yogis of all sizes and styles.

just like traditional gaiam yoga mats, it capabilities a textured non slip grip for added traction at some stage in all types of yoga, consisting of warm yoga – the unique weave sample texture allows for increased grip, even if damp or moist.

despite the fact that this huge yoga mat is more huge and lengthy, it nonetheless stays light sufficient to roll up and delivery to elegance – additionally tucks away without problems and might store underneath the bed or inside the closet.

xl yoga mat consists of two heavy-obligation straps to cozy the mat once it’s miles rolled up.

big yoga mat is tremendous for use simply approximately anywhere – can be used for classic yoga lessons, but also around the house wherein additional cushioning is needed (office, lavatory, kitchen, basement, and so forth. ).

outsized yoga mat is extra long (seventy two”l) and greater wide at forty eight” (double the width of conventional yoga mats), developing the perfect space for yoga, pilates, stretching and floor physical games at domestic or within the studio.

weight = 7. 89lbs.

the yoga revolution is here. At gaiam we realize yoga. We understand a suitable float whilst we’re in a single. For over 25 years we’ve been on the mat, making yoga part of our lives. And that’s why each gaiam product is designed, sourced and produced with your yoga wishes in mind. We have been there on your first downward facing dog, and we’ll be there for the whole lot that comes subsequent. So that you can say sure to yoga, and sure to a better you.

gaiam yoga.

say sure to a better you.

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  • ideal for beginners, top notch for experts
  • create limitless private lessons by sewing together poses for custom practices
  • stay heading in the right direction with elegance scheduling – app links with iphone and ipad calendar
  • advanced and done via a qualified yoga trainer
  • works on iphone, ipad and ipad mini, in addition to apple tv (4th gen)
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  • access to unique instructions taught by world renowned yoga teacher rodney yee
  • 7 reviews for Gaiam yoga mat – huge 7mm thick yoga mat for men & women more wide & lengthy workout mat for yoga, pilates, stretching & ground workouts (72″ l x 48″ w x 7mm) – black

    1. Dave

      I had been using a regular yoga mat and was constantly annoyed by the fact that my hands would be off the mat just because that’s how wide my chest/arms are. I saw a lot of reviews singing the praises of Giaam, so I decided to give this large mat a try and I absolutely love it. It’s big enough for me to do everything I try without ending up off the mat, so no more carpet burn. It also feels very comfortable and not as sticky as my previous mat — it’s both less sticky and less slippery somehow. Anyway, I love this mat and hopefully it’s built to last as it’ll probably be another 5 years before I’m able to do super beginner beginner Yoga poses without feeling like I’m going to break myself…Read more

    2. ILoveMyKids

      I got this Gaiam Yoga Mat and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived – it was even bigger than I originally thought it would be! I’m a beginner at yoga, and I’m all over the place with it in my clumsiness, so the fact that this is so extra wide and long is perfect for me!The 7 mm thickness is cushy and comfortable, yet also supportive, and I like the textured feel of it – no slipping around on this one…even when I’m sweating like crazy on it!I love this mat not only for yoga, but general workouts and stretching, as well. It’s very versatile, and extremely easy to roll up and set aside when I’m not using it. The quality is excellent, and despite its extremely large size, it’s actually not that heavy at all – which is surprising. The main concern and obstacle you’ll face with this is the obvious awkwardness of the length, if you’re taking it with you outside your home or traveling with it. It IS bulky – but that’s to be expected when you order one with these dimensions.Overall, everything about this yoga mat is “extra” – extra wide, extra long, extra grippy, and extra comfy! Just make sure you have another “extra” – the extra space to store it in! Love this mat, and it gets all the stars and two thumbs up from me!Read more

    3. Antoinette

      I usually use a yoga mat for my workouts. It’s great except when I do moves where I need more room to maneuver. This mat is perfect because it gives you plenty of room for a variety of moves. It also provides a good amount of cushion for plyometric moves or anything that puts stress on your joints. I’m very pleased with this mat and high recommend it.Thanks so much for reading this review. I hope the information that I’ve provided makes your decision a little easier.Read more

    4. wild animals

      This mat is super and excellent. It’s thick and gigantic so you can move around or lie down and move your arms and legs all over without ending up on the cold, hard, dirty floor. It also cushions impact somewhat. I wish I had had one of these years ago. My knee would have been so much happier.It’s hard to appreciate from photos exactly how big this thing is. Like if you have a smaller place or limited storage, try to imagine where you would store a 4′ tall, 6″ wide rolled up area rug. I didn’t plan for that. It’s massive. I honestly think a lot of people wouldn’t be able to carry it. Like this is not a mat you can just throw in a yoga mat sling. It’s not something you would take on a bus to a yoga studio. I was honestly startled when I saw it in person. It’s not a criticism just a reality if you need a mat this size. It’s too big to be portable but it’s really nice if you have enough room to use and store it!Read more

    5. Readerly

      I’m giving this four stars in that it is exactly as advertised – extra wide, extra long, extra thick. It is ideal for outdoor yoga where you need a little extra space or a little extra cushioning, depending on the surface.It would also be great for floor exercises in a home gym, especially if you can leave it in one place instead of rolling it up and moving it around (see below).It’s very cushy and didn’t come with the new yoga mat smell some of my other GAIAM products have.Minus a star for lack of portability. The size makes it difficult to roll, neatly and it is HEAVY and though it comes with two (much appreciated) velcro straps to hold it shut, it needs some kind of carrying strap or case, as it’s incredibly awkward to lug it around.Read more

    6. Carol Kean

      All the yoga mats in my closet collect dust because (1) they’re so small, my attention is less about the moves and more about staying on the mat, especially in downward facing dog, and (2) every mat I’ve tried is so thin, my old bones hurt when I do side poses and Denise Austen’s “The Hundred.”This one is nice and big; I love the room to move. It’s no thicker than my other mats, but it has a nice grip surface (no sliding around), and if I roll out it over the wool area rug instead of our hardwood floor, it’s more comfortable. Still, the Rec Center’s two-inch thick mats spoiled me.I know, I know: I should re-join the Rec Center.But I’d never go there seven days a week anyway, and this mat gives me a home alternative.Read more

    7. Gen of North Coast Gardening

      If you’ve ever gotten seriously irritated that yoga mats seem to be made only for doing up and down poses and not for any kind of physical therapy or other stretching, this is probably the exercise mat for you. The size is generous and is enough that you can do exercises where you have your arms or your legs out, without falling off the yoga mat and onto the cold floor.It’s also thicker than usual at 7 mm, almost twice as thick as the 4 mm one that I was using a standard until recently. There are some that are still thicker, and those are nice if that’s what you need, but this is certainly thick enough to provide padding for doing any exercises you wish to do, and the wider size is really quite unique. My husband was absolutely delighted to see it set up in my office and to get to use it. It really is a very comfortable mat and a very thoughtful size.Read more

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