Gaiam yoga mat – top class 5mm dry-grip thick non slip exercising & fitness mat for warm yoga, pilates & floor workout routines (68″ or seventy eight”l x 24″ or 26″w x 5mm)

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  • ensure this suits by using entering your version range.
  • greater thick yoga mat: light-weight % backing, durable and extra-thick for added cushioning
  • closed mobile construction: mat works to seal out germs, scent and bacteria. Yoga mat: sixty eight-inch x 24-inch x 5mm thick
  • top notch for hot yoga: stay-dry top coat wicks away moisture for remaining grip. Recommend storing your mat in a mat bag while now not in use
  • amazing for warm yoga: thick yoga mat affords a higher grip the hotter you get – mat develops a stickiness when damp
  • the mat might also fade and come to be brittle and unusable if uncovered to the sun for extended durations of time
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at gaiam, we salute folks that make the exercise of yoga part of their every day lives. The goods in our top class line, gaiam sol, had been designed by means of yogi’s for yogi’s with unique interest to responsibly sourced materials, rigorous trying out, first-class element and quality creation. Know-how that everyone has their very own ‘perfect’ mat, we designed a collection of mats that have wonderful grip, yet with one-of-a-kind formulations, thicknesses and densities and our gaiam sol accessories spherical out your exercise with thoughtful design and best overall performance. Step as much as the following stage of yoga – gaiam sol.

gaiam sol dry-grip yoga mat (5mm)

gaiam sol’s dry-grip yoga mat (5 millimeter) guarantees you live relaxed and slip-free. Made out of a % fabric, this mat seals out germs, scent, and micro organism, and is right for those with latex sensitivities.

mat is created with a topcoat that guarantees to wick away moisture and provide better grip as temperatures in class upward thrust. With 5mm of cushioning, it’s gentle on your joints and it’s synthetic freed from the top six maximum harmful phthalates; a wholesome choice for each you and the planet.

  • lightweight, long lasting and extra-thick for additional cushioning.
  • p. C cloth seals out germs, smell and micro organism.
  • pinnacle coat of mat wicks away moisture and in fact gives better grip the hotter you get.
  • black is to be had in two lengths (sixty eight-inch or seventy eight-inch).
  • gaiam sol’s dry-grip yoga mat ensures you stay comfortable and slip-unfastened.

    mat is created with a topcoat that guarantees to wick away moisture and provide better grip as temperatures in magnificence upward thrust.

    constructed from a unique % fabric, this mat seals out germs, smell, and bacteria, and is right for those with latex sensitivities.

    with five millimeter of cushioning, it’s tender in your joints and it’s manufactured freed from the pinnacle six maximum dangerous phthalates; a healthy preference for both you and the planet.


    Black, Black (XL), Purple

    4 reviews for Gaiam yoga mat – top class 5mm dry-grip thick non slip exercising & fitness mat for warm yoga, pilates & floor workout routines (68″ or seventy eight”l x 24″ or 26″w x 5mm)

    1. Susha

      after 3 months of using it (and taking good care of it) the top layer started to peel off. the attached photo shows what my back looks like after class. covered with the pieces of the mat. also it used to very nice and grippy at the begining but 3 months into the use it got slippery and requires a towel. all in all this mat only lasted for 3 full months and now i have to look for a new mat because this one is no longer good to use and that definitely NOT the quality you would expect from $70 dollar worth of yoga mat. very disappointed Read more

    2. Amazon Customer

      My absolute favorite mat! I do heated Vinyasa flow and Bikram yoga, and this mat lasts throughout both types of classes. Sweat seems to be absorbed by the smooth black side to a point where the area is slightly moist but still grippy. I never migrate forward during down dog, and can do transitional jumps without worrying that I will slip. This mat is also very dense and provides amazing cushioning without destabilizing me during balancing poses. The gray textured side is also very grippy but turns into a slip and slide once I start to sweat. A couple of very, very small cons Since the mat is very grippy, it is a little more difficult to do sweeping motions such as when I am transitioning to plank. Also, this mat seems to hold onto heat very well and it is uncomfortably warm against my bare skin during Bikram yoga. Although this mat is still very grippy without a towel, I do prefer to use one during Bikram. Cleaning/hygiene Since the mat seems to work by absorbing sweat, I was a little worried about how hygienic it is. After class, I lay my mat down and wipe it down with a half-water, half-vinegar solution and air dry. This seems to do the trick. The mat feels clean, never has a funky odor and its stickiness is preserved. A comparison with other mats I have used – I have used mid-range Gaiam mats before (the kind you can find at any generic department store) and the Sol Dry-Grip is simply denser grippier and more elegant than any of them. – Manduka Black Mat Pro. The Sol Dry-Grip and the Manduka have similar density and cushioning but I still slipped on the Manduka. The Sol Dry-Grip is also not as heavy as the Manduka. – Jade Harmony. I still crept a little forward during Down Dog on the Jade Harmony. On top of that, the typical Jade Harmony mats were also too thin for my liking. The Jade’s natural rubber smell was also pretty overwhelming for me. The Sol Dry-Grip is so much better in terms of grip and cushioning. – Lululemon The Mat. I have only tried a classmate’s Lululemon out briefly. Never owned one. The Mat and the Sol Dry-Grip seem to have the same coating that makes them super grippy. If Gaiam did not make this mat, I probably would own a Lululemon. However, I vastly prefer the very pretty design on the Gaiam! UPDATE: I have had this mat for over a year and I am still very much in love with it. After using it 3-4x/week, the only signs of wear it is showing are some creases from when I carelessly folded it up when I was in a hurry. The mat is showing no signs of peeling, flaking, separating or discoloration. No odor retention either! It is just as sticky, absorbent yet quick drying as it was when I first got it. The only reasons why I would buy another mat is if 1. this one kicks the bucket and 2. if Gaiam made the same mat in pink. (Hint, hint, Gaiam company 🙂 ) Read more

    3. JSmith

      Best. Mat. Ever. It’s very much like Lulu The Mat. But a bit smaller in size, lighter & more beautiful. Lulu’s The Mat wears down so fast & this one doesn’t. Much lighter than manduka. Thicker/comfier than jade harmony which previously was my favorite. The surface is very absorbent. The grip is amazing – way better than traditional mats – I am so secure in warrior 2. I am able to go through half my hot power yoga class without a yoga towel. Then I lay down a towel during core when my sweat starts really dripping. It performs great when hot & damp, but also when dry. This mat is thick which is awesome for my knees in camel, and feels sturdy rather than squishy. I use chained hair elastics attached to a large button to hold it rolled when not in use. Any mat strap would work, I was just feeling creative & made my own. I used another thick mat before, but it was slippery. Then I used jade harmony but it was too thin. This is perfect. Update: I have had this yoga mat for 2 years now!!! I went through TWO yoga teacher trainings using this every day for hours, and often allowing other students to use it. I practice on it every single day. I do restorative yoga, drip-heavy heated power yoga and Bikram, as well as occasionally an outdoor class. It remains immaculate, as though I bought it yesterday! I cannot say enough good things about this mat. I clean it with JUST WATER and I think this is why it has retained its beauty. Occasionally, like every few weeks, I will clean it with either dish soap, vinegar, lemon juice-dilutred water with a drop of tea tree oil. Not consistent, just whatever is around. Usually it’s water and let hang dry outside. It does not smell (I am a medium-sweater, not a huge dripper but not just a glower). I wish my yoga studio carried this mat, I think I am going to recommend that they do. I don’t use it during my teaching only because I feel like I cannot “sell” it up, since we don’t carry it. But if we carried it, I would tell every student to buy it. Especially that student who face-planted on her lulu mat. The surface is only slightly worn – it’s almost as new looking as the day I bought it. It’s a beautiful mat. It’s thick and comfortable for those with knee issues, it has not matted down much at all – maybe just slightly after two years & only recently. I think I’ll get it in purple next! UPDATE: Year 3 almost to the day. I am finally beginning to see wearing on my beautiful mat. I’ve been practicing at home regularly & just did a third yoga teacher training. I am starting to notice it wearing down at the top middle & top bottom of my mat. I think it’s time for a replacement, but I’ll never throw this one away. They’ll have to bury it with me. UPDATE: It’s STILL my favorite mat after 5 years. It is showing some love wear on the surface but it’s not peeling, and i can see some of the threads around the top and bottom of the mat that are starting to be exposed. I kind of want to buy another identical mat but I kind of want this one to last forever and it’s still 100% functional. Part of me wants another just to test how much better (or not) a brand new one is because I think this MUST have lost some of its cushioning. Right? Well, it is like the tarot deck I’ve had for 25 years, I could buy a new one but the old has become an extension of me, one of my favorite possessions in its perfection as it is not new but still exactly perfect. Read more

    4. Michelle

      The top layer peels off after 10-15 uses of hot yoga. I contacted Gaiam customer support and they said this product is in fact defective and is currently being investigated by their quality control. I have no idea why they are still making it available for purchase. If you order it on Amazon and the window for returns has closed, you can contact Gaiam and they will have you ship the mat to them and they will give you a gift code for the price you paid, plus a free shipping code for a replacement mat. That sucks because now I have no choice but to try another mat by Gaiam, and after this one, I really don’t want to. Read more

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