Gaiam yoga mat towel microfiber mat-sized yoga towel for decent yoga

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  • make certain this suits
  • by coming into your model wide variety.
  • microfiber sized mat towel: suits flawlessly over a conventional length yoga mat (sixty eight-inch x 24-inch)
  • extraordinary absorbent: dries in half the time of a cotton towel (best for warm yoga)
  • doubles as yoga mat: acts as alternative for yoga mat in a pinch
  • materials: 88 percent polyester, 12 percent nylon
  • care data: system turned into one after the other in cold water and dry flat
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gaiam yoga mat towel

in case you revel in hot yoga periods, or maybe in case you simply sweat a lot – meet your new preferred yoga accent: gaiam’s yoga mat towel.

designed for ashtanga, vinyasa and warm yoga, our great-absorbent, hypo-allergenic and non-permeable microfiber mat towels are sized to healthy directly on top of a standard yoga mat, wicking away moisture and drying in 1/2 the time of a trendy cotton towel. Available in more than one colors.

sized to suit directly over pinnacle of a widespread yoga mat.

dimensions: 68″l x 24″w

microfiber towel wicks away moisture and dries in 1/2 the time of a widespread cotton towel.

if you revel in hot yoga classes or sweat at some stage in your practice like the relaxation people, then meet your new favored yoga accessory.

towel is hypo-allergenic and non-permeable, and light-weight and compact, making it outstanding to be used as a travel mat or for on-the-move use when in a pinch.

materials: 88% polyester, 12% nylon

machine wash one at a time in bloodless water; dry flat.


Blue Shadow, Blush, Folkstone Grey, Heron Lilac, Mulberry, Riverside, Smokey Purple, Tropical Dusk, Vivid Blue/Fuchsia

8 reviews for Gaiam yoga mat towel microfiber mat-sized yoga towel for decent yoga

  1. Keo

    Towel is on the thin side, you can find better towels on Amazon for comparable or less cost. Washed it before first use for my power vinyasa class. Right off the bat, the corners were curled up like it was a well used towel. Laundry tag on the towel says, ‘dry lie flat’. Practically speaking, who has time or does this to yoga towels; this is not a cashmere sweater.I also use the Launa Luna – good towel, recommend it. as well as the Clever yoga towel. Pick the color that is least expensive. They standup and work much better for the price.Read more

  2. Michelle M.

    So this $15ish towel permanently ruined $$$ worth of my linens in the washer ! It bleeds bright pink ! Huge regret buying this! Even if I would’ve washed this towel with my darks, there is just a huge amount of red dye that comes out of this towel! Thank God I only ruined around $50 worth of towels. if would’ve washed it with my jeans, I could’ve ruined it $800 plus worth of pants ! I can’t take another chance so I’m probably going to have to throw it away .Read more

  3. Ivanka B.

    For those of you trying to compare this towel to the yogitoes let me make it easy for you, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. I do heated yoga at Core Power about 5-7 times per week and normally use the yogitoes with the grip dots but at about $60 a piece and having to wash it after every use it gets expensive so I thought I would try something different. As for this towel it’s actually not bad but really can’t compare the quality between the two. You get what you pay for. I still use this towel in my rotation and it does move a little more but it’s not that bad. Yoga is about much more than the towel you use. For those who complain about it falling apart after washing well of course it will after enough use. I wash and hang dry all my yoga towels and so far they seem to last a long time (including this one). The color on this towel is great and it does the job but my preference is still the yogitoes because the grip dots .Read more

  4. R. Morris

    I do bikram hot yoga and I was buying a couple of Yogitoes towels and bought this too to try as an inexpensive alternative. My goal was to get towels that are thinner since I usually have just a beach towel in class and the amount of laundry & dryer time adds up quickly. This mat and the Yogitoes arrived at the same time, and I’ve tried both.Pros: I did not have any problems slipping on this mat, and it is the natural size of my yoga mat. I also did not have any trouble with ‘color bleed’ which is a definite problem with Yogi toes. This mat also air dries quickly and doesnt require the dryer.Cons: I would not recommend this mat because….. The thin microfiber surface sticks to my feet when I pick them up between postures!!!! When I step in/out of Triangle or the Chair poses, the mat will lift with my foot and I have to consciously move to brush it off my foot so it doesnt bunch up or move with me in/out of postures. Obviously you dont want to have to do specfic things in yoga class to deal with mat issues, so this is a huge dealbreaker. I don’t think this was a good purchase at all and I intend to keep it in my car in case I have absolutely nothing else onhand.Read more

  5. Wiggy

    As another person mentioned it bled through and ruined several items of clothing in the wash. I go to hot yoga 4x a week, this towel makes me miserable in class. I have tried the towel wet/dry, it simply doesn’t stay put. It’s soft and lightweight but that’s about it.Read more

  6. PNWMom1999

    Unfortunately, this is not a towel made for hot yoga. It slips and slides and doesn’t stay put. I’ve noticed that other yogis’ towels lie nice and flat on their mats but this towel gets wrinkled and shifts around a lot. The ends of the towel also curl up and don’t lie flat. At times, I get so frustrated in class that I’ve just taken it off completely. On the plus side, the material is soft and nice and the color is pretty. If you are looking for a general purpose yoga towel, this may work for you. For you hot yogis, look elsewhere.Read more

  7. Mandy P

    This is not recommended for bikram yoga or people who sweat more than a teaspoon during their practice. It was completely soaked through and stayed wet and uncomfortable like a used sponge left in the sink after doing dishes. Much better off using a beach towel.Read more

  8. doctorsirena

    This towel is made of a fairly thin (compared to a normal towel, but thicker than a lot of microfiber cleaning cloths) microfiber material with one smooth side (top with Gaiam logo) and terry looped bottom. I like the smokey purple color – it is an understated medium dusty lavendar, not too grey. The size is good, both width and length – no issues for me.This yoga towel works well for my use. I use it on top of standard textured wall-to-wall carpet to provide a softer surface for both yoga and various exercise DVDs. The back terry side sticks to the carpet and does not slide (when done, I kind of have to peel it off of the carpet like velcro). Also, I have not experienced slippage on the top side while exercising. The towel easily folds up to a small size for storage when done (easier than rolling and storing a regular yoga mat). It washes and dries just fine with a normal load of towels and has held up well so far. It is a bit expensive but has performed well for me, so I would recommend it.Read more

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