Gaiam yoga socks – premium studio non slip sticky grip add-ons for ladies & men

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  • toeless traction: open-toe layout lets in for a better tactile feel and balance inside the studio or at domestic whilst the cross straps offer a comfortable consolation healthy ensuring the socks stay positioned whilst practising
  • opportunity to naked toes: grip socks will assist shield your ft at the studio from exposure and also works extremely good in stopping extra sweat and moisture buildup for your yoga mat, offering a superior grip for all situations
  • use with or without yoga mat: silicone grips provide a non slip grip each time, everywhere; mainly inside the absence of a mat, making them a brilliant for travel – toss the toe socks to your overnight or convey-on bag to practice yoga or barre on any floor
  • multi-motive: best for widespread and hot yoga, pilates, barre, ballet, dance, or even just across the house when you require some introduced grip and balance
  • one size fits most: small/medium – women’s shoe 5-10 / men’s shoe four-nine
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to be had in sizes and an expansion of colours

the yoga revolution is right here. At gaiam we understand yoga. We realize a very good waft whilst we’re in a single. For over 25 years we’ve been at the mat, making yoga a part of our lives. And that’s why every gaiam product is designed, sourced and produced together with your yoga wishes in mind. We had been there in your first downward dealing with canine, and we’ll be there for everything that comes next. So you can say yes to yoga, and sure to a higher you.

gaiam yoga.

say yes to a better you.

gaiam yoga socks

gaiam’s yoga socks offer slip-resistant overall performance especially created for practicing yoga and pilates. Get the toe-wiggling freedom of being barefoot and the slip-unfastened protection of your yoga mat. These remarkably secure socks also reduce your exposure to foot fungus.

small/medium (ladies’s shoe 5-10; guys’s shoe 4-nine).

medium/big (women’s shoe 10-eleven; guys’s shoe 10-12).

  • created for yoga and pilates practice
  • allows you to soundly practice, even with out a mat
  • ideal for journey or studio use
  • enhances balance and balance
  • protects toes from exposure to foot fungus
  • 95% polyester, three% rubber, 2% spandex
  • gadget wash; air dry
  • mat or no mat

    get the toe-wiggling freedom of being barefoot and the slip-loose protection of your yoga mat. Those remarkably comfy socks additionally lessen your publicity to foot fungus.


    offer slip-resistant performance specifically created for training yoga and pilates.

    get the toe-wiggling freedom of being barefoot and the slip-loose safety of your yoga mat.

    those remarkably secure socks also lessen your exposure to foot fungus.




    Black (Wraps), Black/Grey (Lace-up), Black/Grey (Studio)

    8 reviews for Gaiam yoga socks – premium studio non slip sticky grip add-ons for ladies & men

    1. Cassandra Mercedes Broadwater

      —Feel free to ask me any questions about my review!— These are so comfy! They’re so useful in my yoga practice too! This product runs true to size. I wear a shoe size 7.5 and it fits perfectly! I hope my description was of use to you! —Follow @CassandraMercedes on Instagram for more amazing Amazon finds!— Read more

    2. Honest Reviews

      socks were nice and comfy at the beginning. but when i got a different brand grippy socks with actual diferent sizes i noticed that this gaiam socks digs a little in between my toes. for reference i usually wear a size 8.5 sneakers. so i got a M grippy socks from a different brand with the same style. that fit ne better. in conclusion , this gaiam socks i think are good for people with shoe size smaller than 8 for it to be comfortable. its a good quality that stood up to multiple washing and its still intact. i never dried it in the dryer though Read more

    3. elle-mo

      I’m in between a 5 1/2- 6. I tried them on and they were too big and slid around too much which would render it unsafe on a pilates reformer. I wouldn’t feel comfortable even doing barre or any standing exercise with these shoes. The area under the toe box cuts into the base of the first knuckles of the toes and is uncomfortable. The back of the shoe where it hits the achilles is too high and cuts into that as well. Maybe these would work for people with larger feet and longer toes. Read more

    4. bubbledesai

      I bought these ‘socks’ to wear in the Lagree studio while using the megaformer. They are more substantial than grip socks. but not quite a shoe. Nike used to make a similar type of sock/shoe for the studio but I did not find it to be comfortable. This sock/shoe is comfortable and it works well on the megaformer as well as for barre workouts. Read more

    5. Stenoe

      Excellent for yoga class! I prefer these over the sock version because my feet do not slide around in the various yoga poses! Remember to wash them in a washable linen bag on gentle with Woollite (delicates) in cold water with like colored clothing . Hang dry!! (Note: If not, the socks will shrink and collect pills over them.). Your socks will look brand new longer if you wash them this way… just a suggestion …. 🙂 Read more

    6. julie Deuel

      That’s cuteI have a lot of yoga socks I like them because I want my toes to stay separated because I’m 48 years of age they’re comfortable and I will never wear regular socks again I like my toes being separated it’s actually more comfortable and I don’t want my toes crossing each other I do not do yoga but I love this sucks however I only got the runs with the ribbons because I thought that they were fancy but I will just stick to the basic ones from here on out Read more

    7. MLoHo

      They are grippy and stay in place, but I wore them for about 2 hours about 45 minutes of which I was wearing them to do yoga; the rest of the time I was wearing crocs also. They irritated my heels on both feet so much that I started feeling a burning sensation on my upper heels and had to take them off. There were red lines under where I had them on. They are cute and grip the mat, but I don’t think I can tolerate them. I haven’t asked to return them, but I may. Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      I was really looking forward to these but it was not meant to be. I am a size 7 or 8. Very average in US women’s sizes. These were so small I could barely get them in without damaging them. Not really one size fits all. or even most. If you are a size 6 or under you should be fine. They are more of a slipper than a sock. Meaning that they do not stretch really at all. Also the material between the toes is not very soft at all. But it could’ve just been that they were way too small. Read more

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