Gasoline pureformance deluxe dip station

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  • make sure this suits by way of entering your model wide variety.
  • specifications – assembled dimensions are 29. 92″ x 24. Eight” x 38. Fifty eight” and includes olympic style rings.
  • construction – built with 12- and 14-gauge metallic with a durable, powder coat finish and gussets for brought stability.
  • capabilities – angled, padded grips add comfort; open, pass thru layout adds versatility; 12- and 14-gauge steel production with gussets provides stability; durable powder coat finish to save you rusting. Includes rings for added resistance.
  • versatile – this body weight training dip station permits you to target the chest, shoulders, triceps, abs, legs and more. Add extra resistance with the aid of using the blanketed olympic fashion earrings.
  • useful– open, bypass thru design permits a couple of physical games to be achieved, including chest dips, pull ups, striking leg and knee increases, and more.
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gas pureformance body weight schooling dip station

the gasoline pureformance body weight schooling station has angled grips designed mainly for focused on chest and triceps all through your exercise routines. With robust, metallic creation and a pleasing powder coat end, this frame weight schooling station is long lasting and durable so you may be organized to use it for an prolonged amount of time. The padded grips add comfort while exercising, and the open, skip-through layout provides versatility on your workout recurring. The assembled dimensions are 26. Seventy seven” x 22. 05″ x 35. 63″. Does not include earrings.

gas pureformance deluxe bodyweight education dip station

the gas pureformance deluxe frame weight training station has angled grips for concentrated on the chest & triceps. The sturdy metallic production, gussets and powder coat end make sure this dip station is durable and can resist the wear and tear and tear of exercising exercises. The padded grips add comfort and the open, pass-through layout provides versatility in your workouts. This version does now not consist of the olympic fashion jewelry. The assembled dimensions are 29. 92″ x 24. 8″ x 38. 58″.

fuel pureformance bodyweight education dip station with olympic rings

the gas pureformance deluxe frame weight schooling station with olympic style jewelry is a frame weight training station that includes relaxed padded, angled grips and is designed especially for concentrated on chest and triceps muscular tissues throughout workout routines. With sturdy, metallic creation, gussets and a durable powder coat finish, this frame weight schooling station is constructed to resist wear and tear so that you may be prepared to apply it for an prolonged time frame. This dip station has an open, skip-thru design that provides versatility to sporting activities that may be accomplished. It also comes with olympic style jewelry, supplying you with greater flexibility and added resistance whilst performing sporting activities. The assembled dimensions are 29. 92″ x 24. 8″ x 38. 58″ and consists of the olympic jewelry.

dip station

deluxe dip station

deluxe dip station w/rings

dip station sporting activities

target the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor by appearing chest flyes on this frame weight training station the use of the olympic rings.

the dip body weight training station offers a manner to perform beginner pull ups, so you can strengthen the biceps, back, and forearms before acting a full pull up.

enhance and build the triceps through performing dips at the frame weight schooling station.


Black/Blue – Deluxe Dip Station, Black/Blue – Deluxe Dip Station w/O-Rings

7 reviews for Gasoline pureformance deluxe dip station

  1. OUTLANDER1968

    I hit 50 last year, and I have been feeling my age (old body injuries and all), but I refuse to give up. This simple device really works out the upper body, and for the price – it is worth it. At first was able to do 2, but now I am at 10. 35 years ago – my first set was in the 30’s, and I think I can reach 20 reps within a few months. And so – I too need to cut down on my carbs. I love my bicycle too, for that sucker does wonders, for I went from 220 lbs to 168 lbs in 1.5 years. I am now 187 lbs (bus driver), and I know I can reach 175 within a few months as well. So here’s to our health, and Party On Dudes! Read more

  2. Michael Pozzi

    if anything’s wrong with it just by pass the 1- 800 number they’re Remarkably unhelpful. Just return it to Amazon let them deal with it. The two weak parts of the dip station are the cheap plastic feet made to protect your floors. Mine were cracked and needed replacement. And the foam cover for the handles. Mine were split and they’re very thin. Check the weld also lots of metal rough edges that need to be sanded down to avoid cuts. My advice? Check it all BEFORE assembling. If broken send it back. Cap Barbell charges shipping and handling to fix their screw-ups. Amazon free returns are the best in the business. The picture of the handle’s pretty clear but the crack in the plastic foot harder to see. Good luck. Read more

  3. al

    For the price, this is an outstanding piece of equipment. I’ve been working out steadily for over 35 years now and have gone through my share of exercise equipment. This one is a keeper. It’s light enough to move around in my gym but the design means it is very stable when you use it for dips or using the rings for push ups. I’m 6’2 215 pounds and it is perfect. The unit is designed of a moderately heavy gauge steel with some solid bolts. The hand grips are fat enough that you won’t get bruises in your palms; the padding or grip material is a little light and will probably wear out after a year or two so you might need to wrap it with some exercise tape. The hand grips are angled outward slightly so it is ergonomically correct for dips. I can dip on this with confidence that it’s not going to collapse. Read more

  4. doctor435

    This thing is awesome. I have wanted to go back to the gym, but can’t afford it right now, so I got this this workout station so I could exercise at home. There are a ton of exercises that you can do with this. I was hoping to be able to take it to the beach with me, but it is too heavy and bulky to do that, but it doesn’t take up too much space in my condo. It is easy to assemble, made from strong, durable material and wilI be a part of my fitness routine for years to come. I am extremely satisfied with this product Read more

  5. Jay Reed

    Some reviewers complained this dip station is for short people or is too small. I am 6 feet and it is perfect with bent knees. If it were any taller one would have to jump up to get in to starting or ending position which could place undue stress on the shoulders and could also cause injury if your muscles are blown at the end of the set. This is perfect height to pretty much step into and the spacing bewtween the grips is where it needs to be to avoid hyper extension and injuries. All in all great product at a great price Read more

  6. Customer

    The dip station arrived on Monday after being ordered on Saturday. Not the product I know, but the delivery was the most impressive thing. The box was ripped open on both ends. To be fair that is probably UPS’ fault. I was worried about missing nuts and bolts. This must be a common occurrence because the company supplied 2 sets of all hardware. So…everything was there but one of the end caps was broken and fell off right out of the box. Because the box was open I made sure to check everything. There was a small dent on one of the uprights. I don’t think it’ll cause an issue. Just would’ve been nice to have it NEW not like new. As for how well it works, I am 6′ – 250lbs and did several dips and the station did not move at all. Both my sons tried it as well, 6′ – 210 and 5’9″ -150. It is a little shorter than I hoped for but nothing I can’t live with. It comes up to about my waist. My legs are bent when I do dips so not an issue. If I were to try to hang weights it might cause a problem. Bottom line, it’ll work for me trying to get in better shape at home. If I was 20-30 years old and really looking to do some weighted dips for work outs, I’d look for something else. Read more

  7. Chet

    It took them two months, but I finally received the missing components. It took about 30 minutes to assemble, might have gone a little faster, but there were no instructions. Overall construction seems good, everything fit as it should and the unit feels solid. I am 6′, 220lbs and am able to execute my dips without issue. The unit is stable and does not wobble while performing reps. Despite the long wait for the missing parts, I am glad to have the dip station and look forward to incorporating it into my current block of training. —————————————————— —————————————————— Buyer Beware!! Seriously, not a single nut or bolt. Plus, it is missing the blue triangle pieces for assemble at the legs! Customer service does not answer the phone “our mail box is full”, if this cannot be rectified in a timely manner I will absolutely be returning this thing since it is completely unusable. As of right now, no way I could recommend the product, I can’t even put it together to see how it would perform. Disappointing to say the least. Read more

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