Gelpro portable for workplace, automobile or sports sports, 17. 5×17. 5, green

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  • massaging, spring-go back foam. The pliable texture of pad-it via gelpro eva foam relieves strain and absorbs surprise upon contact with frame.
  • promotes move & air glide- the raised, 3-d layout era promotes flow and blood waft, lowering numbness and “falling asleep” body sensations. The open grid lets in cooling airflow to vent in and out of openings, allowing for cozy use and quick drying when moist.
  • multi-reason functionality. Whether you’re kayaking, camping, or traveling in a automobile or aircraft, pad-it provides comfort and comfort on any hard floor!
  • light-weight and transportable. With its bendy and mild fabric, pad-it could be without problems transported to anywhere you want it maximum!
  • smooth to smooth. All it takes to easy a pad-it mat is warm water, mild soap, and a sponge! Truly rinse with warm water, scrub with the slight soap and sponge, loosen particles, and rinse again with heat water.
  • object shape: rectangular
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multi-reason comfort solution in three sizes

remarkable for alleviating pressure in the office at stand-up desks, or at domestic inside the kitchen, laundry room, storage, or even outdoors. Pad-it mats make the complete grilling revel in so much less complicated at the knees, ft and back. Professional cooks and customers alike discover pad-it mats to be crucial in their outdoor kitchens and grilling areas.

perfect for any hard chair around the house or workplace. Additionally terrific to be used in boats, kayaks and automobiles. Even already gentle surfaces like camp chairs are transformed into an easy-drying, springy surface.

the proper toolbox accomplice for family chores that contain kneeling. Additionally properly suitable for gardening, camping, fishing and bleachers. This light-weight transportable pad is an clean and handy comfort method to take to carrying activities, instead of sitting on bloodless, tough bleachers.

breathable, massaging consolation material

patented eva foam relieves strain & absorbs shock. Promotes stream at the same time as sitting, status or kneeling. Open grid permits cooling airflow & quick drying when moist. A extremely good transportable unit for wet environments or traveling on planes or to sporting activities.

modern 3-d layout

the pad-it by gelpro relieves strain and absorbs surprise to promote right flow. It diminishes knee, leg, again and foot discomfort at the same time as status, kneeling or sitting.

  • clean to smooth with a easy rinse
  • transportable, easy to carry or percent on journeys
  • open grid high-quality for wet programs, and it floats!
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    Black, Gray, Green

    7 reviews for Gelpro portable for workplace, automobile or sports sports, 17. 5×17. 5, green

    1. Steven

      Love my new seat pad from GelPro. Soft textured design feels good in a car seat but I use it in a wooden chair. The foam is firm and the open webbing pattern allows for air circulation. No fabric material should be fine if I forget and leave it out in the rain.Read more

    2. customer x

      This is a great addition to my makeshift kitchen office during quarantine. It is very comfortable and an easy addition to my wooden barstool. Looking forward to using it for roads rips in the future!Read more

    3. Turner Kirk

      Purchased this for my mother-in-law who has back problems. She now works from home and uses it on her office chair. She really likes it. She alternates between sitting on it and using it behind her back. She said she would like to see one that can do both at once.Read more

    4. Physics Girl

      I recently purchased a used task chair for working from home, and the seat is a bit firmer than I’d prefer for all day use so I decided to give this cushion a try. Despite the manufacturer’s name, this cushion is made of lightweight foam, not any sort of gel material, but I find I like it with my desk chair more than the thick gel cushion I had been using on my folding lawn chair (just one of the joys of suddenly needing a home office), which is just a bit too squishy and unstable for the softer surface. ) It fits my chair well, although it does slide around a bit and needs to be repositioned once in a while. This is thin: it adds an extra little bit of padding, but if you are looking for a super cushy experience this is not for you. The surface is aggressively knobby, perhaps a bit too much so for ideal comfort if I’m wearing thin pants, and it definitely leaves marks. (I’ve included a photo of my calf after sitting cross-legged on my desk chair in shorts.) I do find this offers good air circulation on hot days. Overall, I like this and plan to continue using it, but it feels pricey for a piece of foam. If this were $15, I’d be recommending it to everyone I know, but at almost three times that price I’m more hesitant.Read more

    5. ShoppingGeek

      I have a back problem which forces me to sleep in bed sitting up. Since I’m in the same position all night, it puts continuous pressure on my tail bone which causes pain that keeps me awake a lot, despite having a soft mattress with memory foam topper, a foam block on top of that topped by two pillows. Because I’m 6’4″ and 250 pounds, no matter what I sit on, it gets compressed and pressure builds up on my tail bone.Because this pad is made up of sturdy nubs which stick up with space around them, every time you move, the pressure points move too. Not only does it not hurt, but it massages you.I spend a long time at my desk every day and have the same problem. I got a couple of 3″-4″ thick foam seat cushions which actually have a cut-out to remove pressure from the tail bone. It works for a week or so, but eventually a pad flattens out and the pressure pain starts. This pad has also solved that problem. The way it’s built, and the fact that it isn’t very thick to start with, it doesn’t seem likely to compress the way the others do. (In the picture, I have just set this pad on top of the older one which may make it look thicker than it is.)So far, I highly recommend this pad. If my experience changes, I’ll definitely come back and edit this review.Read more

    6. Skaho

      I didn’t realize this mat was perforated for some reason so I was surprised when I received it that it looks like a rectangle of giant, bumpy mesh. I tried it out after already having sat in my office chair for 6 hours, and having an aching butt from not taking enough breaks. As I mentioned, the surface is really bumpy so it feels a bit strange, but it definitely adds a label of comfort. I was able to work the other 2 hours of the day without discomfort. The only drawback is I was wearing shorts and – this is why 4 stars instead of 5 – after sitting on the same spot for 2 hours, the bumps had ingrained themselves into the exposed skin of my legs. When I stood up, it felt similar to ripping a bandaid off, or standing up after your legs have been stuck to a hot vinyl or leather seat. Ouch! So now, I wear long shorts or pants, and all is well. After a long day my butt is still sore, but noticeably better than before.I got this seat pad for my home office chair and also for use in the car, but it’s so light and portable it can be used just about anywhere. It even has a handle. I didn’t realize when I ordered it that it can also be used as a floor mat or a kneeling mat. I’m not sure my knees could take the little bumps, but I like how versatile this mat is.Read more

    7. Ari B. Adler

      First, this has no “gel” to it all, so if you’re thinking it’s going to be a type of gel-foam product, you’re looking at the wrong thing. This is a rubbery product that has good flexibility for its use for sitting, kneeling, or standing. I haven’t had it long enough to review longevity, but the product “fingers” seem to be quite resilient and bounce back into shape after use quickly.I’ve used it primarily on an office chair and it offers more comfort than the chair itself. I like that the design provides airflow to keep your seat cool. The aggressive structure of the fingers, however, makes it somewhat uncomfortable if sitting on it in shorts and exposing your bare skin to it. On the other hand, I’ve also used it as a backrest in that same chair, and in that case, the fingers feel good against your back.Because of its design and material, it seems like it would clean up easy, which is a nice feature. For its listed price of $39.95, I’m not sure it’s going to provide the comfort you would expect though.Read more

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