Gosports health launch box – three-in-1 plyo soar box for sports of all ability degrees

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  • make certain this suits by way of getting into your model quantity.
  • launch container: take health to new heights with the launch field – full set consists of 1 launch box, drill bit, allen key and all essential assembly screws
  • three heights in 1: release box is marked with 3 exclusive heights, definitely rotate and pick out between: 12”, 14” and 16” – variable heights are exquisite for all education talent levels and a extensive variety of conditioning physical games (sporting events covered)
  • fitness made smooth: working out at domestic or at the fitness center is now easier than ever; whether or not you have got a busy agenda or you’re seeking to upload variation in your exercises, launch container offers you get right of entry to to infinite physical activities for any fitness ordinary
  • heavy duty creation: launch box uses an extremely strong puzzle box layout for optimum support – the thick top class timber creation features sanded edges for consolation and carry handles for easy portability
  • available in 3 sizes: pick among small: 12x14x16, medium: 16x20x24 and massive: 20x24x30
  • game kind: exercising & fitness
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  • can these be stored outdoors?
  • query: can these be saved outside? Answer: i wouldn’t shop this container outside except it’s in a few kind of outside storage bin or chest. I’d be concerned about the solar and trade in climate having negative effects on the excellent and stability of the timber. Through jordan taunton on june 25, 2020 didn’t get solutions. See more answers (2) disintegrate all answers

  • can you use on hardwood flooring?
  • hi there – gosports health release field has a thick premium wood construction with sanded edges. While the rims are sanded to offer a easy finish we’d not advise using them on tough wooden floors without a mat under. Please allow us to know if we can help with some thing else, we’re usually glad to assist! – the gosports team see less

  • does this container arrive already assembled?
  • question: does this box arrive already assembled? Answer: hello – the box does not arrive assembled. We do encompass the essential hardware and commands to collect the container. Feel loose to attain out to our customer support crew for any questions. By way of p&p imports manufacturer on august 11, 2020 didn’t get solutions. See more answers (6) fall apart all answers

  • someone else ordered this these days? It confirmed as in inventory after i located the order. Now my delivery date and the object is unavailable. Time line?
  • query: someone else ordered this recently? It showed as in inventory when i placed the order. Now my delivery date and the object is unavailable. Time line? Answer: there might be a 3rd birthday party promoting it and please test that we’re indexed because the manufacturer. Please touch the manufacturer or amazon to clear up this issue. With the aid of p & p imports producer on february 12, 2021 did not get solutions. See more solutions (1) crumble all answers


    Small – 12" x 14" x 16", Standard – 16" x 20" x 24", XL – 20" x 24" x 30"

    8 reviews for Gosports health launch box – three-in-1 plyo soar box for sports of all ability degrees

    1. Garin Gustafson

      Great quality and functionality. Easy to assemble. 3 different heights make for great progression sequences and or regression. Read more

    2. Purchaser117

      So I order this for my wife as a gift, she picked it out and I wrote the check. That was the extent of my pre-purchase research. It goes together easy enough, but I would suggest a wood or rubber mallet of you have weak arms or tender hands. The tolerances are tight so you’ll need to tap most of the pieces into place. In retrospect, I should have used good wood glue on all the seems, that would give it a VERY study final outcome. However, nearly ALL the screws spin in the holes no matter HOW low I set the drill, so I started finishing them by hand. Cheap plywood. Speaking of holes… It was missing four. I had to get a drill bit out and measure the others for depth, then make my own on the bottom board. This was a manufacturing defect. I inspected before assembly and they just weren’t there. Negatives aside, I weigh 300lbs, and the internal brace seems to do the job. I didn’t JUMP onto this thing (wife will but is 120lbs) but I could stop on and off the 16″ side and it seemed solid enough for her to safely use. I will monitor the screws for any backing out though. Another thing I like is the wood is basically unfinished, so if you have a taste for a plain stain, you can color the wood. I would AVOID anything that leaves a urethane coating or oil base though, don’t want it slippery. I’m not saying you SHOULD stain it, but I think that you COULD stain it if you wanted. That way you could hide it as an end table ot something when not in use as a steppy on thingy. All in all, l I will give a reluctant endorsement of this thing. There were extra screws which I like. There weren’t enough holes which I didnt like. the end product seems study enough for the lady whos going to use it, to safely use it. Finally the finish is smooth to the touch and the corners are rounded. Overall 3 .5 out of 5, but I cannot award 1/2 points. 🙂 Read more

    3. SoCal

      It took me about 10 minutes to put together. You’ll need a power drill to put together. There was a little splitting with the plywood. But it doesn’t appear to effect the use Read more

    4. Peggy

      I was so impressed with this product it was very easy to put together and came with everything I needed except for the drill. It actually came with a drillbit impressive! The instructions were clear and the box isVery sturdy and easy to move. Edges are rounded well put together product Read more

    5. Brian F

      This is made out of high quality plywood. Ours had no knots or filler, so I assume it was cabinet grade. The exterior corners are all rounded. All the predrilled holes lined up. The joints were right enough it required a little bit of hammering to get it all together. The primary screws were all hex head. The internal bracing wasn’t well put together but easy to deal with and I’ll never see it again. I glued all the seams and may end up sanding a couple places where the joints don’t line up perfectly. Ill probably also add some varnish with traction additive. Overall I ended up with a better product than if I had gone to the big box store and bought similar quality wood and fasteners. The time saved on the trip and plans we’ll make up for any additional cost. Read more

    6. Rosewood

      I was going to try to build one myself. There’s no way i could have built one as nice as this. Thank you! Read more

    7. Mk3509

      Based on price and reviews this is the plyobox I chose. My husband had his reservations and wanted to get something more than double the price but I thought I’d give it a chance, and I’m happy I did! Assembly was easy with a drill, the edges are all very smooth, and it’s incredibly sturdy. I was worried that if I misplaced my footing and ended up on an edge that it might tip over but after a few test runs it’s actually better than I thought it would be! (Not even a wiggle or slight tipping if you jump on the edge with one foot). My only concern is if enough sweat drips on it it might become slippery since the wood is very sanded and smooth. We are considering adding some grip paint. Overall I’m really happy with it and the price was reasonable for the quality of the wood and craftsmanship. I also love that is has three different sizes based on the way you flip it and it’s plenty wide to not worry about your feet on the edges at shoulder width. If you have reservations about it’s durability I’m here to tell you that I don’t see it breaking any time soon! Read more

    8. tonik

      Very sturdy, assembled in 15 minutes.the directions were clear and I loved that a bit was included(and Allen wrench) so I could use my hand drill for assembly. I’m very happy with this product. Read more

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