Gosports speedstix 2 % – mixed martial arts & sports padded contact sticks, black

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  • speedstix: strike with precision the use of the gosports speedstix; set includes 2 speedstix offering heavy duty composite leather production and wrist handles for finest schooling
  • pin-point accuracy: now all talent levels can exercise pin-point precision punches throughout offensive drills and simultaneously hone their defensive strategies, footwork, head movement and more
  • all contact drills: properly simulate contact drills for blended martial arts education in addition to a variety of sports activities (lacrosse, hockey, basketball, football and more)
  • absorbs impact: capabilities a tear proof composite leather surface with thick excessive density foam cores to minimize impact

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gosports speedstix

  • speedstix: strike with precision the usage of the gosports speedstix! Set consists of 2 speedstix providing heavy duty composite leather construction and wrist handles for most advantageous education
  • pin-point accuracy: now all ability degrees can practice pin-point precision punches at some stage in offensive drills and simultaneously hone their shielding strategies, footwork, head movement and extra
  • all contact drills: properly simulate contact drills for blended martial arts education in addition to a selection of sports (lacrosse, hockey, basketball, football and more)
  • absorbs effect: capabilities a tear evidence composite leather-based floor with thick high density foam cores to limit effect
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    the gosports speedstix are designed for simulating contact drills in blended martial arts and a spread of sports education drills. The heavy-responsibility padded guards characteristic a thick foam core to take in impact at some point of offensive and protective drills. The precision sticks function handles more grip and comfort for running shoes and coaches. The speedstix are constructed from composite leather which is tear proof, sweat evidence and water proof for optimum sturdiness. With the blocking off guards now trainers can practice with athletes without having to over increase in movements and with out impacting their shoulders, elbows and back. The blocking off sticks will soak up effect from every age and ability levels so athletes of all major sports activities can teach properly.

    8 reviews for Gosports speedstix 2 % – mixed martial arts & sports padded contact sticks, black

    1. Joseph J. Truncale

      As someone who has been seriously involved in numerous martial arts (Judo, Jujitsu, Karate-Do, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Boxing, Mixed martial arts and Combatives) for 7 decades I am always seeking new and unique training aids to use in my personal training. When I saw this product on Amazon (Go Sports speed stix 2 pack-mixed martial arts & sports padded contact sticks, black) for a bargain price I decided to purchase it.I received them in a short period of time and began to immediately work out using them. I really like the fact that they are thick, 23 inches in length and have a wrist strap on one end. They are light weight but fairly solid. I found them to be excellent to practice blocking, punching, striking, and kicking exercises. They are also great for some body strike conditioning striking your own chest, arms shoulders, back and legs.This fantastic piece of training equipment can be used for either individual or group training in boxing, kickboxing, karate-do and mixed martial arts. Even though I am well into my senior years I train intensely for 6 days a week and I have made this padded sticks part of my training routine.If you are into the many combative arts being practiced today you should check out this product to include in your own training programs.Rating: 5 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: Tactical Principles of the most effective Combative Systems).Read more

    2. M. Nastos

      I’ve tried a number of hit sticks from various manufacturers – and have even used pool noodles. Honestly, they are all essentially the same. These SpeedStix from GoSports hold up to any that I have used. The build quality is nice, the outer cover is well made. If I had to nitpick, I’d say the wrist loops are a little smaller than I wish they were, but even that is ok. If you want to save money on hit sticks and still have something that is quality, these are worth checking out. I use them daily for the 4-5 training sessions I run.Read more

    3. Sontino D.

      Half Of An Unfinished Or Malfunctional Product Arrived. Product Does Not Give You The Option To Open or Close To Change Pad. Especially If Pad Needs Repair Or Replacement. One Stick Arrived Sealed Perfectly Fine While The Other Stick Arrived Opened Or Unsealed. Zipper Closure Is On Inside & Makes It Nearly Impossible To Zip Closed Without Damaging Product Unless You Are A Tailor/Seamstress. Also Pad Thickness Is Nice But Hard To Grip. Will Be Returning For Refund.Read more

    4. Reeseman513

      Love the speed stix. I’m a boxing fitness trainer and throwing mitts 5 days a week can be tiring on my wrists catching punches. These provides me the opportunity to switch between them and mitts when doing mitt training.Read more

    5. HP

      I teach boxing and kickboxing, these are great for my clients: working speed and techniqueRead more

    6. cesar panesso

      I bought them to train with my coach and it was a success for the price and for someone who is starting or has an amateur level they are perfectRead more

    7. kevin

      Amazing product hold up perfectly fine for boxing ,mma or anythingRead more

    8. favian gutierrez

      Great forthe price. It doesn’t have a handle but still works great.Read more

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