Grizzly fitness reversible knee sleeve

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  • available in s-xl sizes
  • keeps warmth & promotes healing.
  • reversible layout (red & black)
  • refer sizing chart in secondary picture, for element on sizes
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product description

the grizzly fitness reversible knee sleeve is built of neoprene and might help in recovery and save you lost schooling time.


Small, Medium, X-Large

8 reviews for Grizzly fitness reversible knee sleeve

  1. Toasted Cheese

    These knee bands are obviously no rehbands, and considering the cost, you shouldn’t expect them to be. My old-style blue rehband disappeared, and I can’t bring myself to part with $80 for another pair right now, so I grabbed these. Several reviews mention ho thick and warm they are – IMO, they aren’t appreciably thicker than any other cheapie brand, they’re uncomfortable (huge line of stitching down the back) and seem to run small. That said, they do work reasonably well, but again, no better than any other brand you could grab off the shelf at any department store. I’d recommend getting the kono sleeves instead of these if you’re not going to fork out the cash for rehband. Read more

  2. Thanh

    I think this product was over hyped. my knee is size 15 and so I bought the medium size knee sleeves. I tried it for a week or two and it kept slipping down my knee. I would think it fit nicely as indicated, but when you squat or bend your knees, it’ll start slipping down and can cut your knee circulation. I would recommend you get a bigger size if your knee size 15. Overall, it was an uncomfortable knee sleeve because it didn’t fit your knee without some clumps from the sleeve and pitch your skin. Read more

  3. Eric

    They fit well. Not really reversible, they look silly the other way. They seem to be manufactured well. I haven’t really noticed any loose strings after a few months of using them. Keeps my knees warm when squatting. They aren’t really going to add to any squatting max. They are just there to keep your knees warm and apply a little pressure. Easy to clean. I would recommend them. Read more

  4. Kindle Customer

    Husband says it is just ok as far as fit and feel. I have the same one in my size and would give it 4 stars. It’s hard to get added support and still have that flexibility you hope for. We both feel it runs small. Read more

  5. John F.

    Moderate support to help while healing and to prevent further damage Read more

  6. Crazy Cat Lady

    I have knee arthritis in both knees, though one much more noticeably than the other, and have had a torn meniscus in said same knee. I had arthroscopic surgery for the tear, which helped, but I never quite got over the surgery. And, my arthritis is still very apparent. I have used elastic cloth knee braces for the most part but got a wild hair and decided to try a neoprene knee brace. I’ve tried Mueller’s, Grizzly’s, and TK’s. With Mueller’s, it just didn’t feel right. The small TK was TOO small; the Medium was gappy. You know what I mean. The Grizzly Medium was just right. When I first got it, I thought, there’s no way I’m getting that tiny thing over my giant deformed knee. But, with not that much effort I DID. And, it wasn’t gappy. And, I was doing step aerobics (low impact) comfortably – which I haven’t in ages. I was and am thrilled. For me, this thing is a game changer. I think that part of my problem is that my knee innards are actually sloshing around in there. It FEELS like that, but with this support, no sloshing. My knee is stablized. My knee is one bendable thing instead of a bunch of loose parts. My knee is happy. I am happy. I’m MORE than happy. Like I said. I’m thrilled. Read more

  7. charlie_boulder

    I bought this for my brother who has a pretty bad knee. He actually just had arthroscopic surgery again to see if he was a candidate for a cartilage replacement procedure. They said he has essentially no meniscus (outside edge) cartilage left. He has worn this brace multiple times now, including 3 to 4 hour hunts and tells me he has no pain when he wears it. So, I’m ordering two for myself to use during CrossFit WOD’s. Read more


    The product is of fair quality. I expected it to be a little thicker and longer so it does not bend, slide or drops after awhile. One of them is doing better than the other. I have arthritic knees due to meniscus tears’ surgeries and need to use them almost daily. I would buy them again for this reason. The meshed elastic ones sold at the drug stores are useless for me. I prefer this material since it provides better support in the long run. Read more

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