Gympak p. C treadmill system mat

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  • ensure this suits through entering your version variety.
  • high density black percent experience the difference
  • lessens vibrations as a result of machines
  • protects your floors or surface
  • game type: exercising & health

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shield your floors with this high fine percent treadmill mat and reduce the noise nonslip and odorless does no longer curl and remains flat

8 reviews for Gympak p. C treadmill system mat

  1. Katelyn

    I have always had carpet in the room I had my treadmill in. About 1 month ago we redid all of our floors to laminate flooring. All of the sudden I noticed how loud my treadmill had because. It rattled and echoed and I hated it. I finally decided to buy a mat to go under it to see if it would help. This mat appears thin but it does the job. It rolls out very easy and stayed in place until I got my treadmill on it. The only issue I had was when I was moving my treadmill back into place, it bunched up just a tad. However, I am a 27 year old female who was doing this by myself. If I had help I could have moved the treadmill, set the mat down, and placed the treadmill on the mat all at once. I however had to lift the front end and place it on the mat, then do the same with the back end and adjust the treadmill slowly until it was straight. With this being said even with me placing the treadmill on the mat in that manner, the mat did not rip or have any issues like I read in reviews of other mats. I immediately got onto my treadmill to see what it sounded like. It was completely back to how it sounded when I had carpet. Granted, there is still obviously noise and my treadmill is still a little loud, but no more echo and no more rattling. I think its just enough cushion to make it not wobble on my hard floors. The mat was JUST long enough for my treadmill. (3 inches overhang on the front, 1 on the side from the legs) Read more

  2. LBru

    I have had this mat for a month and it works as expected. I use it to protect my hardwood floor’s surface from wear & tear from a Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike. I found that the dimensions for the bike mats were smaller, so I ordered this treadmill mat instead. The size is great. When I want to utilize the extra length I unroll the end with ease–otherwise it’s rolled and stays in place against the edge of a wall. The material is non-slip and it had no odor. I’ve moved the bike to different spots on the mat and noticed that indentations regained their shape after a few days. No marks or staining on the hardwood. The cushioning is very comfortable and I have had no wobbling or other issues while riding the bike on it. Read more

  3. JT

    It would have gotten 5 stars for look and feel. Since it advertised and was labeled “odorless” and yet it stinks like solvent, it only gets 3 stars average due to false claims. I had to air it out in the attic for 2 days, then it was fine. When I first opened it I could smell it from 5 feet away and it started giving me a headache. I work with chemicals and work on cars, so I don’t consider myself sensitive. Read more

  4. budgetmom

    Use under stationary bike -Pro Form SR 30. Takes weight of equipment well. Edges do not curl up and remains flat to hardwood floor (no tripping issues). Very impressed with cleaning ability. Have an older dog with failing bladder & vision and she seems to have frequent oops on the mat. The mat has been able to absorb and contain her oops well. Even better I’ve not had issues with urine smell (after mopping up with paper towels and then spraying with Woolite advanced stain & odor remover) or loss of color due to cleaning. Floor under the mat has been protected from the oops and the equipment. Also purchased a fold able mat and I like this one much better. Highly recommend Read more

  5. J. Fox

    This is a well made mat for the money. My only gripe is that it could be 4-5 inches wider to better accommodate larger treadmills (like my proform pro 2000). Mine fits JUST fits on there. I think with the size of consumer treadmills these days, they could stand to add a couple inches to the width to give you a little wiggle room. Other than that, great mat. Read more

  6. kristin

    Yes, yes they do. I’m not one of them, but I will tell you that this mat has done its job in the month that it’s been supporting my Proform HIIT Trainer Machine. I currently use the mat on a ceramic tile floor in my basement (on top of a concrete slab) and have had no issues. No tears, no weird smell, nothing. Perfect size for my machine. 2 thumbs up. Read more

  7. Mary Mercedes

    Good deal for normal home use. Like all these rubberized type equipment mats, it has that distinct rubber odor when you first open it. Just air it out. Any noticeable odor goes away quickly. I would not put this in a child’s room or pet area because of the material. Works well to protect your floor and absorb some sound. Wipes clean. Have only had it for several months so I can not speak of its longevity yet. Read more

  8. Jessica cunningham

    This may is serving its purpose under my treadmill on top of the carpet! It works out just fine, not heavyweight so it doesn’t lay completely flat but for the money it does it’s job, I would recommend. Read more

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