Harbinger girls’s nylon weightlifting belt with flexible ultralight foam middle

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  • make sure this fits by way of entering your version wide variety.
  • ultralight, bendy nylon weightlifting belt with 5-inch wide guide panel, designed specifically for ladies
  • foam core with gentle, breathable, plush tricot lining effectively helps the back and abdominals for the duration of heavy lifts
  • offers the proper degree of guide even as permitting complete range of motion for use at some stage in weightlifting and useful energy training workouts
  • heavy-gauge metal tensioning buckle permits for short and easy customized suit
  • available in three waist sizes: xs (24-28 inches), s (28-32 inches), m (32-36 inches)
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harbinger girls’s nylon weightlifting belt with bendy ultralight foam center

the harbinger girls’s nylon weightlifting belt with bendy ultralight foam middle provides an appropriate diploma of assist to stabilize the core muscular tissues and guard the again in the course of heavy lifting. The belt is soft and comfortable, permitting full variety of movement for the duration of useful power education sports. Sporting the belt all through exercises that combine weightlifting and useful strength education can save you injury and beautify overall performance. The breathable, plush tricot lining is soft towards the skin and comfortable all through even the most numerous workout routines. The adjustable, heavy-duty strap with heavy-gauge metallic tensioning buckle fastens securely, customizing the suit for optimum aid and stabilization. Harbinger weightlifting belts are designed to be worn tight across the waist. The greater comfy the belt, the greater support and stabilization it affords. Women’s nylon weightlifting belt is available in three sizes: x-small (24-28 inches), small (28-32 inches), and medium (32-36 inches).

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founded in 1988 with the aid of fitness fanatic and entrepreneur david mccrane, harbinger unexpectedly have become the emblem of desire for weight lifters and electricity running shoes international. It started with an progressive wrist-stabilizing glove. Initially meant to mitigate wrist injuries for skate boarders, mccrane speedy found out the gain of his product for weight lifters. Teaming up with eight-time mr. Olympia frame builder lee haney, they pioneered harbinger because the source for high high-quality, cautiously engineered gloves, belts and strength education accessories. On account that then, harbinger has extended into weight lifting add-ons, including wraps, straps and pace ropes. With proprietary era and advanced layout, harbinger drives the category and keeps to supply new, revolutionary products.

product description

the harbinger women’s nylon weightlifting belt with bendy ultralight foam middle presents the proper diploma of guide to stabilize the center muscle tissues and guard the lower back during heavy lifting. The belt is tender and secure, allowing complete variety of motion at some stage in useful electricity training sporting activities. Sporting the belt during workout routines that integrate weightlifting and functional power education can save you damage and enhance performance. The breathable, plush tricot lining is tender towards the pores and skin and at ease for the duration of even the maximum various exercises. The adjustable, heavy-duty strap with heavy-gauge metal tensioning buckle fastens securely, customizing the match for maximum guide and stabilization. Harbinger weightlifting belts are designed to be worn tight across the waist. The greater secure the belt, the extra help and stabilization it offers. The harbinger women’s nylon weightlifting belt with bendy ultralight foam center is to be had in three sizes: x-small (24-28 inches), small (28-32 inches), and medium (32-36 inches). Do now not use pant length to determine the scale of the weightlifting belt; degree around the waist among the hips and the ribs, starting and preventing on the belly button.


Black/Merlot, Pink, Purple


Medium (Fits 32 – 36 Inches), Small (Fits 28 – 32 Inches), X-Small (Fits 24 – 28 Inches)

8 reviews for Harbinger girls’s nylon weightlifting belt with flexible ultralight foam middle

  1. Estelle Kay

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Always had lower back problems due to lifting wrong in my first years of working now. Been rotating belts and once I came across these, I’ve never switched back again! Comfortable especially when squatting. The Velcro is great too. Read more

  2. Danielle Bolek

    Love the support for the back and core. My max deadlift went up 40 lbs and my max back squat went up over 20 lbs increase! My max front squat is at 200lbs, thanks to this belt! Love it! Read more

  3. Stephanie A.

    i love this belt. It does the job. easy on and off and the velcro appears to be high quality. I ordered a small and wish i would have ordered a medium, but it works fine. I am not lifting super heavy, but i routinely clean 135, DL 235, back squat 215…. so that gives you an idea. it is plenty supportive for what i am doing 🙂 1/25/17- so i ordered the medium. now i love it even more! my waist is 30″ so i was borderline between small and medium. I prefer the fit of the medium. 7/30/17- so I moved back to the small belt. My waist measures 28″ and the medium now will not tighten down enough. So if your waist is 28″ or less, get the small 🙂 still love the belt!! Read more

  4. Amanda

    I use this belt for squatting. I have long femurs so squats are my biggest challenge. I can deadlift like a champ but squatting always left me with lower back pain. After 2 years of working on my form and squat I finally added a belt and like magic I am now able to squat deep while keeping my chest up. I also dont have lower back pain after squatting. Read more

  5. Elle

    My first weightlifting belt and it is amazing! I should’ve invested into one of these a long time ago. I squatted on the smith machine for the first time and noticed that my middle back was in the most pain. My legs are already strong because I’ve been training them in other ways. My boyfriend told me I needed a belt, so I bought one. I haven’t since squatted with it, but it has already done wonders. I have an old back injury at the bottom of my spine that affect my hips. It comes back every so often. This belt has actually helped me a lot with lifting heavy weights and even doing weighted side lunges. (My old injury restricts me from the easiest movement sometimes.. it sucks). I would recommend this belt to any women interested in increasing their weights and strength. I ordered a S at first but then changed it to an XS before it shipped. I was really worried it would be too small because I’m not usually an XS, but it is PERFECT! I’m 5’4″. 27″ waist. 130 lbs. Wide under my waist so I was worried at first. Read more

  6. MiaNewbie

    I love it but I’m having some small (sizing) issues, I wish I had bought a bigger size. I’m a female, petit, 5 feet 116lbs. I got the X-Small based on my measures and other reviews of a long strap. Well, the X-Small strap is too small, when I don’t have it very tight lifting, I cant loosen it open a little bit, the velcro side is too far. I have to completely take it off or hold the strap with my hand, very annoying tbh. Unfortunately it was my first time buying a lifting belt so I didn’t know better, other reviews of the “long strap” seem misleading in this case and I didn’t know any better. I only realized about this annoyance AFTER I had it open and took to the gym, so I didn’t feel it was right to return after use. Once it’s tight tho, it is a good belt, I feel the difference in my form, and I would recommend it. I would definitely buy it again, but a bigger size. Read more

  7. Emma

    At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked this, but now that I’ve been using it for a while and have gotten used to it, I really like it. It’s pretty flexible and comfortable. I ordered the medium and I wear it almost as type as it can go without overlapping. It’s not super tight, but it’s snug and supportive without being restrictive. I’m 5′ 7″ and wear a size 10 pant for reference. I wear it for my heavy lifts and for kettlebell swings to help maintain my form. I love the color too! Read more

  8. Stephanie

    The sizing differences between x small and the small is weird. For reference, I’m 5’, 114lbs with a 25” waist. I ordered the small and had to wrap the strap around quite a bit in order to get the belt to fit tight. It was just so much strap and a pain to fuss with, so I returned it for an x small. This one fits more snug as it should, but the strap is REALLY short and doesn’t even go halfway around. I’m keeping it because it fits, it just looks weird with so much exposed Velcro in the back. The belt is cute though, I love the look of the maroon and black. Read more

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