Harbinger padded leather-based contoured weightlifting belt with suede lining and metallic roller buckle

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  • made in united states of america
  • buckle closure
  • padded leather four inch weightlifting belt with contoured design for added consolation.
  • interior foam cushioning and suede lining offer greater consolation. Belt double stitched for extra sturdiness
  • 4 inch width stabilizes lower back and middle at some point of heavy lifting; real leather offers superior aid and helps keep right posture
  • heavy-responsibility twin prong metal roller buckle secures tensioning to hold a comfortable match
  • available in 4 waist sizes: s (23-29 inches), m (29-33 inches), l (33-37 inches), xl (37-42 inches); measure around waist to decide size
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harbinger padded leather contoured weightlifting belt with suede lining and metal curler buckle

harbinger padded leather weightlifting belts offer more desirable consolation with indoors foam cushioning and a suede lining. Belts are built of true leather-based with a contoured layout to snugly suit the frame and offer support for heavy lifting and electricity schooling without hindering mobility. Harbinger four-inch padded leather-based belt offers core guide, defensive the lower returned and abdominals in the course of heavy lifting. The harbinger 6-inch padded leather belt presents even greater insurance for large bodies and improved balance. Subsidized with cut up leather, those padded leather-based weightlifting belts combine aid with lasting exceptional and sturdiness. Four-inch available in four waist sizes: s (24-29 inches), m (29-33 inches), l (33-37 inches), xl (37-forty two inches); 6-inch available in 5 waist sizes: s (23-29 inches), m (29-33 inches), l (33-37 inches), xl (37-forty two inches), xxl (forty two-forty eight inches). Measure around the waist to decide size.

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founded in 1988 by health fanatic and entrepreneur david mccrane, harbinger hastily became the logo of choice for weight lifters and strength trainers worldwide. It began with an revolutionary wrist-stabilizing glove. At the start meant to mitigate wrist accidents for skateboarders, mccrane fast found out the advantage of his product for weight lifters. Teaming up with 8-time mr. Olympia body builder lee haney, they pioneered harbinger as the source for high quality, cautiously engineered gloves, belts and strength education accessories. Since then, harbinger has extended into weight lifting accessories, which include wraps, straps and pace ropes. With proprietary generation and superior design, harbinger drives the class and continues to supply new, revolutionary merchandise.

product description

harbinger padded leather-based weightlifting belts provide superior comfort with interior foam cushioning and a suede lining. Belts are constructed of real leather with a contoured layout to snugly healthy the body and offer aid for heavy lifting and strength education with out hindering mobility. Harbinger 4-inch padded leather belt provides center aid, defensive the lower again and abdominals in the course of heavy lifting. The harbinger 6-inch padded leather-based belt provides even more insurance for large bodies and accelerated stability. Backed with split leather, these padded leather-based weightlifting belts integrate support with lasting fine and sturdiness. 4-inch to be had in four waist sizes: s (24-29 inches), m (29-33 inches), l (33-37 inches), xl (37-forty two inches); 6-inch to be had in five waist sizes: s (23-29 inches), m (29-33 inches), l (33-37 inches), xl (37-forty two inches), xxl (42-forty eight inches). Measure round waist to decide size.


4-Inch, 6-Inch


Large (Fits 33 – 37 Inches), Medium (Fits 29 – 33 Inches), Small (Fits 23 – 29 Inches), X-Large (Fits 37 – 42 Inches), X-large (Fits 37 – 42 Inches), XX-Large (Fits 42 – 48 Inches)

8 reviews for Harbinger padded leather-based contoured weightlifting belt with suede lining and metallic roller buckle

  1. Claudia

    Cheap material. The inside of the belt is mostly cardboard. It is my second belt and it ripps right away. I went to see it at a store to see if maybe it was just the one that i bought i bent a brand new one and right away it started tearing. Read more

  2. Maurice Kindermann

    I bought this belt because of all the high reviews on Amazon. When I received the item it looked fine, but within a week of use the belt tore, seemingly from having to belt the belt to fasten it in place. You can see the tear in the attached photo which has now gotten much worse. So I clicked “Return or Refund” on amazon, and that told me to contact the maker. I contacted and after 2 weeks they told me to contact the original seller (a fantastic closed loop of passing on responsibility). Because the maker took 2 weeks to get back to me, now on Amazon when I click refund or return it says my 30 day period is up. All round disappointment. Read more

  3. Ciro

    I read great reviews all over about this brand so I bought this seemingly well built belt. Let me tell you I’m not a heavy lifter nor I use this belt every week. And just take a look of the picture. Their quality and reputation is plummeting. #sad Read more

  4. M. Neeley

    It broke in only 5 weeks of use… Poor quality. It looks like leather, but it is not! It is a cardboard! What a shame! Read more

  5. Wayne Miller

    Looks the business, sturdy, padded. I’m not a powerlifter, for what it’s worth. But 3 years later still going strong. Absolutely no issues. Read more

  6. hotdogandasoda

    By Harbingers size chart, not only am I an extra large, I am in the high end of the bracket for an extra large, meaning according the them, I almost need an XXL. The extra large fits me appropriately at its first pair of holes, meaning it is too big and no longer effective if I lose another inch or two. From my experience, the size chart is off quite a bit on the “fits much too big” side. If they would just list overall belt length, I could have made the appropriate size choice myself. It’s a quality belt for the money, I’ve used this brand and model extensively before. The seller is responsive and providing quality service in sending a shipping label so I can return and buy the proper size. Read more

  7. Greg Sullivan

    High quality weight belt, from an established manufacturer, at a great price! I bought this for my son, because we work out together, and he needs the back support (doesn’t everyone?). He’s very happy, with the comfort and back support. The existing belts I had, were either too big, or too small, for either of us. I ordered a worker back support from Home Depot, in a smaller size, and it works fine for me, so I was happy to give my son the better quality piece for weight training. He’s still growing, so I don’t want him to overdo it, or injure himself. Safety first! Read more

  8. Diane D.

    I purchased this belt before I read the reviews stating that the belt was improperly sized & ordered what should have been the correct size. No, waaaaaayyyy too small, IF you’re going to order this belt definitely order a size up or look at the size chart, you can’t use the drop down sizing, they’re not correct. However it feels cheaply made with inferior materials, so IMO don’t bother because it’ll fail fast. Read more

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