Harbinger seasoned wristwrap weightlifting gloves with vented cushioned leather palm (pair)

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  • make sure this suits
  • by way of getting into your version variety.
  • one hundred% other fibers
  • weightlifting gloves with included wrist wraps to stabilize wrist joints for help when lifting weights
  • actual leather palm is cushioned with resilient open-cellular foam and vented to decrease sweat; seams are double-stitched for sturdiness
  • half of finger-duration will increase touch for better grip
  • wrap-around thumb safety covers the interior of the thumb with leather-based to guard against abrasion
  • 90 day producer’s assurance; hand wash and air dry only
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harbinger seasoned wristwrap weightlifting gloves with vented cushioned leather-based palm (pair)

harbinger seasoned wristwrap weightlifting gloves feature incorporated wrist wraps that stabilize wrist joints with adjustable strain for support when weightlifting. The genuine leather-based palm is vented to limit sweat and is cushioned with resilient open-mobile foam that maintains its shape and remains pliable. Wrap-round thumb safety covers the inner of the thumb with a second layer of leather to defend towards abrasion, and the seams of the harbinger pro wristwrap weightlifting gloves are double-stitched for sturdiness. Hand wash and air dry handiest.

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founded in 1988 by health enthusiast and entrepreneur david mccrane, harbinger swiftly became the logo of desire for weight lifters and power running shoes international. It commenced with an modern wrist-stabilizing glove. At the start supposed to mitigate wrist accidents for skate boarders, mccrane fast realized the benefit of his product for weight lifters. Teaming up with 8-time mr. Olympia body builder lee haney, they pioneered harbinger because the source for high quality, carefully engineered gloves, belts and strength education add-ons. Because then, harbinger has improved into weight lifting add-ons, such as wraps, straps and pace ropes. With proprietary generation and superior design, harbinger drives the category and continues to supply new, progressive products.

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harbinger seasoned wristwrap weightlifting gloves function incorporated wrist wraps that stabilize wrist joints with adjustable pressure for assist when strength education. The genuine leather palm is vented to decrease sweat and is cushioned with resilient open-cell foam that continues its shape and remains pliable. Wrap-round thumb protection covers the interior of the thumb with a 2d layer of leather to protect towards abrasion, and the seams of the harbinger seasoned wristwrap weightlifting gloves are double-stitched for sturdiness. Ninety day producer’s guarantee. Hand wash and air dry most effective.


Large (Fits 8 – 8.5 Inches), Medium (Fits 7.5 – 8 Inches), Small (Fits 7 – 7.5 Inches), X-Large (Fits 8.5 – 9.5 Inches), XX-Large (Fits 9.5 + Inches)

5 reviews for Harbinger seasoned wristwrap weightlifting gloves with vented cushioned leather palm (pair)

  1. Ilan

    I ordered a new pair of on 01/15/17 once they arrived I checked the stitches on the fingers of the gloves because(Last time I bought a pair of this exact gloves the stitches on the finger did not last long less than a month, I thought I had a defective pair and did not return them because I lived in a country where mail and delivery does not work well). So I gave it a try again and bought this new pair, No surprise ! I didn’t even had to wore them once, one of the finger is already unstiched, basically the quality of Harbinger Gloves is a HUGE PEACE OF SH….T, no quality control at all. I haven’t even remove them from the package they come in. If I could give them minus 5 stars It wouldn’t be enough (this is the second time).I want my money back to use that money to buy another brand with a much better quality standard for their gloves. In the pictures you can even see the day I bought them.Read more

  2. A. P Rile

    I bought these in january, so we’re talking 4 months of use. All of the fingers have split at the stitching and they’re beat to hell already!I have been buying Harbinger gloves for the last 15 years, and they’ve always been top quality that I could expect to last for a solid year before needing replaced. I routinely lift weights 3-5 days a week for an hour at a time, but until this pair they’ve always held up. I don’t know if they’ve changed manufacturing processes, but something has changed quality wise; I’m not happy that these things didn’t last; I ordered a different brand of gloves yesterday.Read more

  3. Kathleen

    I had another Harbinger gloves a few years ago, that was indestructible. I used that for about 4-5 years in the gym and then my husband stole it and used to do some work in the garden, so after that, it was used for that only, and it still lasted another few years, but it got lost. I bought different other brands than I finally saw this and I knew, I need it.How wrong I was.This is not even close to my first Harbinger. It started to tear apart after about 3-4 months. I used it for a year though but it got worse after every single workout. Mind you, I’m a woman and I don’t use heavy weights and only have one upper body workout a week. And still. I don’t recommend it.Read more

  4. ira_est_a_donum

    Harbinger gloves used to be the standard for weight lifting gloves. Now they seem to be a much cheaper constructed version of the past standard. The palm vents are useless. The palm padding is very thin, looks decent in the pictures of the product but in reality just isn’t like it used to be and over time will wear out quickly bc its so thin IMO. The finger length is just perfect if you want a few calluses on your fingers (isn’t that the main reason for buying weight lifting gloves, so the knurling on the bars doesn’t chew up your hands and give you calluses????). The wrist wrap is just long enough to wrap around and stop a few inches short of wrapping all the way around to be centered again on the top of the wrist, instead it falls short and therefor is bulkier and stiffer on the inside of the wrist which just makes the fit of the gloves fall short of comfortable (of course this will depend on wrist size but IMO it seems that harbinger probably has the same length of wrist wrap no matter the size, so a small probably goes too far around and so my XL is too short). Speaking of XL, I’m glad I decided to size up bc the XL seems more like a large to me so if you are right on the line of sizing I would size up. These are the same design from years ago, yet they never decided to update the design and add any type of pull tabs on the ends to help you get them off, so each time I pulled them off I got some fabric from the inside of the finger to come out, so who knows how long the stitching will last. Again the pictures make these look a little more durable and thick on the padding in the palm area, but that’s far from what you get and feel when you put them on. I’ve already got calluses from using them for about 2 weeks (probably 7-9 hour-ish long lifting workouts) but I had none to begin with when using my old gloves that are no name and I cant remember where I bought them a few years ago.The only good thing I can say about them is the thumb part feels semi durable and has slightly more padding than the rest of the palm area.These gloves are probably only good for people who workout with/on machines only and never ever touch a bar with any type of knurling on it.Ill try to get my $17 bucks out of them as lawn mowing gloves, since the finger tips are open I’ll be able to easily find and press the small buttons (skip track and volume up and down) on my bluetooth headphones while mowing the lawn.I think ill give these ( ) other more expensive gloves a try for lifting as they seem to have covered all the cons I discussed with the harbingers ( pull tabs, possibly thicker and more durable rubber palm padding, longer finger protection, longer looking wrist wrap). I almost bought them before these, but since I had harbingers years ago and they were pretty decent back then I thought why spend the extra and just go ahead and get the old standard that everyone used to buy and also I was a little skeptical on the rubber palm padding the other gloves had but now I think Ill give them a try as the harbingers just aren’t going to cut it for weight lifting.Read more

  5. Jacob Millard

    Looks like I’m not the only one who needs to replace these gloves two months after purchasing. Really disappointed as I loved my old gloves that I used for a year and a half before they finally wore out. The stitching on these gloves started coming out of the fingers almost immediately once I started using them. Today the stitching gave way on one of the Velcro patches just from undoing the wrist wrap. Your Velcro shouldn’t be stronger than your stitching!!These gloves are cheaply made and it’s time to start looking at alternatives.Read more

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