Hb25- surge hydro ball

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  • ensure this suits by means of getting into your version wide variety.
  • fabric type: plastic
  • game type: exercising & fitness
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from the manufacturer

tough as nails

slam, toss, or drop it. The surge hydro ball 25 can take a hit! Durable vinyl creation makes it definitely indestructible, which lets in you to take your workouts to the following level.

update your kettlebells

alter the weight of the surge hydro ball 25 by using clearly adding or casting off water. Go from 5-25 lbs primarily based to your water level. Carry out any exercising that you would generally carry out with a kettlebell.

engage your core

the water within the hydro ball 25 engages more muscular tissues

stepped forward stabilization and frame manipulate are critical outcomes when using water-reactivity to undertaking the body with precise and ever-converting stabilization and force manufacturing challenges. Hydro trainingrequires the musculature and fascia of the body to show on/off because it does in actual life and game.

no extra ache

locate the color to match your style

to be had in eight colour alternatives

seize the colour that matches your style! The hydro ball 25 comes in eight one-of-a-kind colorings so you can locate the shade that excellent suits your persona, fashion, or temper.


Black, Blue, Gray Semi-Trans, Red

8 reviews for Hb25- surge hydro ball

  1. J

    With no end in sight for Covid-related gym closures, I started looking for ways to fit a semblance of a home gym into a tight NY space…I was looking for kettlebells, but I don’t have the space for a set. The HB25-Surge Hydro Ball is a great addition, as it is adjustable for 5 to 25 pounds. I didn’t have any leakage during my workouts; if anything, it’s so leak-proof it can be slightly difficult to drain afterwards. The construction is an amazing quality: it’s very sturdy with a hard tank and a thick silicone(?) covering. The handles are firm, but made from the same material as the softer outer coating: there’s a bit of a give that makes it easier to get a good grip. My suggestion for an improvement on an already solid product: add fill lines for the correct weight approximation. Very happy with my purchase! Read more

  2. S. Weitkamp

    This really adds variety to workouts. You can fill it with water to 25 lbs, or add sand for close to 40 lbs. It can be used at 5 lbs and up to do cardio workouts. The Hydro Ball is very sturdy and the big handles make it easy to hold. Pros: Can perform many different movements / workouts Can be used for functional training for sports like golf, tennis, baseball, etc… Sturdy / solid construction of the ball Easy to transport Easy to fill and empty to change the weight of the ball Can be used about anywhere (I plan on getting good workouts while at the beach with it) The ball seals and locks in the water tightly Able to be used like a slam ball Can be used with any fitness level including kids (My 7 year old loves lifting and moving it around) Cons: No water level indicator for the weight of the ball It does not collapse and is a little bigger than I thought (Think of a basketball with 2 handles) Not a lot of specific workout videos for the Hydro Ball, but you can adapt a lot of workout videos Overall I would give this a solid 9 / 9.5 out of 10. If you enjoy fitness or want to start working out, this gives you a lot of options and a variety of workouts for all body parts… Read more

  3. Riley

    The ball is a little long for squats if your around my height 5’5 it hits the ground prematurely if that makes sense .. Read more

  4. Andrew Bugarin

    This product is very well constructed. I was a little skeptical on having something full of water and there not being any leaking water during workouts. But not one drop comes out during our workouts. This product is great for my wife and I. I can max out the weight while my wife can lower the weight just by emptying out some of the water. Perfect for our quarantine workouts. Read more

  5. R. Mendoza

    I liked that you can fill it up with water or sand. It is very durable and if you fill it up with water, it does not leak. I am enjoying my hydro ball. It takes my workouts to a higher level. I’m challenged more because of the higher weight. I purchased the 25 lb. hydro ball. Good investment. Read more

  6. CPL

    I am very happy with this hydro ball. At first, I was afraid it was too big to do certain exercises, but I was able to do my entire workout with just minor modifications for some exercises. No issues with water leaks so far. Read more

  7. Carol

    My son was happy to receive this since he can add water or sand to increase the weight plus its going to be easy to travel with. Read more

  8. EC

    Love the Surge ball! My friend who is a trainer gives it a thumbs up and regards this as a good purchase! Read more

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