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  • this sale is for the purple exercising band, providing 25-eighty lbs of resistance and measuring 1 1/four” huge, eighty two” circumference, the #3 workout band offers a strong quantity of hysteria for the resistance education of small muscle businesses (arm curls)
  • top rate fine- made of natural latex, it’s far innocent to the frame and durable, it is an vital health helper to decorate your bodily health. Resistance bands are wonderful equipment to boom flexibility and energy.
  • multi-useful – perfect crossfit bands, pilates bands, yoga bands, powerlifting bands and pull-up bands. Resistance band permits you to shed pounds, advantage muscle. Those additionally encouraged for physical therapy exercise/rehab after surgical operation and replacement.
  • combining unique bands to reinforce your fitness rapid – we endorse that athletes use one thin band and one thicker band together. Combining bands offers you three ranges of help. See the final photograph for our pull up help band selection advice.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee accompanied by means of a 90-day warranty. If at some point of this time you aren’t absolutely happy with your resistance band for any purpose, just allow us to recognize and we’re going to refund you in full. No questions requested.
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4Set(Red,Black,Purple,Green), 5Set(Red,Black,Purple,Green,Blue), Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red

6 reviews for Health dreamer resistance-exercising-workout-health-bands for education

  1. LMS

    These are a set of 4 resistance bands. I appreciate being able to buy these as a bundle because that is easier than buying individually since different exercises require different levels of resistance. These are 41 inch resistance bands which can also be used as pull up assists (individually or combined depending on your fitness level). They can also be used for stretching/mobility exercises or for strength training. I have used 41 inch resistance bands in the gym for various exercises and wanted them for my home gym since I am only working out at home due to Covid.This set starts at 35 pounds which means it doesn’t include a truly low weight band. If you are a true exercise beginner or need a very light resistance, you may need to pick up another thinner band or look to a set that starts lighter. If you are someone who has been working out for a while, that super light band is probably way too light weight for your workouts. For me (workout 6 days a week with weight training) , the 35 pound set is just fine starting resistance.These are made of latex which can cause allergic reactions in some people.First, before you use bands, you must always check the entire band to make sure there are no signs of fatigue or damage, Trust me, a band breaking mid use can be quite painful. All bands in the set arrived in excellent condition with no signs of weakness anywhere in the band. I have tested these bands as a pull up assist and to do various strength training exercises. I have seen no issues with quality and the variety of resistance levels means I can do everything from small to large muscle groups. Good set of bands, would recommendRead more

  2. Nebti13

    Nice, obviously high quality bands. A very strong recommendation with the single following caveat:As a newcomer to resistance bands I find them a bit frustrating, and this is the reason why. I got these bands to help with a bad ankle after watching a number of band-based ankle strengthening and stretching exercise videos on Youtube. But I didn’t realize that the bands used in the videos were fabric bands, all of the same width and these are rubbery bands of varying widths. I just wasn’t aware of the difference fabric and width would make. It’s my fault, but I want others aware of the implications of this difference.The problem I have had is that these bands slip off the ball of my foot when I am doing the exercises. They slip for two reasons. First, they’re slippery rubber to begin with. Second, the lightest resistance bands are very thin/narrow, and thus don’t have a broad surface in contact wtih my foot, making them prone to slip. So be aware if you are looking for bands for specific therapy exercises, these might not be the best choice despite their excellent quality.Nonetheless, these are great bands. And I am able to make them work.Read more

  3. JoeInTampa

    These bands are strong and provide users the ability to build strength as heavier bands are used. The first and lightest band is thinner than the other three, with each one adding progressively more resistance. The bands are each thick enough to allow a good grasp with your hand. The resistance can be varied on any one of the bands simply by grasping them in different areas. The shorter the span you are working with, the greater the resistance.The bands are complete circles; that is, they are not cut, so do not need to be tied together to work with them. Tying bands can result in a knot letting go when you are at maximum resistance. That can result in injury, perhaps serious injury.Each of the bands is strong in that it holds together. I don’t think any of them could be stretched to the breaking point without mechanical assistance.When I unpacked these, there was quite a strong smell of latex, but the odor dissipated quickly when the bands were exposed to the air.Read more

  4. C.T.M.

    I’ve been using bands like this for many years. I love the progressive resistance bands like this offer, as well as their portability.Before being sent this set, I’d been using UnderSun bands, primarily. While I don’t feel these bands are quite the quality of UnderSun bands, they’re very well made and worth considering.Resistance:Based off the resistance levels offered, this set is more appropriate for intermediate to advanced band users.Compared to my other bands, I feel the listed resistance levels are accurate on these.Durability:I’ve intentionally pressed the issue on maxing out the stretch on these bands since I already have other sets. In my opinion, these bands will absolutely hold up well long-term.Overall:I consider these these bands to be just a hair below premium quality bands, but absolutely worth considering. They’re well made and have held up well for me. I’d have no reservations using these daily.Recommended4 starsRead more

  5. Audi Quattro

    I learned about using rubber bands for resistance workouts since the Bowflex days.The rubber is thick as described and easy to use with good tension.The product description about the weight numbers is not very useful.There is a lack of instruction on how to use these bands. It would be great if the seller can provide a workout sheet.I use the green band tied to my treadmill for chest pulls. It works great as you can pull it and extend your arm across your chest for a maximum workout. This works better than just use the dumbbell exercise.I also use the other bands for push-ups to add resistance.There are many creative ways to use these bands with existing exercise that doesn’t require weight sets.Read more

  6. Lee

    I like these bands, and they’re just what I needed to add to my exercise routine. They are very heavy duty, well made bands. My husband also seems to like them to help stretch his feet; he has planar fasciitis, which is pain in the foot tendons. He’s supposed to stretch every day to reduce or eliminate the problem, but rarely does. However, the lightest one seems to provide a good stretch for him when he can be bothered to actually do it, haha.Read more

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