Hulkfit a thousand-pound ability multi-function adjustable electricity cage with j-hooks, dip bars and other non-obligatory attachments

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  • make sure this fits by means of coming into your version variety.
  • built with 11 gauge metal, this electricity cage has a 1000lb weight capacity. The 2. 5in x 2. 5in frame offers extra balance for the duration of
  • strength cage additionally consists of steel safety bars with j-hooks, dip bars and bonus j-hooks
  • free standing unit with a huge stroll-in area and rubber ft to make sure balance and defend floors
  • the front of rack includes a multigrip pull-up bar for additional sporting activities and stretches. Pass bars also can be used for band & resistance schooling
  • assembled dimensions: 81″ x 44″ x 47″. Product weight: a hundred sixty five kilos (strength cage most effective)
  • customise with accessories: lat pull down and cable crossover attachments
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no home or garage gymnasium have to be without a electricity cage. It is a practical piece of gadget that decreases the chance of injury when lifting solo and at higher weights. Energy cages are rather customizable and may be multiplied with accessories such as a lat pull down attachment, dip bars, pull-up bars, storage poles and many extra. In a single piece of system you could target multiple muscle groups from your center to your shoulders.

  • as continually, when the usage of any form of strength schooling system, please exercise warning and be fully privy to your limits.
  • hulkfit power cage – 1000lb potential

    please observe that the lat pull down and cable crossover attachments are elective.

  • a thousand-pound weight capacity
  • energy cage simplest
  • 4 j-hooks blanketed (two at the protection bars, two extra)
  • assembled dimensions: eighty one”-85″ x 58″ x forty seven”
  • product weight: a hundred sixty five pounds (power cage simplest)
  • clean assembly with gear covered.

    dip bars provide additional physical games to attention on upper frame power especially the triceps, the pectoral muscle group and rhomboid muscle organization.

    bonus j-hooks included for instant use.

    solid metal safety bars with j-hook ends.

    multi-grip pull up bars with foam handles.

    rubber feet growth stability.

    angled diamond steps for low-row attachment or for calf centered physical games.

    2. 5in x 2. 5in vertical posts provide more stability and higher weight ability vs other electricity cages.

    more than one holes makes the electricity cage enormously adjustable and customizable.


    Power Cage

    6 reviews for Hulkfit a thousand-pound ability multi-function adjustable electricity cage with j-hooks, dip bars and other non-obligatory attachments

    1. Richard J. Tuosto

      Bought this in July and it broke 40 days later. It literally fell apart while I was lifting on it and haven’t done anything outside of its weight limit. The construction on the bottom is weak and bent, almost severely injuring me. Read more

    2. Khaled S.

      *I will update this review if they fix the issues* This is nothing but a junk piece of metal sitting in our gym room and completely unusable. After hiring a PROFESSIONAL for $200 to set it up for us, we discovered several major issues as follows: 1. The holes do NOT align (see image). We were not able to insert the safety bars in either side of the frame. It will go into the front but it does not pass through the back which is required to hold the bar, so it’s impossible to use the bars. We even unscrewed the cage and flipped the yellow frames, but the holes still don’t align. 2. One of the yellow frames was bent at the opening of the top where it holds the black metal bars, so we could not insert the black bar without carefully readjusting the yellow frame opening using heavy duty tools. 3. In addition, this cage is not properly aligned across the two parallel sides, in other words, the measurement on one side is different from the other side, for example, the inner diameter of the left side of the 2 yellow frames (from frame to frame) does not match the inner diameter of the right side of the 2 yellow frames. They are off by a few centimeters! I was so upset because we spent extra money on a professional to set it up only to realize that this whole cage was defective. We should have spent the extra money and went with the Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage. The durability of this cage seems good but what’s the point if it does not serve the primary purpose it was intended for. Read more

    3. Chris H

      This cage is extremely solid and has a lot of great features. At the $300 price-point, you can’t beat it – lots of value here. Pros: Very solid, 1000 lb. capacity, great height for pull ups, dips, extra j-hooks. I am 6’1″ 200 lbs – it does not shake at all when doing pull-ups and I do not have to pull my legs up to keep them from hitting the ground. Cons: It’s Chinese construction so the welds are a little sloppy but solid and the powder coat is chipped on a few edges. That said, these are all minor concerns though and we’re here to build muscle, not to look pretty and perfect. I’ll also address some of the negative reviews that I do not think are justified. 1) One guy said the holes didn’t line up for the catch bars. He obviously didn’t study the assembly pictogram that clearly shows one end of the yellow bar with the last hole 200 mm from the end while the last hole on the other end is 230 mm from the end – he has the ends mixed up, duh! 2) Lot’s of people complained about the packaging being all beat up – mine arrived in perfect condition and the packaging was very adequate. Maybe they packaging had issues before but they seemed to have addressed them at this point. 3) People complained that the pieces were chipped or scuffed – big deal! This is weight lifting, not a beauty contest, people. Quit complaining and start using this very sturdy and excellently priced cage – you won’t find better quality or functionality for this kind of money! Read more

    4. Alex C.

      This is absolutely one of the cheapest and poorly constructed power racks I’ve ever seen. The parts appear to have been mangled in manufacturing and nothing fits like it should. It’s an absolute nightmare trying to wrestle this thing together, and the welds seem like they’re barely going to hold on. I haven’t even finished constructing this, but I already feel like a return is in order. This is just Chinese garbage. Don’t buy this unless you have a whole set of power tools at home and you’re looking for a major DIY project. For what it’s worth, I’m fairly handy and have constructed nearly a dozen pieces of furniture and gym equipment in the past month since our move, and this is without a doubt the worst thing I’ve had to construct. Read more

    5. Bev

      The holes are off so we are unable to use the catch bar. Very disappointed. Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      This is sold by Amazon and I find the title misleading “HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power cage with J-Hooks, Dip Bars and Optional Lat Pull-Down Attachment, 1000-Pound Capacity ” I say that because it reads like the Optional Lat Pull-Down Attachment is included throughout the page. There was also no option during the ordering process to select that optional attachment, again making me think this product would include the option. After receiving the product and setting it up I found that the option was not included kind of disappointing. I searched again throughout Amazon website to see if there was some thing I had missed, but my findings revealed the same. I am not sure who I should contact to clarify all this, but I will be looking into it. I do not plan to return it even without the lat pull down still great price I just feel the title is misleading and should be corrected. Now for the product itself great build and easy to put together did it myself in about 30 minutes. Fast shipping at the beginning stated may take approximately 2 months but got in less then one. 5 stars is for product build and fast shipping. Read more

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