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  • high density plastic base. Designed for reflex exercise

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7 reviews for Hyperflex strike bag (ea)

  1. Ace

    I received the Hyperflex version of Everlast’s reflex bag today. Delivery was superb. Assembly was very easy. Taking into account all the bad reviews – I proceeded with caution in terms of punching the bag. This is great for practicing combos and building speed with accuracy. The bag is a heavy foam that is firmer than anticipated. Sweet. I didn’t have sand and didn’t want to risk filling the base with water only to have it leak. I affixed weight bags from my vest to the base with double sided tape. Not bad for now- but I will need to add more weight. I’ll update this review in a few months once I’m able to give Mayweather a run for his money, am super swole, or have worked out some good practice combo routines. Whichever comes first.Read more

  2. Last Blow

    Ordered our first Everlast free standing punching bag in 2015. It did not last for ever but whatever, about 5 years till the plastic base broke off. Just replaced it with their new Everlast Flex model. All metal and looking way better, the plastic base of the old model was most definitely a design flaw, so looking forward to see how it holds under the pressure… To whoever wrote the base leaks water – make sure to put the small black cap on before you screw the base on.Read more

  3. Anthony

    Initially, everything about the product was amazing. The Hyperflex really does increase your hand-eye coordination as advertised and it’s fun to use in general. But after about a week and a half the actual punching bag (held up by springs) started to sag at a 45 degree angle. Thinking nothing of this, because it didn’t really impact its performance, I continued to use the product. A few days later, the knobs you use to lock the springs which allow the bag (or area between the bottom pole and base) to move freely, began to untighten during use and the product would indiscriminately lock into place with extreme prejudice.Again, thinking nothing of the new hindrance, I continued to use the product. That is, until the third week of use when I was warming up on the Hyperflex (with the top and bottom unlocked, so both could move independently) and I hit the bag with a light jab sending the bag backward. After impact, I heard a crack and the bag began wobbling in a more erratic fashion than usual as it was coming back towards me. It was at this point that the bag continued past it’s normal expected range and I realized that the bag, and the still connected jagged top pole, were flying at me. Thankfully, frequent use of the bag had built up my hand-eye coordination to the point where I managed to grab the bag by the protruding jagged pole before it flipped during mid-flight which would have surely caused injury.It seems kind of ridiculous to me that Everlast would make the top portion, which inadvertently receives the most stress from impacts during use, with the cheapest/thinnest metal. Also, the springs wore out way too quickly. Seriously. A week? Come on Everlast, I expected much better.Too long; didn’t read?The Hyperflex broke within 3 weeks of use. The top pole broke in half and the resulting jagged pole was sent flying towards my eye.WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.Read more

  4. Nick Conte

    Perhaps there’s just not the perfect “reflex bag” out there, as I’ve tried this product, and the more basic version from Everlast, with only “so so” results. The Hyperflex feels like it’s barley holding together – even when everything is tightened. (The everlast lettering started to fall off the bag after only 2 sessions). Any attempt to disassemble the parts once assembled is next to impossible. Kind of a bummer.Read more

  5. DigiKiwam

    BI_ _ H to fill with sand, but worth every penny.Myself and my boys have smacked this thing around a lot and it has held up to it’s end of the bargain.Tip for filling.Grab a SMALL oil funnel, hold the base on an angle (tilt it) and gently pour the sand in through the funnel. Stick the neck of the funnel into the opening as far as you can to stop it from backing up. Make sure you use KILN DRIED sand as it will not clump. It took us a good 30 minutes to fill it, but it works.If you are using this out in the garage or in your basement then you can always go with just filling it with water. NOT recommended filling method if you have it sitting in the corner of the living room, just in case it springs a leak.If you DO fill it with water and it leaks all over your significant other’s new carpet – might I suggest… more

  6. Will

    This piece of equipment broke on my third use. I had less than an hour on it before the metal bar simply broke in half. It started to deteriorate as soon as my second use when the screw to adjust the height broke. I am not a big guy and I am not very strong or a trained boxer or anything, so I was shocked when the thing simply bent in half during my workout. Fortunately, I was able to fix it by putting an aluminum bar on the inside for support and that has worked well so far but I can no longer adjust the setting to the other modes which is the primary function of the bag, but honestly I didn’t think they worked very well anyway. I basically only used the standard setting with the top spring locked and the bottom unlocked. This is not even close to being worth $100, and do not make the same mistake I did by buying it based on faith in the Everest brand. I have other products from Everest that work perfectly, but this is not one of them.Read more

  7. Lobi3553

    Do not buy this bag if you are planning to put sands in it to weigh it down. The design is so stupidly HORRIBLE that the sand does not go down on a straight line but needs to go on 4 side chambers with a top part of them 3 inches from the hole so the sand gets stuck and you need to keep shaking and put one ounce of sand at the time in the hole!!! I really would like to meet the designer of this bag!!! He/She had ONE job to do: design a base that is EASILY fillable with water or sand!!!If you put water (as I first did) chances are it will start leaking after a little while due to normal use (that is what happened to me)!Read more

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