Innova itm5900 advanced warmth and rubdown inversion desk

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  • make certain this fits through coming into your model range.
  • new patent pending advanced vertical rub down pad that covers the complete spine location with a contour included lumbar pad to offer a close up warmness and rub down therapy for the lower again/waist area
  • assembled product dimensions: forty six” h x28″ w x 61″ d
  • six (6) role adjustable pin gadget with introduced patent pending defensive cover for smooth positioning and safer inverting over strap structures
  • contains customers 4ft-10″ to 6ft-6″ with a three hundred lbs. Weight capacity
  • multi mode warmth and rub down settings with vehicle and guide choice for an entire massage enjoy
  • progressed ergonomic ankle preserving machine, massive front holder and smaller rear holder, to relieve the pressures at the ankle while inverting

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superior warmness and rub down inversion therapy table

the innova itm5900 is a heavy obligation inversion desk that incorporates many new functions that set it other than different inversion tables. Beginning with it is vertical rub down pad that covers the whole spine place and its contour included lumbar pad to offer a near up heat and massage remedy for the lower returned/waist vicinity and provides remoted warmth and vibration with multi-mode massage settings for a whole rub down revel in.

this version also capabilities a huge backrest pad and tender touch foam handlebars, it offers a cozy, easy inversion. But these functions are simply the fundamentals. The itm5900’s real stability device lets in every user to discover their own specific middle of gravity. The six perspective pin gadget lets in customers to believe that the itm5900 will effortlessly, adequately, and always deliver at the greatest inversion enjoy

unlike different inversion tables, which simplest have one adjustable elements, the itm5900’s genuine balance machine capabilities two adjustable functions, to help each person consumer shape the smoothest and most cozy inversion experience for them. The proper stability structure can modify the headrest pad and the height to micromanage the center of gravity.

the itm5900 capabilities a patented protecting cover for the six angle pin device and is that is easy to adjust. Just role the pin inside the preferred angle and recognise that your inversion position can be secure, cozy and consistent on every occasion. Vintage tether strap structures require the person to dismount entirely climb beneath the table that allows you to modify and might loosen after repeated use.

  • 300 lb consumer weight capability
  • meeting required
  • vertical rub down pad with contour integrated heat & vibrations
  • longer ankle conserving knob for easier launch
  • true stability gadget for easy inverting
  • 6-pin attitude selection system with tender foam handlebars
  • huge, comfortable backrest pad with adjustable headrest pad
  • ergonomical ankle retaining gadget
  • innova fitness & fitness

    vertical warmness and rub down pad with contour included lumbar pad presents multi-mode rub down (auto & guide) settings with healing remoted warmth and vibrations.

    for a safer and greater consistent inversion.

    clean to alter to accommodate every individual’s frame type (peak/weight distribution).

    capabilities an extended ankle locking device with the front and rear u-shaped holders for a comfy, at ease inversion.

    consumer settings: 4’10” to six’6″.

    weight capacity: 300 lb.

    headrest: 3 positions to help find a more relaxing inversion.

    backrest: padded for consolation and massive to accommodate all body sizes.

    for a greater at ease grip.

    for easy inversion.

    product description

    permit your body enjoy the present day in inversion comfort with the innova itm5900 advanced warmth and rubdown therapeutic inversion machine with big and ergonomic backrest pad and adjustable headrest pad. Our new patent pending rubdown/lumbar pad offers close up massage therapy to the whole backbone location with warmness targeted in your decrease returned/waist place. Combining a relaxing smooth vibration rub down with warmness makes this inversion desk one of the most healing and superior tables available on the market to date. The five-function perspective machine with patent pending shielding cover makes adjusting to various stages of inversion easy and safer. Role the pin within the desired decline slot and recognize that your inversion will be at ease and consistent each and whenever. This ergonomical heel/ankle holders with longer, clean to modify ankle keeping machine continues your ankles locked in vicinity securely and effortlessly. The soft contact foam handlebars help with returning to an upright function. This itm5900 inversion table is fabricated from heavy duty metal tubing and boasts a weight capacity of three hundred lbs and contains users which can be between 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in. The frame is designed to fold for easy garage. Order with self assurance as this unit consists of our one year . Safety statistics: talk over with a licensed health practitioner earlier than using this inversion table. A few clinical conditions won’t be suitable for use with this product. Disclaimer: although we try to ensure all product information and records is correct, there can be mild versions with the aid of the producer. Real product packaging and materials may additionally range and can include specific information than proven on our product web page or website. Please do no longer depend entirely at the information offered and make certain to examine all labels, warnings, and commands before the use of the product. For added statistics on the product, please do no longer hesitate to touch the manufacturer.

    7 reviews for Innova itm5900 advanced warmth and rubdown inversion desk

    1. Saleh Faradjnya

      Hello potential shoppers! I spent a good half of my day looking up reviews and options to buy me a table. This product had good reviews and for the most part, it is in line with what other folks are saying in their reviews. Mine came crooked(see pics) The main frame is off center ( still functional) but still functional. Other problem that I have is that the massager/heater pad is a pc of junk. It’s not a massager, it’s a viberator. The title is misleading. The heat part works fine, the viberators are pretty simple, if you are over 150 pounds, you won’t even feel anything. Setting it up was pretty straight forward, you defiantly need a second person to help you with the setup. Parts are cheap and low quality. But again, that’s what you are paying for. All that said, I am ok with $200, but the fact that I was sent a bad unit is really frustrating. It doesn’t work as intended and is defective. Hope this helps you decide on getting the right one Read more

    2. Danny S.

      I’ve suffered with chronic, recurring pattern of neck and shoulder pain as well as lower back pain. I started at 35 degrees, after a week I tried 65 degrees, and I will be trying full inversion soon. After my 5-10 min inversion each day, my back pain began to subside, and my neck and shoulder pain has been largely improved. This model of inversion therapy table is sturdy and I feel comfortable and secure to use it. The welds, pads and lumbar pad are in good quality. The lumbar pad also has Heat and Vibration therapeutic massage which is nice to have. The therapy table meets my expectation. I am absolutely amazed at how quickly and effectively this technique has worked. Read more

    3. Lord Oklaw

      I have had lower back pain for a couple of decades. I was taking six advil a day at work. I used this twice for two minutes each, at 30 degree incline. The pain subsided when I woke up the next day. No more advil. I use twice a day now for a couple minutes each time. Wish I bought this a long time ago. It has also helped reduce my neck pain. For specifics, this is a very rugged construction and is rated for 300 lbs. I’m 270 lbs and had no issues. The metal bolt which supports your weight is a big upgrade over competitors that use straps. You can choose from 15, 30, 45, 60 and 85 degree inclines, and being secured by that thick metal screw in bolt is very secure. My ankles are held securely and the quick release lever is better than the straps the competition offers. The massage pad is simple to use, it provides some vibration on the back. Nice to have, but it cost me an extra $50. The heat from the pad is very warm and has only an automatic setting. Regarding assembly, all tools are included. It will take a couple of hours. Take your time. I had to put a small piece of cardboard under one leg to even it out, it was a little off after I put it together. The component metal bars don’t have labels, which is the only negative. It would be easy to start to put it together wrong. Good news is that it uses heavy duty screws and locking nuts, so you could take it apart and start over. This might be tough for a weaker person or a woman to put together. The screws and nuts take quite a bit of “elbow grease” to put on. The best part is the price. Even with the massage pad, This was $199. Competitors are at $500! Read more

    4. Eryn Holt

      My husband has terrible scoliosis but is also in the army and has to wear gear all day about 8 months out of the year or more. I bought this for him. It’s great, really, but pricey and DOES NOT fold up at all. This item is more for a gym or something. Takes up a huge amount of space. Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      I was surprised about the scale when the box that showed up, but, as it turned out, it was fairly easy to assemble. Not only did the instructions make it very clear, but the smaller pieces were packed together with helpful instructions. It’s also great that the tools for assembling the product came with the package. As for the inversion table itself, I find it a valuable product! Before purchasing, at a friend’s place I tried the original model, and found it very relaxing. After trying this new model, I could feel that it has a better backrest pad and a massage pad that can even warm up. Overall, being great and cheap for its value, it meets my expectation. It’s sturdy and easy-to-assemble. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a comfortable, reliable and high-quality product. Read more

    6. Eric

      This thing is a game changer for people with back issues. I have a ruined lower spine and this thing fixes it (Temporarily!!12!) takes maybe 30 seconds to 2 minutes and then I’m good for half a day. Maybe placebo effect, but I can lift things, get ‘sore’ (yeah right if you have a partially destroyed lumbar region that is not the word for it) crawl to this thing and hang upside down until my face is ready to bleed from pressure flip back and go do dumb stuff some more! Read more

    7. Francis Lam

      Ordered this product because of the heating and massage pad as well as the expectation of being a more solid product than others. The good was delivered promptly in good shape. Box was solid, packaging was neat and well organized. Small parts and screws were clearly labeled. The assembling was straight forward with precise and fitting holes and seams. I found the finishing to be very good and the whole table solidly built. I really like the heating and massaging pad. It made a big difference as I’ve had back pain. The adjustment was easy too. When I’m done, I can simply fold it up a bit to reduce footprint. I tuck it by the corner of my bedroom. It looks nice too standing there when not in use. I’m very happy with this purchase. Read more

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