Innova itx1200 inversion desk with adjustable stretch bars for optimum slope inversion and complete frame stretch

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  • make sure this fits by means of getting into your version variety.
  • patent pending adjustable stretch bars to provide prolonged stretch at decrease slopes
  • three (three) position adjustable pin system with brought patent pending protective cowl for smooth positioning and more secure inverting over strap structures
  • proper balance gadget for easy inverting with ergonomical & reversible ankle maintaining device
  • adjustable headrest pad with huge and relaxed padded backrest with lumbar pad
  • comprises users 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in with a 350 lbs. Weight ability
  • protected components: all parts and hardware to install table

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adjustable stretch bars for choicest slope inversion and full body stretch inversion table

the innova itx1200 is a heavy duty inversion table that includes many features that set it apart from other inversion tables. Starting with it is adjustable stretch bars that a complete body stretch at a decrease slope placing.

this version also features a massive backrest pad and gentle touch foam handlebars, it provides a comfy, easy inversion. However those functions are simply the basics. The itx1200’s authentic balance system allows each consumer to locate their own unique center of gravity. The 3 angle pin system allows customers to trust that the itx1200 will easily, thoroughly, and continuously deliver on the best inversion revel in.

unlike different inversion tables, which only have one adjustable parts, the itx1200’s true stability system functions adjustable functions, to assist every individual consumer form the smoothest and maximum comfy inversion enjoy for them. The proper stability structure can regulate the headrest pad and the height to micromanage the center of gravity.

the itx1200 capabilities a patented protecting cowl for the 3 angle pin machine and is that is straightforward to regulate. Simply role the pin in the desired attitude and understand that your inversion position will be safe, comfy and constant every time. Antique tether strap systems require the user to dismount completely climb beneath the table with a view to adjust and might loosen after repeated use.

  • 350 lb user weight ability
  • meeting required
  • adjustable stretch bars for most advantageous inversion
  • longer ankle retaining knob for easier release
  • actual balance device for easy inverting
  • three-pin angle choice gadget with soft foam handlebars
  • big, cozy backrest pad with adjustable headrest pad
  • ergonomical ankle protecting machine
  • lets in for a full frame stretch at the same time as inverting at a lower slope

    for a safer and extra steady inversion.

    smooth to adjust to house each man or woman’s frame kind (height/weight distribution).

    features an extended ankle locking machine with front and rear u-fashioned holders for a at ease, cozy inversion.

    user settings: four’10” to 6’6″.

    weight ability: 350 lb.

    headrest: 3 positions to help find a extra relaxing inversion.

    backrest: padded for consolation and massive to house all body sizes.

    for a greater relaxed grip.

    for smooth inversion.

    product description

    invert your international with innova’s contemporary inversion desk with adjustable stretch bars. This desk is designed to assist customers who can’t or do no longer want to invert at a steep slope. Invert at a lower slope and simply pull the stretch bars to increase your stretch and to assist gain the whole advantages of inversion with a lower inversion slope. Our specific 3-function aspect inversion pin replaces the antique fashion strap and easily adjusts, making converting slopes of inversion simple. Simply function the pin within the desired decline function and know that your inversion position might be secure, relaxed and constant every and each time. This inversion desk also functions our patent pending defensive cover over the pin and hollow gadget. This inversion desk is manufactured from heavy gauge metallic tubing and boasts a weight ability of 350 lbs. You may love the big, absolutely padded backrest and lumbar pad and the adjustable headrest to be able to permit a more secure inversion. Our soft touch foam handlebars assists when returning to upright function and the ergonomical ankle holders make for cozy inverting. Accommodates customers 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in. Order with self assurance as this unit includes a 12 months . Protection records: visit a licensed health practitioner before the use of this inversion table. Some clinical situations won’t be appropriate for use with this product. Disclaimer: despite the fact that we attempt to make sure all product details and statistics is correct, there can be mild versions through the manufacturer. Actual product packaging and materials may vary and might comprise specific records than shown on our product page or internet site. Please do not depend solely on the facts presented and be sure to examine all labels, warnings, and commands before using the product. For added facts on the product, please do not hesitate to contact the producer.

    6 reviews for Innova itx1200 inversion desk with adjustable stretch bars for optimum slope inversion and complete frame stretch

    1. TheBlondeBee

      I love this inversion table. I had terrible sciatica because I walk 4 miles a day, stand at my standing work desk for hours, and go non stop. I believe I have a good core. I really didn’t want to do pain pills, chiropractors, etc. I decided to give this a try. It had free shipping and free returns (although I have no idea how I would ever get it back in the box after assembling!). In the end, it was well worth the money! I wish I got it earlier. I am 5’3″ and 125 pounds. My hubby is 6’1″ and 195 pounds. We both use it very easily as it has simple to use height, ankle, and inversion adjustments. I keep inversion at 30 degrees where he goes to 45 degrees. We both started slowly day 1 at 2 minutes, day 2 at 5 minutes and so on. We both after several weeks only do about 10 minutes a day. That does the trick. My sciatica was gone by day 3. My lower back issues took a bit longer. I think it was because the act of inversion takes your back getting used to and like any muscle, joint, or disk needs time to begin healing. I would say lower back pain was gone by week 1 and I keep getting stronger. We keep it in our guest room for now. It is not a small machine and holds up to 350 pounds and a person up to 6’6″. It can “fold” up a bit and fit in our large guest room closet but would never fit under the bed due to the inversion side handle bars. I chose this model for its stretch bars overhead and happy it has that feature. It is good for stretching but also a nice place to hang your hands (or your phone when upside down). The assembly took my husband and me 1.5 hours. It wasn’t difficult but we did go slow on purpose to make sure everything was lined up and tightened up correctly. The only missing instruction was on step 1 with the side plates. It shows in the pictures and in the parts tray but not specifically in the worded instructions. We had to go backwards a step to add. As long as you read the instructions and check your work, the assembly was easier than I expected after reading reviews. All in all, I give this product a 5 star review all around. There is nothing I don’t appreciate….price, quality, and effectiveness. Read more

    2. Rocket

      First I’ll mention I am right at the weight limit for this product. That being said, I don’t have any concerns about it failing while I am using it at all. It has helped with my lower back pain quite a bit. Today is 9/28/2020 and I purchased it on 8/14/2020 and haven’t had any problems with it thus far nor so I anticipate any. In the event that I have any issues with it I will update the this review accordingly. Read more

    3. K. Kim

      I bought this to help stretch out my lower back and it’s been great. You can set the maximum amount of incline so that you don’t end up completely upside down. Start at the lowest level to get used to the table. Even the lowest level provides a fair amount of stretch. You can also pull on the extension bars to add a little more stretch. Be sure to read the instructions – if you have your feet and body positioned correctly, you invert by simply putting your hands over your head. When you want to stop inverting, put your hands by your side and the balance shifts bringing you back to the starting position. There are also handles to manually pull yourself back. No worries about stability – the table is very sturdy. I’ve been using it on carpet and it’s rock solid. Some assembly is required, but it didn’t take long and the instructions are very easy to follow. Great product. I’m very happy with it. Read more

    4. 16Bit-Guardian

      This was the only one with handles. She $7,000 machine at the chiropractor has the same effect. It feels the same except dont have to pay $70 each time. I just go to get adjusted now instead of paying for decompression machine. I.The handles make it possible to pull and get more stretch the same way the chiropractor adds pounds of pullage. Read more

    5. J

      Initially, I was thinking I’d try and sell it or give it to a family member because I need serious vertebrae popping that I can’t make happen on my own and don’t want to pay for. I experienced zero back pops. I bought this entirely because I need one spot in my upper back popped and even having someone jump on that spot won’t get it to pop. I hoped that inversion stretching would make foam roller popping of my back a little easier if everything was relaxed a bit more, but that wasn’t the case. Once I finally gave up on my first inversion try, after a total of at least 15 but not more than 30 minutes of inversion (gradually working up starting at about 30 seconds at a time and taking brief breaks), I was walking around and felt like I was carrying myself differently so I looked in the mirror. I was naturally holding my back straighter, more upright, and my shoulders back! After noticing my posture, I had to try and think about my usual slouching/slumping posture to put myself back into it, and THAT felt wrong and less comfortable, which has never been the case. It felt lazier, easier, and definitely more comfortable to have better posture. It’s very strange, but I’m glad for it. So, for now, I’m going to keep this table and see how it works out for me. Something must be going right for me if I’m sitting slightly more upright in my computer chair as well, because slouching feels less comfortable. Maybe I’ll begin choosing a different sleeping position than on my right side. Read more

    6. Holly

      I put this together almost completely by myself. My 7 year old helped me with the first couple steps. It works great and comes with tools needed to put it together. I was intimidated by it when I opened the box, but had in finished in about 3 hours Read more

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