Iron fitness center total higher body exercise bar

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  • pull up bar for doorway: plan your property exercise regime with iron gym pull up bars, flip any doorway into a private fitness center and get the strong, lean body you constantly desired, proper at home. It instantly attaches to or gets rid of out of your door body and the heavy-responsibility metal creation helps as much as three hundred pounds
  • ideal for higher body exercise: iron gym pull up bars is an excellent upper body exercise system with three grip positions, narrow, huge, and neutral. It gives huge grip push- ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, dips, arm and shoulder physical games – each exercising you need to construct a effective top body
  • heavy-duty: constructed with heavy-duty metal, the metal chin-up bar guarantees durability and reliability, at the same time as the bar handgrip has professional-grade consolation foam for cozy ergonomic gripping. The indoor gymnasium bar is finished with brilliant platinum to offer your interiors an special suit
  • suits most doorways: is available in a unit packaging dimensions of 20×3. 25×8 inches, it suits up to 35. Four-inch-wide door frames. It is able to be used for an indoor exercising, please remember that the doorway have to be 24 – 32 inches extensive to deal with the bar
  • clean set up: our doorframe pullup bar comes with include safety brackets, a safety guide and meeting equipment, making it easy to install and dispose of in seconds. It uses leverage to hold against the entrance so there are not any screws and no damage to the door
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iron fitness center overall higher body workout bar

the iron fitness center general higher frame exercise bar is a multi-function electricity schooling device that guarantees to sculpt your upper frame through pull ups, chin ups, and abdominal paintings. And that’s just whilst this versatile pull up bar is striking excessive to your doorframe. Circulate the iron gym overall top body exercise bar to the ground and you may use it to carry out dips to paintings your triceps, pushups to work your biceps and chest, and take a seat united states of americato hit your abs.

iron health club has made one of the most popular pull up bars available on the market, and with right purpose. It’s designed for use and abused while providing great, body weight-best sporting activities. The iron gym overall top frame exercise bar may be very robust and sturdy. However the quality component is that it is able to be moved around with out permanently fastening it to anything.


Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

8 reviews for Iron fitness center total higher body exercise bar

  1. Himeko Shima

    I purchased this in August of 2015 and it has served its purpose well. Assembly was easy. If I remember correctly, it took me less than 30 minutes. I don’t use it for anything else other than pull ups and chin-ups, but I’m sure it’ll be good for pushups and sit-ups. I question how effective dips would be on this since it seems a bit too low to do a full movement dip. It has handled my weight (145 lbs) well and has not started to bend or sag. I do have a couple of complaints, the padding on the bar where it meets the door frame should be thicker. Mine degraded without me noticing and the actual solid bar started to push against my doorframe. Now my doorframe is damaged. I recommend putting a sock between the doorframe and the bar to provide more padding for protection. My other complaint is that the flat piece that goes against the wall above the doorframe could discolor your wall. It did mine. I recommend putting something in between the wall and the flat plastic part to prevent against this. Other than that, this is a well built product that performs as advertised. Read more

  2. Marcus

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I live by the iron gym. If you ever need a way to build confidence before embarrassing yourself at the gym with wrong form and 2 measly pull ups, grind it out in your home and watch the improvement with the Iron Gym. It’s Affordable and very Stable. I weigh about 205lbs and it holds my weight perfectly! I started out doing maybe 2 pull ups and I practiced and I’m now doing 20 a clip. I’ve done it and you can too! Read more

  3. Maniak

    The inside of my door frame width was too narrow for the bar to get a secure hold so I put on a couple of 1000 ply toilet paper rolls at each bar end. And if I ever find I’m out of toilet paper, I can always have a pair of extra rolls on the pull up bar. Perfect Read more

  4. K. Sweeten

    Bought mine in November and used only intermittently. The plastic inside the tip broke and projected to the floor Head and knee injured. The plastic is not durable enough and there is no warning since it is covered by the rubber stopper. Really should be out of metal. Extreme caution when using!!! I am going to try to get my money back or return it Read more

  5. Stina J.

    Worked great for 3 years. Then it suddenly fell off the doorframe while I was doing pullups (was using it correctly and I only weigh 177 lbs) and I broke my kneecap in half. I just had to have surgery (who knows what it cost my insurance, probably well over ten thousand), and I’m facing a 6 month recovery. If you have this, throw it in the garbage now. Read more

  6. E. Reeve Fritchman

    It doesn’t fit every door and it won’t work for me. The molding above my doors is 1″ thick/4.25″ and that’s too high–it appears this product was designed for smaller molding. The top horizontal bar must rest *on top of the molding*; otherwise, it won’t stay up when you’re pulling up on it (while a lot of your weight will be redirected into the door frame, there’s still a downward vector which the molding above the door absorbs). The photo demonstrates how the unit hangs, and I’m about 0.25″ shy of fitting. Sigh. Also, this product probably won’t work on anything other than flat molding: the top bar is only 0.75″ and probably doesn’t provide enough offset for decorative moldings, which would probably get crushed. These size limitations aren’t on Amazon’s web site or in the manual, which I read before unpacked the product; this is clearly a vendor miss. Other products from this vendor note a molding size restriction of 3.5″. Update: vendor contacted me and offered a completely satisfactory solution, so I’m boosting my rating. Customer service matters! Read more

  7. Salvatore E. Sutera

    Terrible terrible materials for putting the product together. The product itself may be FANTASTIC, but if you can’t even properly complete the assembly process, then it’s useless. What should be the easiest assembly has wrong parts for doing so. As a result of NOT being able to properly tighten the bolts provide. The wall protecting plastic bar is made of poor material in which the bolts easily stripped the plastic when trying to even loosely tighten it. On top of that, there’s no way of reversing the bolt tightening process (I was going to switch out the bolts for personal ones that contain a screwdriver access head so that you can hold the bolt in place on one end while tightening on the other…the ones provided don’t allow for that) , but as a result of not having that, I can’t switch out the bolt. This leaves me with a loose dangling arm, which basically means that I can’t use the product. Not sure of anyone had this same experience, but I would suggest that Iron Gym switch out some of its assembly parts for more logical and sturdy materials. Unfortunate bc I was looking forward to using this, and now I can’t even return this product for a refund. Read more

  8. DagFamily

    Grips have come unattached to the frame after only 1.5 months, making product basically unusable in pull-up position. However, that’s beyond the warranty return date allowable, so all I know to do at this point is leave a negative review. It would be nice if there was a way to contact the manufacturer. Will remove/update review if this situation can be rectified. Read more

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