J/suit exercise remedy ball

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  • ensure this suits by using entering your version wide variety.
  • use to reinforce adductor or stomach muscle tissue and stretch top again/neck muscle groups
  • gentle and durable vinyl ball
  • clean to inflate
  • exercising guide protected
  • size: 11″
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8 reviews for J/suit exercise remedy ball

  1. Rick C

    This is the second time I bought this item, the first time was about 12 years ago, as a fitness trainer I found it to be great working with clients who are wheelchair-bound, very easy to catch and grab onto. I say having my first one last for 12 years is pretty good. Read more

  2. She Bee

    I like the ball, it does what it needs to do. It has a rather ‘grippy’ texture which I really like; even so it surprisingly doesn’t seem to attract pet fur or carpet fuzz. I didn’t notice any excessively strong off-gassing odors. Like most plastic and rubber, there was some. I am quite sensitive to such things, so i aired it up and left it in another room for a couple days. This is mainly used as head support for neck exercises, and I notice no odor at all now. Read more

  3. terry las vegas

    Exactly what I wanted and the size was perfect. Like the ones she uses at p/H. Read more

  4. John Scalice

    I got this to continue home therapy after a knee injury. It works as well as more expensive balls I have used. The only drawback is that you need to blow it up like a balloon and then move fast to put in the plug before it deflates. Read more

  5. Beje

    I am taking some physical therapy sessions, made up in part of pilates. The therapist recommended this particular ball. I blew it up without any problem. It’s great. Worth the money. Read more

  6. Mary B. Elder

    I love this ball. It is very soft, easy to handle and I use it to strengthen the thigh and pelvic muscles. It is perfect to help with the Kegel exercises. It has held its air very well and after two weeks of use I have not had to re-introduce air to it. Read more

  7. Charles J. Rauenhorst

    This appears to be a nice produt. It is much stronger than the last one I had. Since I weigh 240 #’s I am concerned about the strenth of the ball. So far so good. One of the exercises I do is to put the ball behind my knee and tighten while doing some pilates exercises. I find it hard to get it to stay in there. It would be nice if it had a little more grip. Not much though because it is close. You would not want it to be to rough. Or maybe one inch smaller option form a product list would do it. Thanks for listening. Read more

  8. Stephanie Caponigro

    Great for the price – I use it for PT exercises. Read more

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