Jfit deluxe multi exercise doorway pull-up bar with consolation grips

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  • ensure this fits by means of coming into your model wide variety.
  • longest length bar available: made in taiwan with excessive grade substances, this pull-up bar suits doorway openings up to 40” long (with blanketed hardware), minimal period measuring 25. 25”, preserving up to 300lbs
  • hardware blanketed: this premium pull-up bar comes with all the hardware you’ll need, a set of protection brackets with screws, and set of sit up plugs, best a screwdriver or drill is required; for protection and balance, screws are required for mounting
  • adjustable consolation hand grips: made with neoprene fabric and clean to modify velcro, those removable hand grips assist you to place the grips where they’re comfortable for you
  • versatile workout routines: not only for chin-u. S. And pull-ups, mount to the bottom of a doorway to maximize your sit down-ups, crunches or even triceps dips, making it clean to move places with extra door mounts to be had
  • telescopic layout: for safety functions, the bar extrudes from one telescopic factor, as tighter threads and toggle ends make certain that bar is competently tight and comfy; cease caps for closing protection and rubber stoppers for metallic doorways
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from the producer

flip any doorway into your house health club

– smooth to transport round from exceptional heights.

– greater long bar will in shape most doors up to forty”.

positioned the grips where you like them. Spread them extensive, or maintain them near. Velcro allows you to move them wherein you want to use them.

often used by kids for gymnastics exercise. Place a mat under for delivered safety.

  • easy to install protection brackets won’t smash doorway
  • built in protection capabilities
  • used for both sit u. S. A. And pull ups
  • smooth to set up and placed away
  • capabilities

    certainly twist to extend bar. Not like bars that enlarge from both aspects, the j/healthy bar extends from one cease only to create a stronger more secure bar.

    small screws may be located in even the nicest of woodwork. Whilst ready to put off, in reality putty, clean and follow mild paint. This technique saves doorway woodwork more so than no longer as the use of protection give up caps will no longer let the bar indent or mark the wood.

    the doorway fitness center bar comes with a hard and fast of protection brackets, a fixed of sit up plugs and adjustable comfort grips. Extra stop caps and grips are to be had thru purchase.

    exceptional for sit down united states of americaand push ups

    deploy the purple sit up straight dots to the lowest of your doorway and use the bar manage your sit ups. Add a medication ball for brought resistance.

    use for dips

    place the crimson dots anywhere at the door to present you your desired top to perform dips operating out all regions of the fingers and higher returned.

    perform the ideal push up

    relieve strain for your wrists at the same time as doing push ups. Place the bar at a peak that allows you to get a deeper push up. Regulate the grips to position your hands to work out one-of-a-kind muscle businesses.

    terrific for gymnastic workouts

    small purple rubber dots are covered to permit set up to carry out take a seat ups, push united statesand dips. One bar, many uses. Easy to move from top of doorway for pull usaand chin united statesto decrease door for take a seat ups, push ups, dips and extra.

    sit ups

    tricep dips

    push ups

    gymnastic workout routines

    fits in maximum doors from 31″ to 40″.

    customer service crew that answers the phone and your questions.

    smooth to put in

    set up in minutes. The protection stop caps maintain your door from being broken or marked up and keeps you safe. Please take a look at doorway bar earlier than each use to make sure it’s far tightly established.

  • easy to take down whilst not in use
  • easy to transport from pinnacle of doorway to backside
  • location it at right peak in your needs
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    40" Wide Deluxe Pull-Up Bar, 40" Wide Deluxe Pull-Up Bar (DF), Replacement Grips

    8 reviews for Jfit deluxe multi exercise doorway pull-up bar with consolation grips

    1. yiya

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Handy little pull-up bar, I’ve been using it without screwing it into my wall and it’s pretty strong! But also might because I’m female, I’m about 130lb and have no problem using this with just the tightening feature. Sometimes I use it as clothes hanger too. Lol. Oh, and I use it with a resistance band cuz I can’t yet do a complete pull-up, works super well! Read more

    2. J-Ro

      Works great. Follow the directions, though, about which way the bar rotates to tighten and loosen. So you have to face one way when doing underhanded pull-ups (palms toward you) and face the other way when your holding the bar overhand. That way, it always tightens when you’re on the bar rather than loosens. An aside: This bar can crack your door jamb if you over-tighten it. Read more

    3. SocialistPig

      I mounted it in a 39″ hallway. I’m 200lbs and if I use the center it bends a little bit but still feels just fine and if I use the sides it’s completely solid. I’ve had similar products before so I already knew that you shouldn’t use it without the permanent mounts. Ya, they all advertise being held up with friction but just don’t – if you weigh anything significant you’ll eventually just fall off the wall or cause wall/doorway damage from cranking it out too hard. Hand grips are just Velcro and are perfectly functional and easy to move. Read more

    4. Shannon

      We considered buying a $200-300 gymnastics bar for our girls, but didn’t feel like we had the space for it. This looked like a fun option, but were very hesitant that it would be unsafe. You definitely need to screw the end caps into the doorway, but this is STURDY! It holds at least 140 pounds. My kids bring much smaller (ages 6 & 9) use it to flip and swing on CONSTANTLY. We tend to just leave it up all of the time, but when we are having people over it comes down in seconds. I also made a rule that the gymnastics mat we have must be beneath it when the flip around or upside down, but so far, no falls and the bar has never come down!! Read more

    5. z_Fisherww

      It was easy to install the end caps in a door frame and expand the bar to fit. Unlike some others, I like the velcro pads–the are easy to move around, and I find it easy to place the seam in a comfortable position. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were actually two sets of mounts, with the second being small plastic units intended to be installed near the floor for situp use. These are well out of the way when the bar is not installed in them, which for most people would be the normal setup (so you don’t trip over it). You wouldn’t want to use those mounts for pullup use, but they are great for situp use. Read more

    6. Gclaude

      Good concept but they should have included a locking feature, so the bar stops turning while doing pull ups on it. The only way to stop it from turning, is for you to twist it until it stops. Which put a lot of pressure on the door frame Read more

    7. TG

      I twist it and place it in the middle of the doorway with a mattress underneath for my kids to practise their gymnastics bar routines. Then remove it afterwords. Works perfectly. There’s a safety feature for permanent attachment to the door jamb, but it’s not my house so I don’t use it. It’s more than strong enough for 50lb kids, I make sure they stand so that if they twist the bar, they do so in the locking direction as opposed to the loosening direction. But it’s very tight on the doorway and I’m not afraid of it falling off. Read more

    8. Jose Quintero

      I’ve used a similar bar since 1988. Its still intact, but after 30 years the rubber feet do not grip and it has fallen off. I bought this as a replacement. Pros This Made in Taiwan bar is much like my original from 1988 which was also Taiwan, except for the detailed instruction, mounting hardware and hardgrip, back then it was just the bar easy to install, just the the original box states it supports to 220 lbs? quality material and workmanship I did not use the mount but just jam it into my door as the original, held by friction the 1988 bar looks just like this, and it has remained as pristine as the new one doubles as a clothes hanger after laundry Cons Handgrips do not hold and will spin, its better to wear gloves if you must, I’ve always used it without any aid To the maker, please sell the rubber feet separately as acccesory. They will start to deteriorate after 10 years or so. Read more

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