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  • make sure this suits by way of getting into your model range.
  • stability exercising ball for targeting your abs, back and gluts
  • beef up and tone your complete body by way of giving your muscular tissues regular resistance from every path
  • tremendous for humans of all ages and all health ranges
  • includes air pump and exercise guide
  • see description for endorsed sizing
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product description

product description

anti-burst ball is made of a brand new material this is stronger than ever, protecting as much as 2000 lbs. The burst resistant fabric allows the ball to slowly deflate if punctured, minimizing the hazard of harm. Specifically goal your abs, returned and glutes. Improve and tone your entire body by using working your muscle tissue in a totally new way with the aid of giving steady resistance from each route. First rate for people of all ages, and all health levels. Comes with a pump and an exercising guide. Length: 22″ (55cm) for individuals five’1″ to five’7″. Ball colour: pear inexperienced

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safe, versatile, and a laugh to apply, this expert grade stability workout ball from j healthy is a notable manner to workout within the comfort of your home. This anti-burst ball is fabricated from a new cloth this is stronger than ever–retaining as much as 2000 pounds. And if it ever does get punctured, the ball slowly deflates to decrease the threat of harm.

specifically focused on your abs, back and gluts, the exercising ball strengthens and tones your complete body by way of working your muscle groups in a very new way by giving constant resistance from each path. It’s a super workout tool for human beings of every age and all health tiers. An air pump and exercise guide is blanketed.

  • 34-inch (eighty five cm): for users 6′ 7″ in top and taller
  • 30-inch (seventy five cm): for users among 6′ 2″ and six’ 6″
  • 26-inch (65 cm): for customers among five’ 8″ and 6′ 1″
  • 22-inch (55 cm): for customers among 5′ 1″ and five’ 7″
  • 18-inch (forty five cm): for customers among 4′ 6″ and five’ zero”
  • color_name

    45cm – Red, 55cm – Pearl Blue, 75cm – Red

    8 reviews for Jfit j/fit stability exercise ball

    1. Sherry

      I ordered this ball and had it shipped it to a friend as a gift. He just sent me this: I received the ball promptly and was going to use the 85cm ball as my chair replacement at work. I used the enclosed pump and immediately noticed the ball appeared small after inflating it to what was specified in the manual (I could press it in about an inch). It measured 55cm at this time. I was considering returning it, but looked at the reviews and comments by jFit (Kevin) here. He clearly stated that because my ball was black in color, it is the 85cm ball and it should be inflated by a bicycle pump in phases until it reaches the 85cm. According to comments each ball is inflated to 95cm before packaged and shipped out. I have only pumped it to about 70cm to let it stretch slowly when it exploded in my face. I am glad I was not sitting on it. Read more

    2. Caroleinwv

      I am an equestrian who recently had to recover from a bad injury.I’m not wealthy and could not afford some of the glossy ways to return to my sport but while in rehab, I found the wonder of exercise balls. I found this one here on Amazon and have really loved it. In fact, I am about to buy my third one over a three year period. it isn’t that they wear out but I use them out on my deck and occasionally a storm takes them! For me, it has been a great way to supplement my riding. There are so many ways to use an exercise ball that they are well worth the money.I get the 85cm because I am tall and I want a size that most closely replicates my position on a horse. They were designed for Pilates but are great for playing equestrian and can be used to sit correctly at a desk! The little foot pump work’s great. To me, it is not at all difficult to pump up. This is a great piece of exercise equipment for any home, anyone in the family! Read more

    3. dixydarling

      It seems there’s some kind of contest going on among reviewers as to how long it takes to pump up this thing. I guess I cheated because I blew it up most of the way using my mouth and a straw. I switched to the pump once it started building up pressure. It took me less than 15 leisurely minutes of watching Top Gear and eating ice cream at the same time. I’m 9 months pregnant too. It’s true that the pump is pretty wimpy, but I only needed it for 5 minutes or less. I’m very satisfied with the size and quality of the ball. It inflated to full size easily. It’s enormous and bouncy and generally wonderful. Read more

    4. M. Wall

      Bought this as a gift from my kids to their Mom; She wanted for core building and a chair alternate for working from home. I also bought the low profile plastic floor stand; keeps it contained when you get up/sit down, and can be tucked somewhere, unlike the larger metal frames on wheels. Never used one of these myself, but after helping inflat her new one, I found it to be a very supportive/firm ball. My daughter has an older alt-brand/version of this concept in her room and I tested it out and realized the technology has come a ways; the old one responded more like a bouncy ball and was very spongy. The j/Fit was definitely a good choice in exercise ball/chair alternative. Read more

    5. Faith

      I got it because it was white. It wasn’t worth the price in my opinion. I had an issue with it and called the company, J/fit company and Amazon both have excellent customer service. If you don’t mind the color I would suggest getting the purple one that they said was burst resistant, which might be made of a stronger, true to size material. Also the pump it came with broke as others wrote, but they suggest using a different pump to originally inflate it and it says that in the instruction manual and the video, then only use the one provided to add air over time. Read more

    6. Rae Brighten

      I wanted a stability ball that was large enough I could use it as an office chair. To give you some reference points, I have a taller than average desk, I am 5’7″ but my inseam is 33″, and I prefer chairs that have my seat higher than my knees. I read all the reviews of the different stability balls Amazon has on offer and the size recommendations. I decided on a cheap 75cm ball. It was okay (no leaks, blew up well enough) but there was no way that ball was 75cm fully blown up (nor could I add any more air). As such, my seat was way lower than my knees… it was like doing a squat. Also, the color was awful (the color of raw salmon) and the texture was odd (very porous). Anyway… not happy, right? So I ordered the 85 cm JFit in black…. the price was only a few dollars more but it was well worth it! Ironically, I liked the pump that came with my salmon disappointment more so than the one that came with the JFit but the JFit is great. I can sit perfectly on it. It is just the right height for my legs, my seat preference and my desk. I would estimate that your seat would be higher or equal to your knees on the 85 cm ball as long as your inseam is 34″ or under. Also, it holds up well under my weight (180-185lbs)… keep in mind weight makes a difference if you use a ball as a chair. For instance, if I weighed 120, I might prefer the 75cm (maybe… the 85 cm has you sitting up tall, which to me is nice) Read more

    7. Chris Donner

      My boys LOVE to sit on this exercise ball everyday. This product is perfect for kids of all ages to use when they are exercising, or to just sit on the ball while they are watching tv. At this time we have this exercise ball set up for our son to use when he is working with therapists, to help strengthen his core and to work on his balance. He enjoys sitting on this exercise ball every single day. This is a sturdy product and safe for kids to use, with adult supervision to ensure that no one gets hurt. Read more

    8. The thinker

      This provides a very good,easy workout. I was introduced to the ball when in Physical Therapy following back surgery 20 years ago and have continued to use it .It is amazing how many muscles can be toned and strengthened . It does require coordination so would recommend the directions and exercises be followed carefully .It is excellent for our core muscles. I use it when watcing TV and just roll back and forth on it which keep my legs strengthened, this is in addition to the recommended exercises which I learned in Physical Therapy. Read more

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