Jfit seasoned push up bar stand, set of two bars – 9″ or 11″ options – durable metallic health system and padded handles for comfortable grip, non skid toes elevated bar for greater push ups

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  • make sure this suits with the aid of coming into your model quantity.
  • enhance your push-ups: our push-up bars are the last health tool to enhance your push-americaand enhance entire body posture, with padded handles and rubberized ft for a safe and powerful workout for each men and women
  • expanded push-up bar: made in taiwan, these nine″ high premium push up bars are crafted from durable chrome-plated steel, making them able to resist all your heavy-obligation education exercises and push-up demanding situations for years yet to come
  • flexible exercising equpiment: targeting your chest, shoulder, and again muscle tissues, those push-up bars are designed to help you in maximizing your workouts, making them excellent for rehabilitation, gymnastics, yoga, and hiit plyometric circuits
  • long lasting comfort and safety: slip-resistant foam-covered handles provide a terrific variety of movement with out straining your wrists whilst the non-skid, rubberized ft permit the bars to stay in area giving you ideal shape to skyrocket your exercising
  • advanced push-up bars: measuring at 16″x10”x9″ with 1. 75″ grip, these lightweight and portable push-up bars are clean to collect with hardware and screwdriver covered, pushing you via your next rep
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push ups, dips, parallettes

better clearance lets in you to get a deeper variety of movement at the same time as performing exercises.

whilst you work up a sweat these non slip grips allow for a safer and more comfortable exercise session.

legs are assembled with two screws each. Just screw the legs in location and you’re geared up to move.

  • 9 or eleven” top for deeper clearance
  • non slip neoprene grips
  • easy to collect
  • fabricated from robust steel
  • non slip ft
  • more tall clearance

    whether you choose the nine” or the eleven” set, those stands allow for higher variety of movement. Simpler at the wrists. Use for push ups, dips, gymnastic moves, planks, stretching, balancing and extra!

    use them everywhere

    best for any domestic fitness center.

    shop with self belief! When you have any questions or concerns concerning this product, we’ll do our excellent to ensure your shopping enjoy with jfit is exceptional!

    get deep!

    non slip toes for added sturdiness on all forms of flooring.

  • 1 half of” diameter u formed handles
  • smooth, absorbent neoprene handles
  • style_name

    11 Inch Pro Pushup, 9 Inch Pro Pushup

    8 reviews for Jfit seasoned push up bar stand, set of two bars – 9″ or 11″ options – durable metallic health system and padded handles for comfortable grip, non skid toes elevated bar for greater push ups

    1. Matt

      Please don’t waste your money. I made the mistake of taking Austin Dunham’s advice (from Youtube, sorry Austin!) and ordered these cheaply-made, unsafe piece junk parallettes. These thin metal bars are connected to the base by one single screw and therefore the legs become loose, turn, and swivel in every direction when doing any type of movement from beginner push-ups to planche and handstand push-ups–far from confidence inspiring when you need it most. I tried to fix the issue by applying Loctite blue and then Loctite purple to the screws but to no avail. Also, the uncomfortable, foam handgrips are misaligned so when the two bars were placed parallel the grips are staggered one grip about an inch in front of the other. I emailed J/fit and found they have terrible customer service and apparently don’t stand behind their products whatsoever. They claimed it was Amazon’s problem since Amazon sold the product to me but it was too late to get a refund since well over a month had passed as I tried to give the product a decent go several times in my daily calisthenics training. J/fit it’s not too late if you want to make it right for an honest customer, please contact me. Thank you. Read more

    2. S. Wyler

      I got these to use for push ups and tricep dips and they work great. My son is also using them to work on some of his gymnastics drills. They are sturdy and lightweight. My only complaint is that the screws are a little hard to to get all the way tightened. Read more

    3. Nicole

      this is better than expected Read more

    4. David

      When I started using these I was 190lbs and they felt sturdy and plenty strong enough for what I was doing. They held my full weight while doing hand stand push-ups. One thing I liked about the design has been commented on in other reviews as being bad: With the bolts fully tightened, the feet on these will shift if enough pressure is applied. I like this because if you fall over while doing a hand stand, they’ll give just enough so they won’t break. That said, your mileage may vary. Given the choice to go back on buying these? I would make the same decision and get them. Absolutely worth it. Read more

    5. Fred

      I have had these for just shy of two weeks. I am @ 275 pounds, and do between 200-250 push ups per day. I got these bars to help alleviate wrist pain. They worked good for @ four days. The set screws that hold the handles to the base will not stay tight, causing the bars to slide and “go crooked” while doing push ups. I would not reccomend this product if you are planning on doing alot of push ups. Read more

    6. md256

      I’ve only had these for 1 day, but so far, it was money well spent. They are only 9″ tall, but I’m not a very big person anyway (5’6″, ~130lbs) so they’re the perfect size for me. Theyre also seem to be very sturdy for me, so I don’t feel like they’re going to give out when I’ve got my full weight on them. The price definitely doesn’t hurt either, especially compared to the others that cost $70+. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      They are great for handstand pushups and planches plus obvious l- sit, pushups, and dips I weigh about 175 and there’s no give can definitely handle more weight easily and for the price just can’t beat it. Read more

    8. Abo

      The minute I received it I set it up and started working out. It is high enough above the ground to do parallel training for the abdominal area. It stays still in the ground and has a handle to grip. The price is WAY less than other similar products and functions the same. Overall, highly recommend it. Read more

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