Jfit speed jump rope

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  • ensure this suits by way of entering your model quantity.
  • speed bounce rope with easy swing movement
  • enjoy a difficult cardiovascular workout and build-up your persistence
  • small, lightweight handles for short rotation
  • adjustable nine foot rope
  • splendid for bringing alongside on travels so that you do not omit a exercise

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small, light-weight handles for a clean swing action and brief rotation. Awesome for a tough cardiovascular exercising and build-up your endurance.

8 reviews for Jfit speed jump rope

  1. Greg

    I’m an amateur boxer and as a warm up I do about 20 minutes of jump rope almost every day. This is my go to rope, I have tried many but I like this one the most. I have tried leather ropes, metal braided ropes, quick speed ropes, heavy ropes, but “licorice” jump rope / jfit in particular is my go to rope. Why? Well the rope itself is light enough that i can do double and even triple unders but ti’s not as light as some of the other speed ropes so I feel like I’m getting a work out. In the super light speed ropes I feel there is no resistance at all and it’s just too light and fast. This rope lasted me way over a year already. I broke my last one when it slipped out of my hand and the handle hit the floor really hard causing it to crack. That is not a problem as it was my fault. The rope actually turns in the handles unlike other licorice ropes so it does not get as much “rope burn” by the handle and does not brake off like some other models I purchased. Overall I’m very satisfied with this rope. Read more

  2. William Minor

    You get what you pay for with this jump rope. The product itself worked great at first, but don’t expect it to last forever. The handles wear into the plastic rope and I had to cut back on my use. Several years later I still have the rope, but I have to work it into my rotation. It will not work as your main jump rope. Read more

  3. I. Farhi

    After reading the reviews here I was really expecting more from this set. Their design is inherently flawed. The plastic on the handle tapers and becomes thinner and thinner towards the rope side – and this is the side that exhibits the highest inertial load since, well, that’s where the rop is pulling on the handles. So after a few days of light usage, one of the handles had broken at the tip, and now the rope snags at that point every turn, making for a very inconsistant and truly useless jumprope. Also something to note – these are VERY light and a bit on the small side. If you like that, great, but I prefer more substance in my hands. Since this is personal preference it wasn’t a factor in determining the star grade. Read more

  4. charliepas

    I was looking for a simple jump rope that is quick, cheap, and will give me a good workout. I was previously using a weighted leather jump rope, but there was too much drag on the rope which kept me from doing faster skips. This jump rope however has a good plastic type of material that whips through the air. One gripe that I have about the rope is that there is no bushing or bearing material to keep the handle from wearing into the rope material during prolonged use. Hopefully this lasts me a year. Great value for the money though. Read more

  5. Jessica

    Not the speed rope i was looking for. I settled on Rogue’s Ultra speed cable rope. This one did not spin smoothly and the handle broke after the rope flew out of my hand once when I stepped on the rope. There are better ropes out there this one leaves bigger welts and hurts just as much when it hits you. Not good for double unders. Read more

  6. Catherine A. Mounts

    this jump rope is a great length, being smaller than most i’ve seen, but still just a little long for my 5’5″ frame. i tied knots just under the handles to create a perfect length. this is a good beginner rope, is smooth, moves fast and spins nicely. its great for cardio jumping and provides a great work out. this rope has met all my expectations and i would recommend it to others. Read more

  7. Brian

    I initially chose this jump rope because it was cheap. When I got it everything looked fine, but on the first day I used it I saw a crack develop in one of the handles. The rope itself seems very strong but the handle is made of a cheap plastic that cracks whenever I mess up and step on the rope which pulls down on the handle. I’ve only used it about 10-15 times since I’ve bought it and now there are at least two major cracks in the handle that don’t allow the rope to rotate smoothly. All in all, it’s a good rope that does its job but the handle will be the first part to go. Read more

  8. James Rios

    bought this as a gift for Christmas. glad i bought it for him and not me. im 6’1 and this was more than a little too short for me. kept getting caught on my feet… but for his average height it was fine. seemed well made. again just make sure you aren’t any taller than 5’11 if u are gonna buy this Read more

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