Jfit wall medicine ball – 10 weight options 4lb-30lb – exercising, aerobic, middle stregth – long lasting wall balls for trx, stretching, go suit, gyms

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  • make certain this suits
  • by means of getting into your version wide variety.
  • purposeful schooling: now not supposed for slamming exercising, this extremely flexible, top rate jfit tender wall ball can be used for a couple of exercise dreams, with use in energy education and plyometric physical games, burpees, crunches, and past
  • durable production: top rate heavy-responsibility vinyl covered shell, has been laser cut, triple stitched, and hand crammed to preserve balance and preserve shape, while featuring a non-slip grip making it easy to keep in the course of your sweat session
  • multi-motive tool: use this nice wall ball for extra than just your workout through stretching and rolling out tight and sore muscle fibers the use of your weight and gravity towards the surface area of the ball to launch tension
  • enhance staying power: superb for women and men looking to increase center energy, improve stabilization, and muscle density, press thru your next wall squat at the same time as keeping a constant grip at some stage in your workout routine
  • perfect length: all sizes have a 14” diameter, besides the 4lb ball which has a nine” diameter, allowing you to add variety and assignment your self with our top rate wall balls which can be balance tested, with even weight distribution
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tougher skin

we have beefed up our outer shell to a brand new thicker, tougher skin. With triple sewing on the seams and thicker pores and skin, this heavy obligation wall ball will remaining longer for all of your explosive tossing drills. (no longer supposed for slamming, please talk to the jfit slam ball for slamming exercises).

perfectly balanced, flawlessly weighted

we placed each and each ball through a stability tunnel to make sure that every ball rolls instantly and the load is not lopsided. That is important while you are doing wall ball tosses that the ball comes returned directly and balanced. Every ball is in my view weighed before very last sewing to ensure that it isn’t always properly over or beneath supposed weight size.

extraordinary addition on your exercising ordinary

brought resistance for twisting, tossing,lunges and squats.

explosive work with a accomplice. Upload resistance on your ab exercising.

help improve stability and coordination.

we’ve beefed up the skin to create a tougher, more potent ball.

we are a united states based fitness agency with over 17 years promoting top best products to gyms, clinics, colleges and the army.

  • we answer the smartphone and all your purchaser inquiries with pace and efficiency
  • challenge your explosive power

    electricity your cardio endurance. Energetic sports consisting of walking, going for walks, leaping, throwing and kicking require explosive power. Working out with medicine balls and smooth wall balls promote speedy twitch muscle fibers and will increase calorie burn.


    10-Pound, 12-Pound, 15-Pound, 18-Pound, 20-Pound, 25-Pound, 30-Pound, 4-Pound, 6-Pound, 8-Pound

    8 reviews for Jfit wall medicine ball – 10 weight options 4lb-30lb – exercising, aerobic, middle stregth – long lasting wall balls for trx, stretching, go suit, gyms

    1. TTYME

      First, let me get something out the way. For those complaining about the “poor quality” of this WALL ball and posting proof pictures and such, because it fell apart after you used it as a SLAM ball, well, therein lies your problem. It is a WALL ball – meant for tossing with people, up in the air and catching or or tossing to touch a target up on a wall – not a SLAM ball meant for use specifically for hard full body powered slams against a floor! The seller/manufacturer specifically says this is NOT meant for slamming, as do all WALL ball sellers/manufacturers.Now that I’ve gotten that out the way, I believe this to be a fine addition to my excercise ball family (traditional medicine balls, slam balls, etc.). It’s a nice size, weight, and feel and I get a great upper body/core work out with it. I would certainly recommend this.Read more

    2. Melanie Gilbert

      In general, medicine balls are an affordable and low-impact option for an in-home, strength-based fitness program. Except for a built-in workout space, home-based exercise must take into consideration strength, clearance, and safety issues. Medicine balls do not require jumping (like jump ropes or agility ladders), pounding (battle ropes – which require at least a 30-foot space – or aerobic-type machines), or heavy equipment (like benches and free weights).The size of this ball allows for an individual workout using just a clean, solid, 4×4 open wall space as the “partner.” It’s ideally suited for one-on-wall exercises. Partner work is also possible – and fun – especially if paired with your young teen. My 13-year-old son loves tossing this medicine ball with me for a taxing five-minute workout (about 300 throws). When he’s not available, I can do either chest or shoulder throws against the wall (the “slam” part of the description.) The weight is heavy and firm with a pliable grip due to its synthetic cover that becomes softer as the throws heat up the surface.This ball is bigger thantypical medicine balls (see pic). It’s a better fit for a big person with big hands. Smaller balls are better for floor-based isometric workouts like twists, squats, lunges, or partner-based side throws and back-to-back passes, as well as ideally sized for smaller athletes. I recommend both sizes for an all-“round” fitness regimen.NOTE: A gallon of milk is about 10 pds. If you can handle that container of weight, you can handle that weight in this size and shape. Gauge the various weights according to that metric. Pair with gaiamyoga gloves for a non-slip grip.Read more

    3. RxDaily

      Bought this for Crossfit type workouts. It lasted about 6 months. Moderate intended use as a wall ball. Should have held together better. I was hoping to get more use out of this. The seams blew apart. The fabric held up.Read more

    4. Wingsdomain Art and Photography

      This medicine ball works fine. For those who’s medicine ball “exploded”, hint, it’s NOT a slam ball, don’t slam it on the ground! Tossing it against a wall is fine (thus wall-ball!), using as weight for various exercises is fine, and playing catch with a partner is fine. Just don’t slam it on the ground, it’s NOT a slam ball! For those wondering what the right weight medicine ball to get, it’s a mystery. Most if not all online recommendations is go to a gym and find out, but that’s the reason I am buying a medicine ball for my home, I don’t want to pay monthly membership fees to join a gym! The other online recommendation is ….depends on what you do with it , which is true, but still, a hint of point of reference would be much more helpful ! Sooooo, I’ll give it a try. I got this 10 lb medicine ball mainly to play catch with my son. I am 55 years old, 5′-8″, 168 lbs, and bench 6 reps of 150 lbs. My son is 13 years old, 5′-6″, 135 lbs, and bench 10 reps of 70 lbs. Playing catch, tossing the medicine ball in the air back and forth about 12 times each, the ball is a bit too heavy for my son and it’s a bit too light for me. But that’s fine, my son can still handle that 10 lb weight albeit a little heaver than optimal, but he can grow into it too, plus he can also toss it against the wall by himself, all in all, that 10 lbs is good for him. For me, I look at it as a nice warm up. I am now also getting a true slam ball that I can slam against the concrete ground by myself. I ordered the 20 lb slam ball which is likely a bit heavier than I can practically manage but it would allow me to do some heavy slams and also “grow” into it as well.One thing I don’t like about these wall ball/medicine balls is the lacing which they all have as far as I’ve seen. I personally don’t try to feel for it nor grasp it like a football so they’re useless to me. But what’s even worse, when you catch the ball, those laces tend to dig into your hands because the 20+ ball coming at you is not a light football, and that’s is annoying! Even the seams where the stitching comes together can get annoying especially when the seams on this wall ball/medicine ball stick outwards, similar annoyance as the lacing.Read more

    5. woody

      Don’t do it… pay the extra money for dynamaxRead more

    6. sastocky

      We use this brand at our CrossFit gym from 6# to 40#. I personally own a 20# & 30#. Have owned since 2015. All are good quality. A few of the 40# balls leaked some sand at the beginning but have since stopped. I would and will buy more.Read more

    7. Joseph P.

      So far so good. Im not familiar with the brand but with such good reviews (and price when compared to dynamax) I decided to try them. After a few months of use in my personal training studio, they show very little wear! Very pleased so far with them. I will say that if you’re accustom to the dynamax style bounceback after slams, these balls bounce a lot more. Especially the 10lb ball.. it’s nearly like a basketball. But again, very pleased with them ! Will def be ordering more.Read more

    8. Albert Duldulao

      Excellent product for the price. I love it and am very happy with it. It’s main purpose is for body movement and not strength training so I should have gotten the 6 lb but after a few weeks I’ve gotten stronger so it’s no big deal. I have a dedicated slam ball so I don’t slam this one but for the price, you could pound away, after a year or 2 you could get another one and it would still be cheaper than the other brands.For my needs it is more than adequate.Read more

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