Kamagon water filled adjustable weight kettlebell

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  • adjustable weight from 2-13 kilos, add or dispose of water to alter the burden
  • replace a couple of kettlebells with 1 kamagon ball
  • handles allow for a couple of grip alternatives and increased exercises when in comparison to traditional kettlebells
  • may not harm floors when dropped
  • made in the united states of america
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kamagon ball

available in 2 sizes.

to be had in 7 colors.

the kamagon ball

the kamagon ball is a step forward product in sports activities performance and the following step inside the evolution of fitness training. The kamagon ball is distinct because it uses hydro-inertia to create the mission and have interaction the muscle tissue. When full of water to preferred resistance, it calls for consciousness and concentration on proper shape and engagement of stabilizing muscular tissues to reinforce connective tissue. This indicates the utilization of previously untapped muscular tissues and creates a greater useful workout. The handles allow for more than one grip alternatives for exercising variety and versatility.

imprinted water traces permit for correct water dimension.

  • one device to apply like a kettle bell, medication ball, dumbbell and weight plate
  • wakes up greater muscle fibers than traditional static weight schooling the usage of same resistance
  • increases electricity and explosive energy
  • improves athletic overall performance and standard fitness
  • product description

    eventually a kettlebell for the contemporary age. The kamagon ball uses hydro-interia to task your muscle mass and stability. Hydro-interia is the utilization of water to create an unstable resistance. In different words, it’s the water within the kamagon ball crashing around, this reasons your muscles to react and interact more fibers than conventional weights. The kamagon ball capabilities gentle handles permitting you to do extra. From russian twists to overhead presses, the a couple of grip alternatives give you greater alternatives in relation to your exercise ordinary. The kamagon ball uses water as it’s weight supply. Want more weight? Add greater water. It’s that simple. The polyvinyl chloride construction makes it clean to drop and prevents damage to the floors while as compared to heavy iron kettlebells. One kamagon ball can update more than one kettlebells, saved away easily, and transported less difficult than any kettle bell you’ve used before. Let water form you with the kamagon ball!


    9 inch


    Orange, Purple, Red

    8 reviews for Kamagon water filled adjustable weight kettlebell

    1. Jersey City Bettina

      I love the idea that you can adjust the weight of this exercise ball by simply adding or removing water. Also, since the water sloshes around inside the ball, it creates an unstable weight, thus creating more of a challenge to your muscles while working out. Unfortunately, I did not keep this item because it was an Amazon Warehouse deal which arrived with more defects than noted in listing. The possibility of it leaking a quart of water made me return the item & I am looking to purchase a new one. It is a bit pricier than standard exercise balls, but I love the concept!!! Read more

    2. Cath

      Awesome equipment, very high quality. Liked it so much, I bought another one in orange, and the larger one in grey. The kamagon ball is a fun, unique, and effective workout tool. Just fill the well-made, vibrant ball to the desired weight (markings on the side) and perform any number of exercises from Hedstrom’s online library or Instagram account, or make-up your own. You can even put your feet thru the handles and use for leg presses or ab work. The water inside provides the desired resistance, but adds a unique element as it sloshes inside. I have painful joints and the kamagon is actually soothing while it works. A great kettbell-type workout can be had, and then some. It is fun to incorporate both sizes into a HIIT or Tabata or CrossFit routine. My three balls did not have an odor. I like both sizes so much, I wish Hedstrom would make a third size in between the 9 and 14 inch diameters, like 11 or 12 inches. I’d purchase it, too. Read more

    3. Anne Darnay

      The ball is exactly what I wanted. However the purple color is so dark I can’t see how much water is in the ball. Read more

    4. For What It’s Worth…

      This floats and gives good resistance, the less water the better for resistance in water. I cannot see through mine even in the bright Arizona sunshine so I have no idea how much water/weight mine has. I purchased the green small. Read more

    5. ericabeth

      LOVE IT! My clients love this new “toy” I added to my tory box Read more

    6. Raymond G.

      I’m pleased with my purchase. I like its portability and the retrograde inertia it exerts when I’m using it. It does give you an extended workout. I did put distilled water in it to lessen the chance of contamination and prolong the life of the ball. This I consider the greatest and innovative kettelbell equipment. Read more

    7. Fig Wriggly

      This ball does what it is supposed to do. It is built well, does not leak, and is better than a kettle ball. Adding water is easy, and it seals well with plenty of threading on the inlet. The handles are durable and hold up well. The customer service is great if you need assistance as well. The water in the ball makes this a unique challenge because of the needed resistance to the water’s movement inside. Makes training interesting. The best part is that whatever weight is right for you is able to be achieved by adding exactly that much water. Simple and effective. Love it. Read more

    8. K. Peterson

      I really like the idea of the water changing the weight of this kettlebell. That said, because of double handles you can’t easily use it for other workouts, such as the Jillian kettlebell workout Therefore I don’t use it very often. Instead I reach for a 5 pound, $5 kettlebell I got in the bargain bin at Target. Read more

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