Kiefer 811400-10 ankle/wrist weights (1-pair)

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  • ensure this fits through coming into your version quantity.
  • gentle and durable neoprene casing with velcro buckle for a cozy comfy fit
  • weights may be clipped together and used as a weight belt for water polo drills to expand leg and center power
  • consists of one pair
  • for aquatic exercise, water aerobics, or dryland exercise
  • comfy and easy to apply
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product description

use these ankle weights/wrist weights for hands or legs for aquatic excercise, water aerobics, or dryland workout. They have got a soft and durable neoprene casing with velcro buckle for a comfy cozy match. Weights may be clipped collectively and used as a weight belt for water polo drills to increase leg and middle energy. Consists of one pair. Pick: pair of one pound weights, pair of one. 5 pound weights, pair of 2. Five pound weights, pair of 3. Seventy five pound weights, or pair of five pound weights.


Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Red


1 pair/5pounds each, 1 pair/1.5 pound each, 1 pair/1 pound each, 1 pair/3.75 pounds each, 1 pair/2.5 pounds each

8 reviews for Kiefer 811400-10 ankle/wrist weights (1-pair)

  1. Andy

    I have over 6 sets of these weights, which I have purchased over the course of the past year…. if you are considering using weighted aqua fitness training .. this is the only way to achieve weighted body resistance comfortably. I started with 1 of the (purple) 3.5 per foot and 1 of the (black) 5.0 per arm .. after 4 weeks I order 3 more sets of 5.0 – I had this idea that has worked great, what I have done is I connect 3 of the 5.0 together to make an adjustable (15 lbs) weight belt .. and I also doubled up my arms with 2 x.5.0 per arm .. with the leg weights that is 42 lbs .. I continued to work out with that weight amount in varying combinations of placements – doubling up my legs (10 lbs each) and such .. after 9 months, I ordered another set – and now about a week ago – I ordered another – NOW this is for me (and I would not suggest this for everyone) but I swim with approx 60 lbs of weights … The effect has been dramatic , consistent and lasting .. it takes time – but swimming and weights will get you mucle tone and definition WITH low impact – .. The quality of the straps, buckles and wights (and the outer lining) is impressive .. and I still have my first set from last year (and 200 swims ago) – Color is faded – and the outer “neoprene” liner is starting to get holes, BUT they keep going .. great value for what they do .. I have invested over $200 in aqua weights from Kiefer because they are a BIG part of what has changed my life – swimming 4-5 times a week for 45 mins .. I have lost 25 lbs, blood pressure is normal and I have had almost NO back issues since I started swimming with weights .. grateful to Kiefer for their awesome products – Read more

  2. CommentsToHelp

    This is an excellent product. EXCEPT ordering information is incomplete so that you cannot necessarily use the weights. There is NO sizing in the order, so you think it’s adjustable, but it is NOT. This did not occur to me once I received the weights and had difficulty using them. The plastic clips are exceptionally strong and not pliable and it is almost impossible to clip them onto your own ankles. Thus I was reduced to use them only when my husband was available to clip them on and then take them off. Recently it occurred to me to check why I was having so many problems and that, perhaps, I had ordered the wrong size. That is when I found out there was no sizing offered. So…bottom line…a really excellent product for the very real need of aquatic ankle weights…but made unusable by poor clip design and misleading product information on the ordering page. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I use these water weights for daily workouts in a salt pool. I put one pair around my wrists and one pair around my ankles and it REALLY makes a huge difference in my workouts – the extra resistance has made my arms much more defined (haven’t noticed a difference in leg muscles) . It also increases the effort it takes to swim which gives me a better cardiovascular workout. The weights are also very comfortable – the neoprene is really soft and doesn’t chafe the skin. My only minor complaint is that I wish I could get them a bit tighter around my wrists to avoid slippage while swimming. Having said that, I’m sure the manufacturer didn’t intend them for wrist weights (although it would be nice if they manufactured some specifically for the wrists:) I use these with a pair of swimming resistance paddles and the combo gives an amazing swim workout. I HIGHLY recommend this brand of water weights: comfortable, durable and effective! Read more

  4. bellecat

    I waited several months before review. I love these weights, I use 3 times a week in chlorinated pool, they have faded a little bit, but to be expected. They are so much more comfortable than the kind with the medal bars, the 2 straps keep them in place. Would recommend. Read more

  5. Pandora of Boston

    This is my second set of 5lb weights. After about four years, the Velcro on the straps was going. The weights faded from the chlorine but they were still intact. I use these weights twice a week at a chlorinated pool. Cheap price Read more

  6. Kes

    Great weights. Let’s be honest. These are not cheap weights. However you are getting what you pay for. They are sewn well, the material seems durable (I’ve had them less than a week and I use them for physical therapy so I don’t exactly abuse them), and they are COMFORTABLE. I am very happy with them and plan to buy a pair in a higher weight amount. I have bought several ankle weights in other brands from local sports stores over the years that I don’t use because they are not comfortable, they scratch, they dig, they just don’t fit right.These Kiefer ankle weights are great. Read more

  7. Sharon W.

    The only dislike is that they are a bit too big. I am a big woman, but my ankles and wrists are of normal size. Pulling the strap to the smallest position, the ends of the weights meet together and there is still a small gap. I can overlap the ends but then it’s hard to pull tight. I cut 1 1/2-2″ off the ends of the velcro because it sticks out, not being stuck to the other half of the velcro. These should be sized — not one size fits all. Read more

  8. faye hatem

    I am a aqua fitness instructor . I have strong legs and need the extra challenge. These weights are ideal. Highly recommend them. Easy to adjust and are comfortable. Read more

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