Kiefer water exercise discs with 7. Five-inch in diameter (1-pair), blue

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  • ensure this suits through getting into your version number.
  • 7. 5 inch easy grip hand bells offer easy underwater resistance
  • first-rate desire for people with arthritic hands or restrained mobility which have trouble preserving a fashionable dumbbell
  • best for aquatic exercise, aqua aerobics, or aquatic remedy
  • smooth and buoyant most beneficial best foam
  • 7. Five inches in diameter
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“kiefer water exercising discs are built of soft and buoyant most desirable quality foam. They feature a secure grip and provide underwater resistance. Perfect for aquatic workout, aqua aerobics, or aquatic therapy. Easy grip commencing may be used with or without the thumb hollow. Those exercise discs are a top notch desire for the ones who’ve trouble with a hand bar style grip. Kiefer – the primary call in u. S. Swimming on account that 1947.



8 reviews for Kiefer water exercise discs with 7. Five-inch in diameter (1-pair), blue


    I do my exercises in the pool due do arthritis in my knees and back problems. I initially ordered a belt and these discs. Forget the belt! These discs are the greatest things since sliced bread. I’m glad I ordered them instead of the “barbells”. I can put my arms out to the side and these keep me afloat in the deep end. The greatest thing going for them is I can do any type of swimming stroke and use these and get a great workout for my arms! I love, love these discs! Anyone interested in buying a belt? LOL Read more

  2. Shari

    Used them this weekend. Works well for added resistance. I take a water aerobics class so have access to varied weights there. Purchased these for home exercise in pool on rental property. I would consider these light resistance. But depending on how used/what exercises, still effective. As they are disc shaped vs dumbbells, have to be strategic with positioning to maximize resistance. If held sideways, they just cut through water aerodynamically. But turned on an angle or completely perpendicular to plane of movement, they create larger resistance. For example, consider rowing motion to work muschles between shoulder blades, if you all discs to lay flat/parallel to water and pull arms back ..less resistence than if use actual hand holds and so discs are half under the water and then pull back. In addition larger gross movements and increased effort/ intensity of actual movement make these effective. For same exercise described, stretch arms almost completely straight in front of you with with quick candence ….. Read more

  3. Pat

    I broke my shoulder and found these at my Hydrotherapy session at the hospital. They can be used singly or put them together with thumb through one hole and fingers through the other using sweeping motions it is incredible how strong a pull there is from them . It is like having someone in the water with you pulling your arm through the water in a full swing. The therapist said they were finding it difficult to source them to buy more . Well I tracked down the company and ordered them through , Well done Keifer in Illionois for the prompt delivery and at only £5 plius £4 postage an absolute bargain . I can now also use them at my local swimming pool. The ease of use and the flexibility plus the surprising strength ..well so it seems when you are recovering from an injury .. make these very worthy of recommendation . Read more

  4. Maggie Roberts

    I use them 4x week for water fitness and I love them! I use them for the full 45 minutes and can already feel the difference in my arms, they’re toner and after 3 weeks of using them I can actually see muscle definition. These do not hold the water so they dry quickly. Read more

  5. lemcbee

    This purchase is one of the best I’ve ever made. I have an 18′ round above ground pool that I use specifically for water aerobics (we just put this pool in this summer). I used to have an inground pool and had the foam barbells, which do have their place, but they are not like these. I don’t even get in the pool without these. I walk around, jog around, jog in place and do a whole bunch of other exercises with these and they are PERFECT. Read more

  6. cathy broad

    I have arthritis in my hand and the typical dumbbell water weight causes me pain so I thought I’d try these. The pro is they truly help and are easy to work with. The con is they offer minimal resistance and you can’t use for all types of exercises. I ended up purchasing weights that Strap around my wrist for an added level of difficulty. People in my class have tried them and some have bought them, others passed. Read more

  7. BestBuy

    I do water aerobics here in Florida 5 months out of the year and those clumsy weights that they use was not for me. Especially since a few years ago, I had hand surgery. These fit just right and easy to hold and gives allot of resistance in the water that helps firm the upper arm muscles. I haven’t seen them in the stores, but glad I found them on Amazon. Read more

  8. Commodore

    Made of quality material. My wife loves using the discs with her pool workout. The Kiefer discs are made to last and are very comfortable to use. Read more

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