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  • ensure this fits by using coming into your version variety.
  • new special edition: gusseted risers deeply help the bar for the ultimate in stability and power. Low profile hardware works effortlessly with bar add-ons (sold one after the other). New boxed wall plates growth clearance and set a ambitious appearance on your wall.
  • better workouts: enterprise main 14. Five – 21 inches of wall clearance provides maximum variety of movement. Excessive density foam grips lessen stress for longer workouts. Padded grip positions at 10, 16, 24, and 36 inches helps you to goal the results you need.
  • inflexible mount: the wall mount pull up bar unique version is rated for 350 lbs to help your maximum strenuous exercises. A rigid bar frees you to consciousness on shape and repetition so that you can get more out of your exercising time.
  • clean set up: the wall mount pull up bar is precision engineered for easy home installation on 16 inch on-center wall studs. Whole hardware, mounting template, instructions and u. S. Tech help are covered.
  • perfect anchor for optionally available add-ons: construct a complete frame gym with last frame press ab straps and gymnastic rings for distinctly metabolic complete frame workouts and assisted pull up variations. (add-ons offered one at a time)
  • game kind: exercise & fitness
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from the manufacturer

special version with welded inset bar gussets and field section wall plates – our strongest 16″ on-center bar.

a body in movement imparts kinetic hundreds on the bar properly beyond your bodyweight. Welded-in gussets healthy the profile of the bar to distribute the ones forces over a greater surface place. The gussets higher support the bar whilst improving the steadiness of the entire frame for high power, distraction-loose workout routines.

  • includes usa tech aid
  • whole meeting instructions and mounting hardware are covered
  • 10 yr sturdy: the wall mount pull up bar is subsidized via ultimate frame press against producer’s defects for 10 years
  • wall mount pull up bar unique edition

    introducing the new wall mount pull up bar unique edition by using ultimate frame press. The special version builds on the super power and wall clearance of the authentic wall mount pull up bar with inset bar gussets and field segment wall plates. The inset gussets make the bar a coupled part of the body to boom strength and rigidity. The container section wall plates growth wall clearance and electricity while including an architectural layout detail to your gym.

  • new unique edition is our most powerful 16 inch on-center bar.
  • inset riser gussets increases the bar capacity and frame stress.
  • overall performance engineered box section risers boom clearance, help 400lbs and look putting on your wall.
  • 14. 5 inches of wall clearance for awesome range of movement
  • non-interference hardware is right for anchoring accessories like ab straps and gymnastic jewelry without chafing. (bought one at a time)
  • results pile on speedy with a inflexible bar that keeps your awareness on shape and repetition
  • special version superior features for terrific performance

    bar gussets efficaciously distribute your workout forces over a larger phase of the bar. Better assist makes the bar more potent and mounting and assembly could not be less complicated.

    field phase wall plates increase electricity and wall clearance even as giving your health club an one of a kind architectural element.

    with the pull up bar let into the risers, the bar becomes a structural a part of the frame and forces to risers to a super 90 degrees with the bar. The end result is an extremely rigid and strong body for distraction unfastened, excessive depth workouts.

    about remaining frame press

    our ardour is offering health equipment that helps you to get the maximum out of your workout routines each day. By using generating high great less expensive merchandise that look first rate and feature past expectation we are able to create a profitable space for your life for exercise and help you attain new ranges of health, properly being and private performance.

    we price your fitness and are proud to serve your fitness center wishes. Ultimate frame press fitness tools is sponsored with usa tech guide.


    Original, Special Edition

    4 reviews for Last body press wall mount pull up bar

    1. Jim

      Worked great until it gave out on me in the middle of the workout! Is there a warranty!? Read more

    2. D. Matheny

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. In this video I go over the pieces that come in the box as well as walking through the entire install process. In order to keep the video under the 10 minute limit I had to speed some parts up, but not much. The entire install process took 15 minutes – with an additional 10 minutes for getting out tools and putting them back away. If you don’t watch the video, let me stress that the INSTRUCTIONS ARE WRONG when they say to pre-drill four 7/16″ holes for the lag bolts. You should pre-drill 7/32″ holes instead. That’s a big difference! As far as the bar itself goes, it has turned out to be very solid. I’m 6’7″ and 220lbs – and the bar holds my weight without any problems at all. One reason I went with the wall-mounted bar instead of one that just hangs in a doorway is because of my height, but I also think this looks better than the door-frame versions and you don’t have to worry about damage to the molding or having to store it. I am completely convinced that this bar will last for years. When installed, the bar is 12″ from the wall and is a total of 38″ wide. The front-facing handles stick out about 19.5″ (to the very tips). The center-line of the two supports are exactly 16″ apart – which is great for mounting to typically spaced wall studs (although, you should check where you want to install the bar before ordering). Although I’m very happy with the Ultimate Body Press Pull-Up Bar, I am docking a star for a couple of reasons: 1) The rubber grip on both front-facing handles is messed up due to the way it was packaged. I showed this in the video as well. 2) Although this was easy to install, the instructions are a joke. There are multiple errors that are fairly serious if you were to follow the directions exactly without thinking it through. In some ways, I probably should have docked 2 stars for this since most of us trust the directions to be right and assume they will start making sense on a future step… 3) I should have mentioned it in the video, but I did end up using different lag bolts than the ones that were provided. (You can see the ones I used were silver and the provided bolts were black.) My main concern was ripping the heads off the bolts with my impact driver… Overall, if you are looking for a solid wall-mounted pull-up bar, this is an excellent choice. With just a couple of tools and a few minutes you can have a rock solid bar that is out of the way and should last for years. Now I just need to start improving my pull-up strength! *** UPDATE 6/30/11 *** I’ve been using this bar for a few weeks now and it is working great. One thing I’ve found is that it actually works better for me if I keep my back to the wall and do a pullup ‘behind’ the bar. (Hopefully that makes sense.) If I do pullups while facing the wall, my body actually ends up being a little too far away from the bar because of the way my feet go forward; but, when my back is to the wall, I get that satisfying feeling of my chin going over the bar. Another thing I did at first was to pick up some Iron Woody assisted-pullup bands to help increase my strength. Those bands work great for me and I can tell a huge difference already. I can now do 4 whole pull-ups without the bands! (Don’t laugh…) Read more

    3. Brandon

      Hey all. Writing this as a warning to anyone wanting to install this into a horizontal header instead of vertical studs. I put this above a 4′ wide closet door frame that is also a load bearing wall. There is a 2×12 header installed there, and I hit it with all 4 lag bolts. Plenty strong, I thought! Well…it’s holding. Barely. The wall now flexes where the top bolts pull down on it. I did two pull-ups and stopped because it feels like I may end up twisting the header right out of the wall! So, take my advice and put this thing into some upright studs (or if you do try it in a header, be prepared to move it elsewhere and patch some big holes.) Read more

    4. J7891R

      Where to start. There isn’t too much to say about the product itself. I love the bar. Took me sometime to get it mounted correctly but that is no fault to the product. The mounting bars are spaced 16″ on center. My exterior wall studs are 18″. So do yourself a favor and measure a few times, find out where your studs are, etc. I wound up cutting the drywall out (the width of a stud to minimize patch work). Finding the studs that I had. Turns out they were basically these 2×2 finishing studs fastened to a concrete wall. From there, I cut a 2×4 in to (4) 12″ pieces. About 4″ longer than the support bars. I fastened the first set of studs to the existing studs with 2-1/2″ lag bolts counter sunk. From there I mounted the second set of studs with 4″ lags bolts counter sunk through the first set into the existing stud. Once they were up I mounted the bar. I can tell you, it probably was a bit of overkill. Though, I spackled around the studs, wood puttied the cracks between the studs, and then painted everything. Going on about a month of use, nothing has moved. My only possibly complaint in the future might be with the grips wearing but at this point, I haven’t had any issues. The products is sturdy, built well in my opinion and includes the lags bolts necessary to mount it. I would recommend. Read more

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