Lebert fitness dip bar stand – unique equalizer total body strengthener pull up bar home fitness center exercise equipment dipping station – hip resistance band, workout manual and on line institution

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  • make certain this suits by means of coming into your version wide variety.
  • authentic equalizer body press station: with over one hundred exercises available for beginners to advanced athletes, this strong and strong dip stand works brilliant as a pullup bar, dipping station, push up bar for arm physical games, l-sits, knee & leg raises, and extra
  • designed for the proper match: lebert equalizer bars are to be had in sizes and examined rigorously to make sure the proper fit for you and your safety – ordinary (28″ high) fits customers as much as 5′ 10″ even as the taller xl (31″ excessive) is excellent for customers over 5′ 10″
  • free-standing bars: separate, unconnected bars offer advanced balance and flexibility, and are crucial to any dip stand exercise because it creates the instability wanted for an powerful parallette bar style ordinary with right shape and tower alignment
  • get admission to to online fitness group: as a welcome to the lebert fitness circle of relatives, you’ll be invited to join our private online health institution providing free workout programs, significant guide and education tools designed to get you began and live stimulated
  • includes: two equalizer bars with heavy responsibility foam handles, resistance band, workout manual, and get entry to to an internet training institution. Bars guide as much as 400lbs, are easy to assemble, stack and save and are awesome for your own home health club or institution magnificence bootcamps
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Black (XL), Chrome, Green, Yellow

8 reviews for Lebert fitness dip bar stand – unique equalizer total body strengthener pull up bar home fitness center exercise equipment dipping station – hip resistance band, workout manual and on line institution

  1. alexuria

    My stats: About 5’9 165lbs and I have long arms. I bought these bars specifically so I could train the front lever at home. Keep reading… Hopefull this review answers any and all questions you may have. I spent quite some time searching for a review similar to the one I’m about to leave, but to no avail. Alright, so the Lebert Fitness EQualizer Bars… Where do I begin. Over priced? I would say without a doubt, yes. However, they are the tallest dip bars I could find to fit my needs. I ordered the black XL. Took me about 5mins to assemble the bars. Very straight forward in that regard. Some reviews mentioned they aren’t so stable. I can see why they say that and I suppose I would agree, but if YOU are stable then so are the bars. If you were to add sand to the inside of the bottom of the bars that would alleviate that I’m sure. Some reviews say they wobble and don’t even sit flat on the ground. I too will agree because one of my bars is kind of like this, but I use them on carpet so I don’t necessarily feel it or see it like others might. The DVD that is included, stated to be a $50 value is useless and definitely not worth $50. It might be useful if you have absolutely no clue about fitness and you don’t know what youtube is, but otherwise its just a bs DVD tossed in there to try and justify the price point of the product. More about the product. As stated, I’m about 5’9 and I have long arms. I can do dips just fine and my knees don’t touch the ground, which seems to be an issue for people taller or those who don’t buy the XL. I’d say if you’re 6ft or over then you would need to put blocks of wood or something underneath the bars to give yourself enough clearance for dips. I can do plenty of “above the bar” movements without it feeling unstable because like I said, If YOU are stable then so are the bars. However, I probably wouldn’t recommend trying a handstand or at least, I won’t be trying to handstand with them. As I’ve said before, I bought these for front lever training and these would be great for front lever training IF you are shorter than 5’9 or don’t have long arms. These bars aren’t as wide as I’d like them to be so I’m stuck training with a slightly more narrow grip than I’d prefer. And with arms fully extended and locked out, while holding a tuck front lever, my back is BARELY off of the ground. I can see someone shorter getting waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy more out of these without having to modify anything, but for myself and those like me, you will have to prop the bars up on some wood to get decent clearance while training the front lever. Overall I’m satisfied, but had I known how narrow the grip would be for what I need then I might not have purchased them. But thats my fault for not reading. In summary, these bars are good for pretty much any and all novice level – intermediate calisthenics movements. And there is nothing that really separates them from their competion aside from the name and having Frank Medrano make a video with them. Read more

  2. J Archer

    The standard size is too small for this 5’11” man. Dips and chest rows, not to mention gymnastic movements, are not possible on these little bars. Save yourself the trouble of unboxing, assembling, discovery, then re-boxing, returning, and waiting for the refund. If you are a long-limbed 5’11” or taller, do NOT get this product. I recommend the Ultimate Body Press set —I’ve enjoyed it for decades. Or, if you want separate parallel bars, get the XL size of the EQualizer. Read more

  3. krod

    Foam grips might as well not even be there. They’re so thin you have to put something over it to use. Bars not sturdy at all, they move and tip. I’m 5’4 and 110 lbs, so I didn’t expect the bars to tip like they do. I would have returned if it wasn’t such a pain to do so. Not what I expected, disappointed. Read more

  4. K.T.

    **UPDATE** I’ve learned much since first buying these dip bars and I feel it’s worth updating. I’ve learned it’s ill-advised to go lower than 90 degrees, but more Importantly I’ve learned to tilt my torso near a 45 degree angle to hit shoulders/chest/triceps. A straighter torso is primarily triceps. So when executing “proper form” these dip bars (XL) provide more than enough clearance to reach 90 degrees on my reps. Thanks for reading. *original review* Lots of good reviews already, I’ll keep mine short and to the point. These are expensive compared to other like brands. They are very sturdy though. Assembly could not be easier, unless they came pre-assembled. I’m 73” tall, I bought the XL in hopes of doing dips. I know exactly when I’ve reached 90 degrees, simply because that’s the exact moment my knees touch the ground! I would like to be able to dip lower than 90 though, so that really stinks! I guess I could raise the bars on some cinderblocks or a 4×4, maybe even a 6×6. So to keep it short, my fellow tall people should take note. I don’t regret the purchase. Read more

  5. Artsypup

    Super easy to put together less than 5 min . I had the other equalizer bar even with connector was not stable and the grab isn’t good . Lebert one is super stable / great hand grab texture. I can’t wait so did not watch dvd 😭 of how to , just did some movements on it . Love it ! Don’t waste $ to buy other co ! Read more

  6. JRA

    Excellent product! It’s very heavy duty and stable. Only downside is that I wish they were taller and wider. I’m 6ft and the bars reach mid-thigh height so I have to drop down quite a bit to do dips but it’s not a big deal. They’re still a great addition to my home gym. Read more

  7. Bogart

    I really like these and once you figure out your balance and work out any squaring issues, they’ll work well for you. If I was to offer any design suggestions the “basic” model would be 32” high and the XL 36”. These are 28” and a bit short if you are 5’ 10” or taller. One other issue is quality control. I had to true mine for square and it wasn’t a quick tweak. For the cost, I’d say if they were 25% cheaper, I wouldn’t mention this at all. That said, these are sturdy enough once you figure them out and you can crank out a lot of cool movements with them. Read more

  8. Justin

    Well the first one went together in about 2 minutes. Everything fit and it’s a very simple assembly. The problem is the second one. The chrome is scuffed up a bit on one side and the opening of that leg is bent so it will not fit over the foot pole. It’s a sturdy product which also means it’s difficult to bend into place. Half my item is sitting in pieces while I try to figure out how and IF I can fix it. I I gave it 2 stars for the inability to use it fully, but if both bars were fully assembled I’d give it 5 because the one that worked is excellent in every way I would hope for. Read more

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