Lebert fitness parallette push up bars dip station stand – best for domestic and garage health club workout equipment – gymnastics, calisthenics, power schooling parallel bars for males and females

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  • make sure this suits by using coming into your version wide variety.
  • parallette bars: solid stainless-steel creation with excessive density, non slip industrial grade grips
  • dip stand: ideal for acting dips, pushups, l-sits, stretches and many greater body weight electricity training physical activities
  • lightweight & supportive: every bar weighs 5 kilos and helps up to 400 kilos
  • clean to store: parallettes are extraordinarily transportable and smooth to gather and store – 12″h x 25″l (grip width thirteen. Five” / t-leg width sixteen”)
  • consists of: (2) black lebert parallettes bars
  • game kind: weightlifting
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the lebert health parallettes are an essential piece of device for any body weight electricity education sporting activities and workouts. Increase muscle stamina, construct shoulder and middle electricity even as also reducing danger of wrist strain. Consists of downloadable pdf workout publications (lebert fitness parallette amateur workout guide and the back to basics equalizer workout manual). Through shifting quickly among sports you will additionally get a superb cardiovascular exercise at the same time as also difficult your center. With its stable chrome steel production and high density, non slip business grade grips, those are ideal for performing dips, pushups, l-sits, stretches and plenty of greater body weight strength education physical games. Mild weight, transportable and smooth to save – 12″h x 25″l (grip width thirteen. Five” / t-leg width 16″) with every bar weighing 5lbs and supporting up to 400lbs.


Black, Chrome (Frank Medrano Signature)

8 reviews for Lebert fitness parallette push up bars dip station stand – best for domestic and garage health club workout equipment – gymnastics, calisthenics, power schooling parallel bars for males and females

  1. Rodrigo Rivera

    First, let me state that I was not invited to review this item like the 10 other reviews on here. I actually purchased the parallettes to add more dynamic body weight workouts to my routine. These oarallettes are built like a tank. They will NEVER break on you. I am 5’10 and weigh 195lbs and I feel very comfortable working on these parallettes. I know they won’t give out on me. They were very easy to put together, took me about 10 minutes. Before purchasing this item I did my research and shopped around varying brands, some cheaper and some much more expensive. Ultimately I went with these parallettes because I trust the Lebert Fitness brand ( I also own a pair of xl EQuilizers). You seriously get your money’s worth. I highly recommend these parallettes if you are looking to start some serious body weighted strength training. I get a better workout using the parallettes then at the gym. Read more

  2. Tyler Slade

    Their attractive finish allows you to stick them in the corner of your room and not hide them. They feel sturdy and are light (five pounds each). For the chrome version you are paying them $20 on average for 1. not getting the worker bee yellow color & 2. what should be an attractive-looking upgrade. That sounds great but the finish doesn’t seem as professional as a smooth chromed-over piece of furniture like my kitchen stool (as pictured). They look more like somebody took a not-completely-smooth piece of stainless steel and coated it. There are also some blemishes out of the box despite good wrapping. The grip/handle really disappointed me because there are striations/indentations in the handle that seem to be impressions from the tightly packed ties around the bubble wrap it came in (as pictured). Commercial gyms would choose a different more resilient rubber, of which, doesn’t take the shape of anything and can’t be picked at. The rubber feet slide when used in very wide positions or if you want to fully extend yourself on hardwood floors. True commercial grade feet would not be able to slide (look up Rogue Bolted Parallettes). This is a beautiful product from five-feet away. I implore the seller to ship a new version that has these issues addressed. I suggest that the seller offer a black option at the same price as the yellow ones. Currently the seller is offering half-baked chrome or taxi cab yellow. If they don’t want to change the grip rubber-type, body coating integrity and non-slip feet then you should value this item in a lower price bracket. Read more

  3. Luke Isitt

    These are fantastic, I love bringing parallettes into my regime. They are height adjustable (2 sizes) by about one inch and come with several extra screws. My only complaint is that they lack traction on the bottom, so if you do anything like wide push ups, wide handstands, wide L-sits, they will not stay put without an influencing variable. Read more

  4. powerpackager

    After buying and returning 2 other brands of these paralettes, I finally got a set that aren’t poorly executed crap. The paint seems thick and evenly applied, the fit of the base to bar is very good. The packing was good an protected the item well even though it is a bit heavy. Good job. The thread formed parts all worked. The assembly screws look like black oxide carbon steel and seemed good and strong. No stripping problems and the item assembled easily and well. The directions are well thought out and point out an assembly sequence which if followed will result in the pieces assembling pre settled. No wiggling or movement after initial loading, very solid. I knocked off 1 star because when opened, the product smelled very strongly of diesel and the anti slip feet were somewhat distorted. In no way a deal breaker, but just pointing it out. I would buy this item again if I needed it and would recommend others looking for paralettes to consider this seller. Read more

  5. Aaron Smiley

    I was skeptical of how sturdy these would be, but I was pleasantly surprised. It comes with locking washers so it’s not apt to come apart on you. I got the yellow one, (even though I love Frank Medrano). The one thing I would suggest is to have an alcohol bath or rag handy when you assemble. The screws are bathed in oil. Read more

  6. Derek Rochniak

    I can’t believe I’m the first one to review these bad boys. These things are built like little tanks. I had originally bought the jfit pros and had to return them because a poor weld. Those felt like a child’s toy compared to these. These may be double the price but they’re double the quality. Trust me, if you plan on using them regularly and want something that will last, get these. They’re high quality and super stable. The pic gives you a reference of how much bigger these are than the jfits Read more

  7. PersonPerson

    This are sturdy and heavy. The bases are wide so it doesn’t really move. My kids love these. I don’t have the easy time I thought I would with them, apparently I need to work out a little more 1st. Compared to other parallettes I think these are a good deal and good for beginners. Read more

  8. Hill1

    As the title says, these things are truly beastly. Not your Grandmas push up bars, these take it to the next level. Love em. If I could do one thing different, it would be to make the foam handles a little softer and squishier. But that would mean more expensive material. The foam it comes with are good and strong, just a bit on the firm side. But some may like this. Most importantly, the bars themselves are really solid, unlike any push up bars I’ve ever used. A+++ Read more

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