Letsfit resistance bands, workout bands set with guidance guide & bring bag, strength exercising bands for health home gym

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  • ensure this suits
  • by means of coming into your version variety.
  • 5 resistance bands include: is available in 5 distinct resistance electricity tiers: x-mild, mild, medium, heavy and x-heavy.
  • green exercise: loop resistance bands increase the effectiveness of your sporting events. Used for a number exercises, together with yoga, pilates,and so forth.
  • multifunctional: the resistance band set can be used to workout all parts of muscular tissues consisting of fingers, stomach, glutes and legs.
  • gymnasium-in-your-pocket: the exercise bands take up little space so that you can use them at domestic or carry on the manner, consisting of in office, on a holiday.
  • what’s protected: five exercising loop bands with shade-coded resistance degrees, portable deliver bag and instructions manual.
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best for health, frame shaping, weight reduction, resistance training, power training and so forth.

small and light-weight so you can use at domestic each time you have a second, or take it with you anywhere each time.

rather than high-priced membership fee of gyms and cumbersome, heavy weights, use those inexpensive and portable resistance loop bands also be a good offer to attain your exercise effects


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5 reviews for Letsfit resistance bands, workout bands set with guidance guide & bring bag, strength exercising bands for health home gym

  1. KathleenHemrich

    So, if you’re looking for a good priced rubber set of bands that are easy to read (as in the list the value of each ON the band itself0, carry (they come with a purse) and use – these are it. I like that the blue colors delineate X-heavy, heavy, medium, light, X-light – however like almost ALL rubber exercise bands? They do roll up depending on the exercise you are doing and how intensely you are exercising. See my video for a full review. I made a mistake in the video saying that when they roll up I used lighter bands, NOT true, I meant to say when they roll up I use heavier bands and or double up on the bands. And? Like other rubber exercise bands, they are not exactly comfortable in that they cut a bit into you if you wear them too long. I tried to demonstrate a lot of the exercises I can do with them at the gym but wasn’t able to show you all of them – there are SO many exercises you can do with these kinds of bands – just google rubber band exercises and you’ll see! I really think that these bands are great for the price and the convenience of using them. However? I am going to search for a fabric band, I really think those would stay put – the only thing possibly challenging with the fabric bands is that they ironically (I’ve read) are not that flexible – so? You decide what type of band is right for you. I like that I can throw this little bag of bands (what a catchy phrase!) in my gym bag and whip them out at the gym OR (more likely) use them in my down time at the office (I’m a counselor so I do get some private time in my office!). These are also great to pull out in your car in traffic and do some arm work. Overall? I’m giving them 5 stars because despite rolling up? They, in my opinion, are worth the money given the price, flexibility of them, easy to carry and easy to read aspects to them.Read more

  2. thinkkdifferent

    I recommend these Resistance Loop Bands – Set of 5 Fitness Exercise Bands for Fitness Workouts – Stretching and Physical Therapy. The colors make it easy to identifies the resistance level… These are GREAT for, Insanity, Crossfit Training, Yoga, Pilates, Beachbody, Physical Therapy, Strengthing, Toning Upper and Lower body. You can also isolate and target glutes, legs, hips & knees.Resistance bands work your muscles like weights do – your muscles contract to generate force to stabilize and control the desired movement. However, unlike weights, resistance bands don’t rely on gravity to provide the resistance.They seem to be very good quality and durability, no smell as well, they come with a bag for easy storage and carry around.Read more

  3. N. Truong

    Update:The company sent me a whole new set of bands even though I let them know only one ripped. That was very nice of them. Overall they are good to work with. The band width isn’t that wide so I slides easily but still good a good additional challenge to my workoutsI was really excited to workout with resistance bands but maybe I was too rough? with the xlight because I’ve used it all but twice. As you can see in the picture it’s already ripped. However the other bands seem more sturdy.Debating if I should return them because if I do then I won’t have any to workout with. So for one band to mess up it’s not to so bad. I’ll try them for another week and give you an update.Read more

  4. Neil Havrilla

    I got the bands for Christmas as a way to do things at home for strength building and flexibility. I have had other bands in the past that were not a loop, and I felt they were hard to use so I wanted to try these. I LOVE these bands. I love that they tell you the pound equivalent for the type of band you use (light vs heavy) and the bands are marked with the strength size so you know which one you are using. The bands are made of good quality material but still have a great amount of stretch. They aren’t like bands I have used in the past where they became loose with time or seemed flimsy. That could also be due to the loop design, but I’m not sure since these are the first loop bands I have ever used. I used the very light band and I could feel my muscles being used, so it will be a great, but pleasant, increase to the heavier bands. I also like that they were color coded for their weight. The carrying pouch included is nice if you want to take them to the gym for a workout or class, and makes for nice storage. They also included the manual with safety instructions and workout samples for the bands. Overall a great quality product that is easy to use and does the job.Read more

  5. Luvs2Shop

    I have been looking for set of loop resistance bands that would allow me to gently ease into working out so I can get a jump start on my new years resolution.I wanted something that was low cost and easy to use. The Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands are the perfect solution for me.This set is ideal for stretching (to warm up and cool down) and for a complete full body workout.Also ideal to use for stretching just to stay limber and helps to improve flexibility.I love the convenient and portable carrying bag, all bands and the user manual fits neatly inside the bag which is about 3″ by 6″, or small enough to fit in my pocket or backpack if needed, which means I can use them at home while i watch TV to get a good stretch or take them to the gym to stretch and add in some lightweight exercises, or take them to the park or beach and do the same.User manual is nice in that is has suggested workout exercises to use the bands with. A definite plus for me.I love that you get a complete set of extra light bands to heavy bands, to allow me to progress gradually as my strength increases.Shipping was fast and packaging was complete and easy to open and all instructions were easy to ready.I love this product.A definite 5 out of 5 stars!Thank you Letsfit!Read more

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