Lifeline multi-use shoulder pulley deluxe for assisting rehabilitation and increasing flexibility

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  • make sure this fits via getting into your version number.
  • increases flexibility and range of movement in shoulder movement
  • thoroughly rehab shoulder and rotator cuff accidents
  • stretch and enhance movement in higher frame muscles
  • foam cushion assistive grip for comfort and safety
  • patented grip-all ball for secure, speedy rope length adjustment

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top notch for treating shoulder ache, repairing rotator cuff injuries and growing the variety of movement wished for athletic and functional performance, our pulley gadget receives the blood flowing to your muscle groups and joints. The bendy twine, steel door bracket and door attachment integrate with the rotating foam handles to permit for relaxed movement in all directions and consistent tension for advanced shoulder mobility and flexibility.

4 reviews for Lifeline multi-use shoulder pulley deluxe for assisting rehabilitation and increasing flexibility

  1. L C

    GREAT PRODUCT; EXCELLENT purchase! Bought DELUXE Model, which comes with the over-the-door metal bracket. I had to buy this for my post-shoulder surgery rehab. It was recommended by my physical therapist. Excellent quality. Never a problem throughout my rehab exercises. Worked GREAT!! And less costly than some others. Really easy to set-up: Comes with a metal over-the-door hook that is just placed over top of door (no nailing, or other affixing), onto which you simply hang the pulley rope – Then it is ready for use. My shoulder exercises using the pulleys had me sitting on a chair that had its back against the closed door, so my back and the chair back were facing the door. Since I have a sensitive back, I put a pillow against/along my back as I sat in the chair (made it so comfortable), and then did my pulley exercises – worked GREAT and never had any back issues. Pulleys can be left on the door after use or taken down each time, depending on preference. Highly recommend this product and would buy again. P.s. The first one that was delivered, had a visible fray in the rope on arrival, so I returned it immediately (very easy return process) and the replacement, which arrived quickly, looked and worked fine the entire time. PLEASE INSPECT YOUR ROPE BEFORE FIRST USE in case you have the same problem. Read more

  2. Melissa

    I’ve been going to PT for frozen shoulder for a few months now. At the beginning of my therapy, the doc there suggested I purchase some pulleys to do at home in between PT sessions to help get my range of motion back. I searched on Amazon and found these with good reviews and at a reasonable price. When they arrived and I got a closer look, I realized these are the exact same pulleys that my PT place uses. They are great! They are comfortable to grip and durable. There is no annoying or squeaking noise. I use them in my basement by hooking the metal hook onto a doorway. I use them and do other home exercises in between PT sessions to help progress my frozen shoulder. Read more

  3. Maggie

    Super easy to adjust – takes two seconds – genius adjustment mechanism! Great motion range. I especially like the handles: comfortable, balanced, sturdy grip (so much better than having the cord come thru between your fingers, which results in an uncomfortable unsteady grip). It is great to have BOTH over the door AND IN the door at elbow height methods of using – I use both. The directions tell how to use the strap both ways (OVER and IN the door), but it does not say how to CHANGE the strap to make it work both ways. The strap has a thick lump at one end. To use IN the door: Feed the lump thru the loop and pull it thru – this makes a single strap with a lump on the end which keeps it from pulling through the door when you shut the door on the strap. To use OVER the door. The strap should be “undone” so that the lump on the end keeps it from pulling through the plastic holder and the loop is open to slip on the door hanger. My only complaint is that I have concerns about the cord (or the clearance allowed for the cord at the top of the pulley). Either the cord needs more clearance, or a better cord is needed that doesn’t start fraying immediately. FOR SELLER: Is it possible to buy another cord? I can’t see this one lasting. Overall, I’m very pleased with this product. I don’t know if any of the others have cords that are any better, or pulleys that are any smoother on the cord. I didn’t see another one that came with BOTH over-the-door AND in-the-door hangers. And most were much more difficult to adjust in length – you certainly couldn’t do it in the middle of exercises every day. Most of the others had handles that were just a piece of plastic or wood with a cord thru the middle that came up between your fingers. This product came in a very nice box. Read more

  4. Judy

    I purchased this at the same time I purchased the Duromed Pulley, and so you will see an identical review under that product as well. First some waivers: I work for neither company and this is an impartial review. Secondly, both products do the job for which they were manufactured, as long as users understand their purpose. I feel that some of the unfavorable reviews were written because those customers may have not realized these products are only useful for assisted passive rehabilitation to gain flexibility and range of motion for shoulders following surgery or other treatments. They are not for improving muscle strength against a resistance. They are both sturdy enough for the purpose they were built. There is no difference in the results you can expect from their performance. Both will hang from the door and permit closure. In my opinion the Lifeline shoulder pulley is a far better product for a number of reasons: 1. It has an elegantly simple design. 2. It’s easier to put together. It’s also easier to hang on the door and then take off after use 3. It’s quieter and smoother. 4. The instructions are better. 3. It’s easier to travel with since it’s smaller. 5. It’s more versatile permitting exercises off the bracket more readily For example, in external rotation the Lifeline pulley is utilized horizontally by inserting its rugged nylon loop between the hinged edge of the door and the jamb. That cannot be done with the Duromed pulley. 6. The Lifeline is also better for people with bad hands because the grips are padded and one of them even has a mechanism to take all pressure off the knuckles. 7. It is much easier to adjust the length of the ropes on the Lifeline. Simply pull the rope through an opening on the top of the grip to whatever length you need and a small spherical catch at the end of a lever will maintain the position. With the Duromed Pulley the rope has to be untied and then retied to the grip. The Duromed Duro-Med Exercise Pulley SetDuro-Med Exercise Pulley Set Pulley has 4 small rubber cushions on the bracket to keeping it from scratching the door. However the cushions themselves left scuff marks. The simpler Lifeline bracket has no cushions, but it has not scratched or left any marks on the door so far. One tip: With the Lifeline hang the bracket first, close the door, and then hang the pulley by its loop. If you hang the pulley first the weight of the apparatus will cause the bracket to tilt and you will be unable to close the door. Read more

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