Lockjaw olympic barbell collar

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  • make certain this fits through getting into your version range.
  • 2 inch diameter clamps for olympic bars
  • single-action cam lock securely clamps on the bar
  • stable nylon resin frame and injection molded pressure pads
  • offered in a couple
  • weight schooling accessory for velocity, agility, electricity, electricity, going for walks, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer and all other athletic, fitness, weight, or pass training
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product description

lock-jaw olympic ljc-oly // 2” / 50mm olympic barbell collar use : powerlifting, exercises in which bar isn’t dropped* the lock-jaw olympic barbell collar functions a strong nylon resin body and injection molded pressure pads, making it almost unbreakable. The unmarried- action cam lock securely clamps the collar as soon as located at the bar. The unique lock-jaw is the fingers-down favored collar of coaches, universities, and industrial gyms round the arena. Designed to face up to the toughest exercising environments, innovative layout, superior durability, and excellent overall performance make the lock-jaw collar an great desire for any olympic style bar *to be used with rubber bumper plates, olympic lifting, or crossfit, we propose the lock-jaw seasoned barbell collar for optimum performance. Specifications weight : 13. Zero ounces (0. 80 lb. In line with set) dimensions : 3. 0” h x 3. 5” w x 2. Zero” d cloth : proprietary nylon resin colorations : black, purple, blue u. S. Patent : #7,513,856 mfg guarantee : 1-year grasp carton : 50 units



5 reviews for Lockjaw olympic barbell collar

  1. Kidogo

    I have a set of spring collars as well as a a Quicklee composite collar. The springs get in the way/hit the ground if using smaller plates. The Quicklee goes on easy, but it hard to get off. I saw Lockjaws being used at a local gym, with rave reviews, so I decided to give them a shot. So far I have been very happy with this decision. To note, I don’t intentionally drop my weights after a lift and I don’t use bumper plates. My weight set is rubber coated metal and is on the second floor of my house so, needless to say, even if I do a power clean, the weight is set nicely down afterwards (plus I view control of the weight down as important as control of the weight up). In a personal correspondence, Lockjaw recommended this set since I am not hard on my weights. If you do lift this way, note that you will need to get the pro or the elite. Pros: It holds the weights on securely it comes on and off the bar easily (can be done with one hand) Stays out of the way – unlike my spring clips Cons: None yet Read more

  2. Brent

    I’m going to talk about the seller Global Store Supply first, and then I’m going to talk about the collars. I understand that these are meant to be product reviews, but people rarely look at seller reviews before buying. Further, I have given the product the stars it deserves and have not allowed a terrible seller to impact my perception of the product. I had the misfortune of purchasing these from Global Store Supply, as previously mentioned. Shipping was a bit late, and the collars were just sort of rattling around loose inside the box, but I figured they’re designed to take a beating so it’s probably not too bad. Then I realized I had been sent fake knock-off items. Other reviews have noted some of the differences, but the most salient is that the Lockjaw branding text visible in the photos is missing. These fakes feel different than the real ones, fit differently, and are different in their construction. They include a locking tab that seems like it will probably break off due to regular wear in a month or two at most. I cannot comment on the durability in practice, but that’s irrelevant as I should never have been sent an illegitimate product. Sellers who send out fakes using Amazon as a platform damage the Amazon brand and the trust that that people have in that brand, and must be stomped out immediately. Upon filing a complaint, I received the following email from the seller: “Hi, You have been fully refunded. Thank you” I got my money back, but that doesn’t excuse what they did. How many people bought a set of these from them, thinking they were a legitimate product and were not aware of the differences? Absolutely disgusting conduct. With that unpleasantness out of the way, these collars are fantastic as long as you get a real set. As other reviewers have mentioned, they may be slightly snug depending on the actual dimensions of your barbell since they are not technically designed for those of exactly 2.0″ diameter. While I have had no issue with durability, I don’t think I would use them for Olympic lifts as they are, according to the company, not intended for this purpose. Easy to get on and off, and hold the plates in a way that makes me confident they aren’t going anywhere. Read more

  3. Big Daddy

    One of the casualties of Super Storm Sandy was my Bowflex. The flood water rusted the lower half beyond salvage so out it went with the rest of my furniture, kitchen cabinets, etc. Instead of replacing it with another home gym machine I went old school with a flat olympic bench and weight set. No cables, no power rods, no switching this pulley over to that eye hook, etc. just heavy steel. My boys are ready to move up from push-ups and pull-ups so, the time was perfect to introduce them to real weight lifting and these collars make it much easier for them to use the equipment. They snap open and closed easily enough for my nine year old to change the weights by himself, as opposed to the tension collars that came with the curling bar or the screw down collars that came with the dumbbells. They are made of heavy plastic and do an excellent job of holding the plates tight to the inner ring of the bar. Over all we are vey happy with the quality and functionality of these collars. Read more

  4. SLav

    These work fantastically and aren’t even hard to put on one-handed. They open and close easily while not being lose (no flopping around while open) and when clamped down, they don’t move. Definitely worth the investment over standard spring clamps, even if you don’t have any problems with your spring clamps. (My first bar was so grooved that it was nearly impossible to get my spring clamps on and off). There is an added bonus in that the edges are completely flat/flush to the weigh whereas spring clamps often only touch about 50% of the surface due to their spiral pattern. This helps keep the weights from shifting at all (especially for lifts from the floor) Read more

  5. Howard B

    Our local gym has a couple of “Muscle Clamps” and they work very well also. But often they go missing so I decided to get my own. I decided on the Lock-Jaw because the construction seemed more robust and less likely to break. Functionally these two types are a dead even draw. They both hold the plates securely. They are both quick to use and they are priced similarly. The simplicty of the Lock-jaw design and the beefy looking components are what sold me. I use them twice a week for bench pressing and so far they have held up well. (The Muscle Clamps that the gym owns have disappeared so I cannot comment on the relative durability.) If these failed in a year’s time I would replace them with the same clamps. A well-thought out product that works well. Read more

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