Manduka 131023030 eko lite yoga and pilates mat, midnight, 4mm, 68″

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  • make certain this fits by getting into your model quantity.
  • excessive-density closed-mobile surface prevents sweat from seeping into the cozy mat cushion, advanced joint protection, and unequalled grip and assist.
  • every manduka eko mat is crafted from biodegradable, a hundred% herbal tree rubber with non-poisonous foaming sellers and non-azo dyes, manduka uses no % or dangerous plasticizers and all put up-business scrap is thoughtfully accumulated and applied in the manufacturing of different materials growing a zero waste manufacturing procedure.
  • to store: roll manduka eko mats with the top aspect dealing with outwards. This continues the corners of the mat flat whilst working towards.
  • to interrupt in: the surface texture of manduka mats improves with use. The excellent way to interrupt in your mat is exercise, exercise, exercise.
  • to smooth: maintain your mat within the fine condition via wiping it down after every exercise with manduka all-cause mat wash. It’s mainly formulated to easy your mat with out adverse the surface or causing slippage. Do no longer soak, shower or submerge your mat

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product description

the eko lite mat is a natural yoga mat made from sustainably harvested tree rubber. Unlike other rubber mats to be had nowadays, the foaming marketers used to create the eko lite are non-poisonous. What this means is that no toxic chemical substances have long gone into the manufacturing procedure to soften the rubber. Moreover, instead of using synthetic polyester for reinforcement, we’ve selected to apply a mix of polyester and natural cotton. Consistent with each consumer feedback and published yoga mat evaluations, the eko lite mat is a excessive overall performance mat this is also true for the environment.

2 reviews for Manduka 131023030 eko lite yoga and pilates mat, midnight, 4mm, 68″

  1. banda543

    The only thing I wish was that it was thicker. 4mm is thinner I have learned. That said, I am keeping it. It is an excellent mat for yoga. It provides superior grip. I know my hands are not going to slip in down dog. I already own the eKOlite travel yoga mat. I love it. It stayed in my gym bag in the car so it was always handy. It is COVID now. I took it out of my car to use in the house because my house yoga mat wasn’t nearly the same quality. I purchased this one after forgetting to put my travel one in the car when I went away. There were no brick and mortar stores that had a yoga mat. I tried using a towel to do yoga while away. It didn’t work well at all. I wanted another eKOlite mat because my travel mat is 2 years old and is still in great shape and the stickiness works like the first day I used it I do clean it but not nearly as much as I should. I also chose the eKOlite because it is eco friendly, made from biodegradable non-Amazon harvested natural tree rubber. Another factor in choosing is the length. I am 5’7 and the 68 inch mats work well enough but I wanted something a little longer. The 3 inches of what this provides is exactly what I needed. I also chose this because of its superior grip. It does have a natural rubber scent when first used. I remember this with my first one. It did last a bit of time for the odor to go away. It does go away though. The 4 mm thickness is dense. It is not soft. I was concerned about this with my knees at first. I laid out Another more plush yoga mat next to this one and alternated between the two to see the difference. What I realized was my knee sank to the floor on the plush one not really providing me with much padding anyhow. The eKO mat is very stable under me. It feels the same no matter what pose I am in. Read more

  2. Leo Ciaramitaro

    As a 6’ tall, 200 pound man, there is absolutely nothing “LITE” about me. I never would have purchased this had I known that. The mat does not stay put and slides around on the floor. Absolutely infuriating, since the ad did not make clear that this was a light weight version of the very same yoga mat I was replacing. Read more

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