Manduka cork yoga block, resilient material, transportable healthy & smooth to grip, relaxed contoured edges, multi size

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  • made from sustainable cork: this high first-rate yoga block has a firmness no longer located in foam blocks, and lets in you to experience comfortable in the guide it generously presents.
  • at ease contoured edges: smooth-to-grip textured surface
  • light-weight and robust: whether you are a newbie or superior yogi, the cork yoga block weighs much less than coarse-grain cork normally used for blocks
  • safe & powerful: resilient strong shape, improve your exercise through the use of blocks to deepen your practice, maintain proper alignment, and help live safe by way of reducing injury and muscle pressure -this block permit you to do all of it!
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product description

product description

the manduka cork block sets the standard for excessive overall performance yoga props and accessories. Cork is a natural cloth that has a firmness now not located in foam blocks, and permits you to feel at ease inside the guide it offers. You could additionally sense good about the manufacture of the block, understanding there are no toxic chemical compounds produced in their harvesting and production.

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putting the standard for high-performance yoga props, this manduka block is fabricated from one hundred percentage cork–a herbal fabric harvested beneath tight policies. Cork all righttrees aren’t allowed to be stripped of cork bark until they’re 25 years old after which are allowed to regrow undisturbed for some other seven to nine years after stripping

cork offers a firmness no longer located in foam competition. Yoga blocks are ideal for yoga students of all ranges, as they assist novices carry out postures that could otherwise be too difficult, while more advanced practitioners can use them to improve strength, stability, and alignment. In addition, the block’s easy-to-grip textured surface and comfy contoured edges make it experience relaxed and accommodating throughout tough stretches. Produced with out using any poisonous chemicals for the duration of harvesting and manufacturing, the cork yoga block measures nine by using 4 through 6 inches (w x h x d) and weighs 2 kilos.


9'' x 6'' x 4'', 9'' x 6'' x 4'' (Pack of 2), 8.5” x 4' X 2.75”


Cork Block, Lean Cork Block

8 reviews for Manduka cork yoga block, resilient material, transportable healthy & smooth to grip, relaxed contoured edges, multi size

  1. Melanie Gilbert

    Yoga blocks are like yoga mats: how you use them depends on your preference and your size. Students with larger hands and a taller build may prefer the wider and longer design of the Manduka block. Students with smaller hands and stature may find the width and weight too cumbersome. I am 5’ 8” with arms that are 1” longer than my height, and hands with a 4” palm span. I need a solid block under my poses – especially my extended standing poses like Utthita Parsvakonasana: Extended Side Angle Pose or Parivritta Ardha Chandrasana: Revolved Half Moon. Smaller blocks – like the one pictured next to the Manduka – collapse under my grip. Or I grip the block so hard that I can’t concentrate on relaxing into the pose. Yoga is the art of finding balance in your body and in your pose. For me, moving up to a heavier, wider and taller block improved my comfort level and enhanced my experience of the pose. It’s important to know how and what works for you to optimize your time on your mat and in your practice. Read more

  2. Dr. Borue

    This yoga block has really transformed my practice. I used cheap compressed foam blocks for years and didn’t think a heavier cork block would make any difference. Then I attended a yoga class at a new location and they had several Manduka cork blocks mixed in amongst the usual foam blocks. I decided to try one out for the heck of it. I was absolutely floored at the difference the block made in my stability during balance poses. As counterintuitive as it sounds, it actually allowed me to be less reliant on my arms for the additional balance as I didn’t have to grip as hard to keep the block from moving and when I did need the extra support it was firmly yet comfortably there. From that day on, I tried to get to class early enough to grab one of the Manduka blocks. A few months later I came late and had to use a foam block. I hated it so much I went onto amazon and bought my own Manduka block as soon as I returned home. These blocks will likely outlast all of my other yoga accessories. They are extremely high quality and feel so much nicer on your hands than some of the other cork blocks I’ve felt, which seem to have a chunkier, harsher texture. You really do get what you pay for and these blocks are 110% worth the extra cost. Read more

  3. ReviewMama

    Super happy with this yoga block–best I’ve seen outside a yoga studio. I made the mistake of trying to save money by purchasing a less expensive block. HA! You get what you pay for. I like it’s sturdiness; not squishy. Note: I am 5’8″ adverage frame- the *block* fits my hand the way I like it to. If one is more petite the 3″ brick might be ok. Also note that a purchase is per one block, not a set of two. If you’d like two you must indicate that on your order. OH! and, kitty not included in purchase. Enjoy!! Read more

  4. Kelvin Yen

    Unlike the information that I received when I tried to find where it was made, the block that I received is clearly marked “Made in China.” So if you’re trying to buy things not made in China, look elsewhere. Otherwise, the block looks great and is nice and heavy, but I’m still returning them. Read more

  5. Kerianne O’Dwyer

    I have included a picture for size comparison to standard size yoga block Read more

  6. Laura

    This is a great yoga block. I like it much better than the foam one I had before. It is sturdy and smooth and made from a natural material. It looks nice in the corner of my living room when it’s not in use. But most importantly, it is NOT very heavy. I really left this review mostly to say that. When I was shopping for this, I read all the reviews that said it was a nice block but way too heavy to take to a class, it’s only for home use. This is nonsense! If you are able-bodied enough to go to a yoga class, you will have no problems carrying this block with you. It weighs about 33 oz (I weighed mine). About the same as my big water bottle when it’s full. It is heavier than a foam block, yes. But it is still not very heavy. I mean, really. I mostly practice at home, but a few times a month I join in a class and I will not be hesitating to bring my block with me. Read more

  7. A Sarama

    I have some Gaiam foam blocks that are not supportive and are SUPER easy to mark-up. They even came marked up in the mail. I can’t rely on those blocks for more challenging practices, which is the whole reason I had bought them. Anyways, I decided to invest in some blocks that have more weight and firmness. These blocks are perfect and I couldn’t be happier. I would 100% recommend to a friend. A bit pricey, but I don’t see myself having to replace them anytime soon (unlike the foam blocks I replaced after a week of intermediate practice). Another quality Manduka product. Namaste. Read more

  8. ALM188

    I know most people buy the foam blocks and you can get those for around $9.99. But there is nothing better than the Manduka Cork Block and it is well worth the extra $10. The Manduka Cork Block is heavier and stays in place much better than a foam block. When I’m doing triangle pose, twisting triangle, extended side angle on the pinky side of of my foot, or balancing half moon, it is so much easier to work with the cork block and twist my body without worrying my weight will tip a flimsy foam one over. My only complaint was that it was delivered and wasn’t covered in bubble wrap and the corners were a little chaffed. While I guess it doesn’t make much of a difference use-wise, aesthetically it bothers me a bit. But I was too impatient to return and wait for a new one that might have the exact same issue… Read more

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