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  • make certain this suits by means of getting into your version range.
  • with slightly large dimensions, this 65” x eighty three” peruvian recycled cotton yoga blanket presents both versatility and insurance.
  • overlocked edge sewing to prevent fraying and resists pilling after washing.
  • made from 52. 5% recycled cotton, 35% recycled acrylic, 12. Five% polyester.
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with slightly large dimensions, this peruvian recycled cotton yoga blanket provides both versatility and insurance. Fold, roll and stack into any manner that helps your pose the luxe, rustic material moves the manner you want it to. The appropriate accomplice for any home or studio practice.

information: 65” x eighty three”, 52. Five% recycled cotton, 35% recycled acrylic, 12. Five% polyester, highest fine peruvian cotton combo, overlocked aspect sewing to prevent fraying, resists pilling after washing.

the exceptional and performance of manduka mats and yoga accessories are nevertheless unequalled in the market. They may be nevertheless crafted using easy, enduring, herbal, and each time feasible, renewable substances and a pleasant interest to detail. Manduka is a business enterprise constructed via and for yoga instructors and their students. They are still evolving, nevertheless introducing new products, and still celebrating the spirit and wisdom of yoga instructors and their college students. From the street less traveled, some thing splendid and significant has arrived.



8 reviews for Manduka cotton blanket

  1. Emily Ann LaBrecque

    Pros: nice cover It’s almost like having a weighted blanket on you when you cover yourself to stay warm in savasana or restorative postures. Plus it is large enough that even a very tall person would be totally covered. Cons: not good for anything other than a cover The way the edges have been finished makes this blanket a poor choice for restorative postures, or anything where you’d be on top of it for any length of time. That is to say when you fold or roll it the edges are very prominent and uncomfortable. Plus it’s so massive and heavy, it’s not good for quick changes during class. Read more

  2. Matthew Hoelscher

    I trust Manduka products but this blanket was a little bit of a disappointment. Searched in has and lot of shedding or lint that comes off and sticks to anything it touches. So I decided to wash it. I followed the directions but the blanket came out all wrinkled and cannot be used like that period so I spent about 40 minutes ironing with the steam and it is finally flat enough to fold and use it. I am not happy that I will need to iron it every time I wash it.It looks like a sturdy blanket with a nice pattern and it feels hard and protective. Read more

  3. W. Lee Carter

    There’s a lint problem – it gets _everywhere_. Specifically: I unfolded the blanket after it arrived to check it out (it’s a beautiful blanket, by the way), then refolded it on my lap, and found that blue lint completely covered my shorts – I had to use packing tape to get the lint off. This is surprising to me because other Manduka products I own are really amazing – I have a 15+ year old Manduka yoga mat that still looks new, and a more recently purchased eQua hand towel (available here on Amazon) that’s also great – in fact I plan to buy a couple more. Read more

  4. Shayla Roberts

    I love these new blankets from Manduka. I have both colors and use them every single day. I was worried about pills, but after one wash and dry, I haven’t seen a single bit of pilling, despite the consistent use. They are heavy and sturdy, and I find them a little unwieldy for quick changes, so I fold them in different ways before I begin practice so they are ready when I need them. They start out a little stiff (new moon moreso than thunder) but they seem to be softening up with use. They are so nice my husband has asked if we could get a couple more for household (sofa binge-watching) use. Read more

  5. Kim H

    I tried washing on delicate with delicate fabric wash and dried on lowest head setting to get rid of all the fuzzies. Still sheds (on my yoga room floor and all over my white ottoman). Its a beautiful solid blanket. But after the wash, it curled like crazy. The seams are thick, dont lay flat. I spent some time ironing on warm and it helped a little. I contemplated returning but felt bad. Husband said just use as a couch blanket so that’s where its going! Or maybe a park/picnic/beach blanket after this COVID restriction is lifted. Anyways, I’m a manduka fan, but this blanket is just a TV accessory for now LOL Read more

  6. Jessica

    I’m so happy with this blanket. So far allthe yoga blankets I’ve come across have been wool which is itchy. So finding a cotton blanket, especially from Manduka, was worth a shot. The blanket is huge which can make quick changes a little awkward but it does provide excellent extra padding when warranted. I would recommend washing the blanket twice otherwise you get lots of fabric pills all over you. Read more

  7. moonbeam

    Beautiful subtle pattern; heavy and warm, so large it can be rolled up as bolster. Hate that it sheds like crazy on black yoga pants; maybe better after washing. Surprised at acrylic content in fabric which makes it very heavy & cumbersome to carry. For the same same weight I prefer to carry the Manduka wool blanket, but I wanted a summer blanket which I thought was going to be more cotton and lightweight. Missed return window, but got Manduka quality. Read more

  8. Deborah

    I absolutely LOVE this blanket! It is so well made, beautiful color and will last forever. It has just the right out of weight for meditation, it makes you feel wrapped in a cocoon. It can also be used for a blanket for bed or throw. I plan to by more! Read more

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