Manduka eko superlite yoga tour mat – 1. 5mm thick journey mat for portability, eco friendly and crafted from natural tree rubber. Advanced catch grip for traction, dense cushioning for assist and balance in yoga, pilates, and all health.

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  • high-density closed-cell surface prevents sweat from seeping into the at ease mat cushion, advanced joint safety, and unequalled grip and assist.
  • every manduka eko mat is made from biodegradable, 100% natural tree rubber with non-toxic foaming agents and non-azo dyes, manduka uses no percent or dangerous plasticizers and all publish-business scrap is thoughtfully accumulated and applied inside the manufacturing of other materials growing a 0 waste production system.
  • to store: roll manduka eko mats with the top side facing outwards. This maintains the corners of the mat flat whilst practising.
  • to interrupt in: the surface texture of manduka mats improves with use. The nice way to break on your mat is exercise, practice, practice.
  • to easy: hold your mat in the first-rate situation by using wiping it down after every exercise with manduka all-reason mat wash. It’s particularly formulated to easy your mat without destructive the surface or inflicting slippage. Do now not soak, shower or submerge your mat
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manduka eko superlite yoga tour mat – 1. 5mm thick journey mat for portability

the eko superlite mat is a advanced tour yoga mat that provides outstanding grip. Wherever your practice takes you, the eko superlite is the quality yoga mat for yogis at the cross!


  • seventy one” x 24″ (180cm x 61cm) – 2. 2lbs (1kg)
  • 1. 5mm thick to fold + pass for ultimate portability
  • surface texture offers superior grip, despite mild perspiration
  • tightly woven scrim resists tearing or stretching
  • open-mobile floor prevents sweat from seeping into the mat
  • ninety nine% latex loose and made and not using a percent, poisonous plasticizers or harmful dyes
  • product description

    the equa superlite tour mat is right for warm yoga, absorbent but incredibly long lasting. The equa towel microfiber pinnacle layer offers a moisture-activated grip with an eko mat herbal rubber bottom layer. Because of this the mat’s grip gets better as the mat turns into moist. With a thickness of one. 5mm, you could without problems fold the mat on the pass for final portability. Also, the mat is easy to smooth: system or hand wash individually with cold water + moderate detergent. Avoid fabric softeners and bleach. Hold or tumble dry on low. Crafted from sustainably harvested tree rubber. Manduka has constructed a recognition as the sector’s most respected yoga emblem. Recognized for its legendary seasoned mat. Manduka creates high overall performance yoga mats, yoga towels, bags, props, and guys’s and girls’s health garb. Designed by means of yogis and depended on through teachers international, our merchandise and clothing are used-and fiercely loved-by way of 900+ yoga ambassadors, over two million customers, and 4,000+ yoga studios global. The great and overall performance of manduka mats and yoga add-ons are nonetheless unrivaled within the marketplace. They’re nonetheless crafted the usage of easy, enduring, natural, and each time viable, renewable materials and a first-class interest to element. Manduka is a organisation constructed through and for yoga teachers and their students. We’re still evolving, nevertheless introducing new products, and nonetheless celebrating the spirit and understanding of yoga instructors and their students. From the street less traveled, some thing exquisite and meaningful has arrived. Thank you for being part of our network. Exercise on.



    6 reviews for Manduka eko superlite yoga tour mat – 1. 5mm thick journey mat for portability, eco friendly and crafted from natural tree rubber. Advanced catch grip for traction, dense cushioning for assist and balance in yoga, pilates, and all health.

    1. Olivia

      I travel pretty frequently for work, so I bought this mat to travel with and use in my hotel rooms, primarily because of its foldability and light weight at 2lbs.-Foldability:This folds like in the product photo, maybe 1′ x 2′, and is just fine to throw into a checked bag. I didn’t find that it wrinkles too much, and didn’t have a problem using it after folding. At home, I store it rolled up.-Smell:Out of the box, it smells like natural rubber – very strong, but not as bad synthetic plastic or latex smell. I left it open on my floor to air out for a few days before packing it in my suitcase to use on a trip. When I arrived, it…still smelled really strongly and remained for the entire trip. The rubber smell also transfers to my skin after practicing on the mat; I wanted to use this during the day when I had a break to run back to my hotel room to do some yoga, but I found that I could only use it at night before I showered or else walk around the rest of the day smelling like a tire factory. Ugh. I hope the smell goes away after repeated use, because right now I dread how it transfers to my skin.-Cushioning:This mat is VERY thin (see photo) and provides little to no cushioning. When it first arrived, I tried it out on my hardwood floor at home and had a hard time without cushioning for my sensitive knees. This isn’t a problem for me, as I’ll mainly use this mat in hotel rooms which usually have carpeting. But if you’re planning to use this on a hard studio floor and need some cushioning, you won’t find it here.-Grip:This mat GRIPS. I could never slip on this mat. But it’s so grippy (think sticky “schluuuk!” sound when you lift your palms) that it’s actually a bit of a hindrance in certain transitions that require some slipping and sliding, like a high lunge to warrior II, forward fold to plank or low lunge, or chaturanga to up dog. It’s nice and sticky for poses that you need extreme grip in, but not so nice for flows that require a lot of twisting or sliding around. I don’t want to slip during my practice…but I also don’t want to feel like I’m glued down and going to skin my knees because it’s so grippy! The grip also means it attracts some dust and hair. It’s fine for a travel mat that I use for a week at a time on various trips throughout the year, but this extreme grip factor has me questioning whether or not I want to invest in a Manduka pro for daily use.I’m not a sweaty person and never drip sweat onto my mat during yoga, so I can’t speak to how it performs when wet.-Color:My only other gripe is that I ordered this in midnight blue, which I love, but the dark color combined with the stickiness means that every scuff and bit of dust shows up on it. If there’s any minuscule layer of dust on the bottom of your feet when you step on, it’s going to leave a a white print (see photo). A wipe down with a rag and a tiny bit of mat cleaner (water, vinegar, essential oil) gets most of the scuffs off, but not all of them.Overall, I like this mat for the purpose I bought it for: a lightweight but well-made mat that’s easy to clean, used for traveling a week at a time at various points throughout the year on hotel carpets. Because of how thin it is, I wouldn’t use this as my daily mat on hardwood floors, and because of how grippy it is, I’m reconsidering investing in a Manduka pro.Read more

    2. Laura

      My favorite yoga mat at home and for traveling. It’s been with me to Antarctica, Hawaii, and on many quick overnight trips.I’ve rolled it up in a backpacking backpack, folded in the bottom of my suitcase and found that it’s actually easier and more compact to travel with than the yoga towel I used to bring to put on top of borrowed mats!Much “stickier” than any other mat I’ve owned, yet it doesn’t pick up dog hair or sand the way I dreaded it would. I set it up on a beach blanket to keep sand off while practicing on the beach, but I was easily able to brush the inevitable sand that did get on their off. Even dog hair brushes off easier than it does off my pants.At first I thought I’d only use this for travel, but now I use this at home on top of a thin rug or on the floor (the only pose I relocate for due to its thinness on the hard floor is shavasana) and leave my thicker mat in the car for the yoga studio. Having a separate and easy to transport mat has helped me dedicate myself to home practice in a way I had never thought I’d have the discipline for.Read more

    3. dubbua

      Manduka used to be by go to mat. This is the 3rd I have ordered just from amazon ( I teach and work with people one on one and usually require they buy a Manduka Mat). This last mat the client got on and kept complaining she was slipping. I was thinking she was crazy and then I got on the mat and instantly saw what she was talking about. No manduka we shouldn’t have to “season” a mat. At the price you charge you should make sure the product is ready for use. Secondly your customer service is beyond impossible to get a hold of. They do not return messages, the voicemail is full (probably of disgruntle customers who have spent a fortune on sea salt).Im sad it say…it’s time we part ways Manduka.Read more

    4. Emilie

      What sold me on this mat was the fact that someone stated they were a flight attendant in a previous review and gave it 5 stars. I’m a flight attendant and want to be able to work out in my hotel room; especially when the hotel gym is garbage.Anyway, the mat is extremely lightweight, easy to clean, easy to fold up into nothing and great quality. I like that it is thin but has a lot of grip to it! I would high recommend this for anyone that travels often but doesn’t want to sacrifice workout days when on the road or to resort to using a towel for your workout.Read more

    5. Kevin

      Nice mat, very convenient for travel. Rubber smell isn’t too bad after it’s aired out. I also purchased:Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat, Grey, 2mm to compare.No clear winner. Manduka mat is much grippier than a normal mat. Gaiam is slightly less grippy than a high quality standard size mat. Both are fine for me, but depends on personal preference.Both have similar portability. The Gaiam mat has creases that enable it to fold completely flat. However, the lack of creases on the Manduka does not materially affect its portability. It’s a pretty floppy rubber material so it is easy to fold into a portable form.Read more

    6. Kristen Crisp

      I am so shocked. When i had a studio I was a distributor of Manduka. I LOVED my eko travel mat and was devestated when I lost it in October.Fast forward I ordered one and just unrolled it and gagged first from the insane petroleum smell (we had to literally vacate and spray the room), then put my hand on the mat to find it was slippery as all get out, then saw “made in Taiwan” and figured this had to be a knock off.When I ordered it I literally didn’t look at the Amazon vendor, I took a chance but am even more shocked now that i did my return and see that I actually ordered from the Manduka store. Sooooo disappointed.My past travel mat was the stickiest mat I’ve had in my 12 years of teaching and I was jazzed to buy a new one. Boo hoo this blows.Read more

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