Manduka grp warm yoga mat, non-slip, non-toxic, green – seventy one inch long with superior grip, no towel wanted. Made with dense cushioning for balance and support

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  • extremely slip resistance: perfect for any hot (or just simple sweaty) yoga exercise. Tri-layered production maximizes grip in sweaty and dry situations. Revolutionary leather-like pinnacle layer a no-slip grip regardless of how lots you sweat.
  • superior first-rate: responsive ride provides luxuriously dense and smooth help with the proper amount of rebound in any respect factors of touch. Ideal for numerous kinds of yoga including bikram, vinyasa, or ashtanga.
  • scent-absorbant: charcoal-infused natural rubber middle absorbs sweat to cast off odors. The floor of the grp mat is moisture-wicking, even at at highest temperatures.
  • ditch the towel: 100% open airflow era that filters moisture immediately, even for maximum sweat ranges. The grp mat offers the last towel-much less revel in.
  • zero waste: natural yoga mat crafted from sustainably harvested tree rubber. Unlike different rubber mats available, there are no toxic chemical substances used in production method to soften rubber.
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product description

once in a while it’s the bumps in the road that come to be defining our adventure. That is the tale of manduka, a enterprise founded on the simple concept that a better yoga mat ought to make a global of distinction.

in 1997, peter sterios, an architect became yogi, discovered a simple, elegantly designed black mat whose combination of firm grip and whole aid revolutionized his yoga practice. In honor of the yoga masters who stimulated him, he sought to percentage this amazing product with others.

peter had constantly been the beneficiary of brilliant generosity from different yoga teachers. To repay that debt, he sent mats as items to a few of the teachers he admired along with erich schiffmann, rod stryker, angela farmer, victor van kooten, rodney yee, and shiva rea. The lecturers who stimulated peter had been his first customers. And inside the exceptional yoga tradition, they shared their mats with their college students, and a real yoga organisation changed into born. Peter chose the call manduka in homage to his teacher and mentor, shandor remete, whose middle exercise and teaching always blanketed the ancient hatha yoga pradipika pose, mandukasana or frog. The primary time peter heard and repeated the name of the pose he skilled a experience of childlike joy and delight as the sound rolled off his tongue. The phrase and the pose were replicate pix, concurrently playful and profound. The joy of manduka is now spoken in so many nations, all over the international.

the exceptional and overall performance of manduka mats and yoga accessories are nonetheless unmatched inside the market. They’re nonetheless crafted the use of simple, enduring, natural, and whenever viable, renewable materials and a quality attention to element. Manduka is a company built via and for yoga teachers and their students. We are still evolving, nonetheless introducing new products, and nevertheless celebrating the spirit and understanding of yoga teachers and their college students. From the road less traveled, something great and meaningful has arrived.

practice on.

designed by means of yogis and cherished by teachers everywhere.

the bigger the concept, the larger the effect.

our network conjures up us at each turn and we recall them in everything we do.

sustainability and love for our planet guides the entirety we do and make.

our genuine north is compassion; giving generously to causes devoted to the nicely-being of the arena.

we show up. In our merchandise, our practice, and our community.


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8 reviews for Manduka grp warm yoga mat, non-slip, non-toxic, green – seventy one inch long with superior grip, no towel wanted. Made with dense cushioning for balance and support

  1. Amazon Customer

    I take hot yoga at two places. One is a bikram style room with high humidity and pm flooring. The other is baptise with less humidity and wood flooring. This matt stays put on both types of flooring. The back acts almost like suction cups, to the point you can hear it unstick when you pick it up after class.One thing i’ve noticed at the baptise place is that you need to dampen this matt before using. It is pretty slick if its completely dry. Easier to use at the bikram place, as the high humidity in the air makes this mat sticky. Because of this, this mat should only be used at a hot or heated yoga practice.Read more

  2. Blake

    I read the reviews but took them with a grain of salt. I wish I had paid more attention. This mat is great at absorbing sweat, but doesn’t provide the grip it talks about. I am a SWEATer in hot yoga. We’re talking ridiculous amounts. The mat feels a little slick when dry, but when you get it in the class and a little heat, it got grippier. The first 10-15 minutes of hot vinyasa yoga it works great, but by minute 20 it starts getting slick. I have a hard time holding a down dog. The last class, I went to do full wheel and my hands slipped out from under me. Luckily I didn’t hurt my neck. I gave it 3 classes and now i’m returning it.Read more

  3. Gavin

    This product after 3 weeks has already started to delaminate. It is not worth buying this may. I went for this option hoping for something more durable but it seems I should of rather have selected the proRead more

  4. rapstar

    Attempted to use this for the past four months, thinking it may need to be broken in but I’m the same problems continue. I practice hot power vinyasa and I need some sweat on my hands to get a grip at the start of class or I slip and then about 30 minutes in when I am sweating heavily I begin to slip again. This was sold as a mat that didn’t require a towel. Very disappointing.Read more

  5. James

    This will not allow you to do hot yoga without a towel. It is very grippy and my feet don’t slip in hot classes but my hands slip in down dog. Still needs a towel for a heated class. Would be great in a high tempo non heated class and still a good mat. Just doesn’t do what it says it will.Read more

  6. Matthew Peterson

    Great Mat. I was apprehensive to buy based on reviews, and the fact I’m not a sweaty yogi. The mat has been nothing but great right out of the package. It’s very sticky and I haven’t slipped once. Very secure. The 4mm is perfect for me – enough padding for the knees but thin enough to feel grounded in balancing poses.The material is leather-like and sticks at the beginning of my practice as well as when my feet or hands get perspiration. It’s far better than most mats I’ve ever tried. I prefer it over my Manduka Pro by far. The stick is as good as a Lululemon Reversible but different. Overall, if you’re contemplating I say go for it.Read more

  7. Maria C.

    About 1 month ago i bought the grp. Now i wish i didnt buy it. The main reason i bought this mat is because i slip on my regular mat. I practice vinyasa at 2 different studios (4-5x a week) and the same result, i slip! I didnt expect to spend the money to purchase a manduka and be disappointed.Read more

  8. Robert Mitchell Hale

    The top layer of this mat began to peel off after only three months of use. Because I purchased it through Amazon, Manduka won’t honor the warranty. So this $90 yoga mat is a a really inferior product and a waste of money.Read more

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