Manduka pro journey yoga mat 2. 5mm skinny, light-weight, non-slip, non-toxic, green, seventy one inch long – made with dense cushioning for stability and guide, fuchsia (116011118)

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  • ensure this fits
  • through coming into your version wide variety.
  • effectively transportable: light-weight and easy to take in your subsequent retreat or everywhere your journey takes you. At 2. 5mm in density, with ease cushion your backbone, hips, knees, elbows, or any factor of touch on hard flooring.
  • non-slip: gives greater stability on any difficult or tender surfaces. Proprietary backside material permits its grip to improve with every use to help prevent injury.
  • sweat resistant: closed-cell creation blocks micro organism and moisture from sweat, which prevents the building up odors and makes cleansing a breeze.
  • eco-friendly: responsibly crafted in an emission-unfastened facility. Alright-tex licensed, meaning it is 100% secure for you, your kids, and pets. Assist diminish the quantity of % mats that input landfills each yr and decrease overall mat consumption.
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  • does this provide considerable cushioning for knees?
  • does this provide important cushioning for knees?

  • what are the size whilst it’s folded up?
  • it relies upon on the way you fold it, but i was capable of fold into the size like a thick binder, less than a foot in length and width, can be you can do some math on it. However, if you need a foldable mat, i wouldn’t advise this but to go together with a thinner one like equa superlite due to the fact this mat makes creases (which lasted for hours however sooner or later went away) when you fold this. It rolls up tight and thinner like a half of size of other seasoned mats and i really like it! See less

  • does this have lifetime warranty?
  • does this have lifetime assurance?


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    8 reviews for Manduka pro journey yoga mat 2. 5mm skinny, light-weight, non-slip, non-toxic, green, seventy one inch long – made with dense cushioning for stability and guide, fuchsia (116011118)

    1. M. Yang

      I’ve had the ProLite for many years and bought this travel mat for working out in hotel gyms. Love the textured surface and the density of the mat, as well as how easily it folds up to fit into a tote or gym bag. It’s not meant for daily use, but was a lifesaver for stretching at the airport during an 8-hour delay.Read more

    2. glenny

      I’ve been looking for a good travel mat for awhile. I use Manduka mats in my practice, but the Pro versions are too heavy to travel with easily. This new Pro Travel Mat is fabulous! It is lightweight and easily folded while providing a quality non-slip surface and supportive cushioning for my aging knees. I highly recommend it.Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      Very light weight to carry around in NYC! The only con is the mat itself is slippery in the beginning, even after treated with salt. But i repeated wiping the mat with a dry and a damp towels several times, greasiness had gone and worked perfect! I wonder why Manduka cannot do this before selling it!Read more

    4. Rae

      This doesn’t fold especially well as shown in the product picture since it’s thicker than expected, but a great, sturdy, lightweight mat to keep in the car.Read more

    5. Thomas

      No matter what they say, it’s just impossible to remove the slippery layer of this mat. All these videos on youtube showing you how to do it are missing an essential point: This is a very expensive mat and it shouldn’t cone slippery. There is way better options for way less money out there. DO NOT BUY.Read more

    6. Tanya

      Don’t listen to bad reviews! It is the best lightweight mat ever! We have Manuka mats at our the best gym Lifetime Laguna Niguel. And I have got this one to have with me for group classes. It has amazing quality, NON-SLIPERY even without salt. Just get it!Read more

    7. Jennifer Do

      This mat is exactly what I wanted and needed for a travel mat. It has good grip and it’s really compact and easy to pack in my suitcase. My only complaint is that the rubber smell is SO strong! I’ve had it for a week now and when I’m laying on the mat or in child’s pose, the smell can be overwhelming.Read more

    8. Dawningon

      So far so goodRead more

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