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  • lifetime warranty: assured to final an entire life! The advanced exceptional of the prolite series yoga mat will by no means peel, flake, or fade. Otherwise, we will update it! Receive the performance of a pro in light-weight shape. Grip improves with use through the years.
  • medium thickness: at 4. 7mm in density, effectively cushion your backbone, hips, knees, elbows, or any point of touch on tough flooring. Readily transportable. Measures 71″ x 24″.
  • non-slip: gives greater balance on any difficult or smooth surfaces. Proprietary bottom cloth permits its grip to enhance with each use to assist prevent damage.
  • sweat resistant: closed-mobile creation blocks bacteria and moisture from sweat, making cleaning a breeze.
  • green: the pro series is certified widespread 100 by way of o. K.-texï¸ (12. Hus. 17706 hold you and your own family safe from dangerous materials. Responsibly crafted in an emission-unfastened facility to assist slash the quantity of percent mats that enter landfills each yr and decrease common mat intake.
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  • i am five’nine what period would be suitable for me to buy?
  • i am five’five and i’ve simply sufficient room (about 2″ on either cease) as i lay in savasana (corpse pose at the cease). I’d go together with the longer mat if i were you, but it’s a private preference. You’ll fit on the everyday mat (71″), it might just take some adjusting as you recline. I discover i pass round on my mat sufficient from pose to pose that i like a touch wiggle room. See less

  • does lighter colors get a brownish stains on the edges after many makes use of?
  • question: does lighter colorings get a brownish stains on the rims after many uses? Answer: the lighter colorings have a tendency to eventually depart a stupid greyish colour on the surface of the mat where your palms and toes spend most in their time. No longer due to the fact you are dirty however due to the fact the frame’s oils and dead skin cells will slough off. Until you plan to clean the mat rigorously after every use, i might persist with a darker coloration. By means of crystal d. On september 14, 2014 did not get answers. See more solutions (four) collapse all answers

  • i have examine if i scrub sea salt on my new mat it’ll cut down the new oil on my prolite substantially. No solar here and bloodless out of doors. Can i nevertheless?
  • if possbile pour the ocean salt right into a pot with water and warm the water dont boil it. Dissolve the salt so it looks like sand then the usage of a rag or sponge lightly clean the mat in a cicular movement. With a dry towel wipe off excess water and permit dry on a flat floor. Dont scrub with sea salt that is too grainy it will scratch and scuff your matt. See much less

  • doe this mat grip in addition to the ordinary seasoned mat?
  • question: doe this mat grip in addition to the normal seasoned mat? Solution: this is the same cloth as the seasoned mat so yes it’ll grip simply as properly. With the aid of amazon purchaser manufacturer on december 12, 2017 crumble all solutions


    71", 79"


    Midnight, Thunder

    4 reviews for Manduka prolite yoga and pilates mat

    1. K. Carraher

      As a kid I loved my Slip-N-Slide. But for vinyasa yoga… I waited to write this review. I waited over a year, to see if the mat would finally be broken in. It is not broken in. It’s just as slippery as when I first tried it. Yoga is hard enough that you shouldn’t have to worrying about injuring yourself because of the mat. (Injure yourself because you did a position incorrectly like you’re supposed to.) I was cheap mat guy for years. This was to be my first adult, “I can kinda do downward dog now”/not the sweatiest and most nervous guy in the room, mat. Now I often use one of my old cheap ones instead of this one. I kick myself for not getting a different, expensive mat. Guess I’ll have to get a expensive mat (again). I called Manduka when I first got it. They told me to check out the “salt” video (an athletic woman dumping coarse salt then sensually rubbing, coming back later and yoga-ing it all up). I did the coarse sea salt thing and the only result I got was my girlfriend suspiciously wondering (after she returned from a trip) why, for weeks, she kept stepping on sand or something in our apartment. The sea salt did nothing. Washing and scrubbing it in the tub–nothing. In the end, Manduka sent me a nice Manuka rag thing, for my hands to grip, and I have to use that when I do vinyasa. But I didn’t want to pay that much for a rag: I wanted a reliable yoga mat. Scrubbed it. Salted it. Let my cats bat at it. I sent all my energy and good vibes at it. Nothing. Based on other reviews, I’m not alone. It gets two stars because the customer service person at Manduka was super helpful. I’d give them another shot but not this particular product. Read more

    2. jamie hefetz

      I was very excited to use this mat and followed every direction recommended by Manduka to solve this mysterious slip issue. A solid 3 weeks of salt baths and sun treatment then on to user review recommendations and no luck. And now two months later I’m still slipping on the mat so much so that this mat has basically just become an expensive cushion I put under my old and crumbling Jade Yoga mat that lead me to seek out this mat in the first place… Manduka really needs to solve this issue prior to shipment. They shouldn’t expect the consumer to toil with a mat for an excessive amount of time (a year?) in order to break in the mat enough for a comfortable AND SAFE yoga session. They use the simile of breaking in jeans but a yoga mat is NOT ANYTHING like breaking in jeans. You don’t risk injury by wearing a stiff pair of jeans like you do when you step onto a slippery yoga mat. The only likeness these two experiences share are in the form of DISCOMFORT. They’ve also offered the advice of buying a yoga towel to cover the mat? If I had done that in the first place with my JADE yoga mat I wouldn’t be stuck with their awful product. Read more

    3. MotherofChickens

      Ok I finally bit the bullet and committed to buying a new yoga mat. This one stings the wallet, but this is a classic case of you get what you pay for. It arrived today and I immediately noticed a difference. I feel grounded standing on this mat. The material is far denser than the typical sticky mat I’ve been using for the last several years. I am doing a 30 days of yoga program, which is morphing into 60 days. And I need something that will hold up to daily at-home practice. Highly recommended. I didn’t even need to do the sunshine and sea salt break in procedure. Mats I’ve owned in the past. -basic box store mat. Died after 2 years of light use. -Jade Harmony mat. Smelled like a tire. Sunlight destroyed it in 2 years. Sad. -Yoga accessories mat 1/4″. This was a great budget mat from Amazon that lasted almost 4 years with moderate use. And now I’ve graduated to Manduka. Namaste. Read more

    4. puppycat

      USAGE I purchased the 71″ (color: “Lotus”) ProLite mat and have used it nearly every day for the past two weeks. THICKNESS I am quite bony and I was worried about this mat being too thin but I haven’t had any problems with it. I could use some more padding when I am doing poses that put more weight on my knees but that’s about it. LENGTH I am around 5’7″ and the 71″ mat is long enough for me. SLIPPING If you do not have time to break the mat in using the recommended salt treatment, look into other mats. I didn’t think I needed to do the salt treatment at first because it was good enough as my hands would only slide very slowly, I wasn’t slipping and falling. After doing more research, however, I realized that I should not have to readjust my hands every time I do a down dog so I bit the bullet and treated my mat. HOW I BROKE IN MY MAT I was already practicing on it for a month before the treatment but wanted to speed up the break-in process. However, I do not have copious amounts of sea salt laying around like they show in the official Manduka video so I just used a bit of sea salt on the problem areas (where my hands and feet would be for down dog) and used a cleaning brush to scrub it around. I also didn’t have a good place to keep a salt covered mat around for 24 hours so I rinsed and wiped the salt away right after. I used a bit of Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner on those spots because I saw some other people did that. Then I let my mat hang out in the hot sun for a few hours. And…my hands are no longer slipping! CLEANING The mat is very easy to clean, I just wipe it down with a damp washcloth. The “Lotus” color is a beautiful bright teal but it does show dirt. THE VERDICT Overall, I am very happy with this mat and I’m glad I invested in a quality mat and it even has a lifetime guarantee. Definitely look around for a sale before buying though, I’ve seen this mat go as low as $56. Read more

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